Hip-Hop Rumors: Did French Montana Bring Ma$e Out Of Retirement?

It looks like Bad Boy artist French Montana is the person responsible for bringing Ma$e backbout of retirement for the second time. Ma$e called the Funk Master Flex Show on HOT 97 last night and gave all praise to Frenchie for calling him up to be a part of Wale’s “Slight Work” remix.

In the interview, Ma$e also speaks about his reasoning behind his retirement 13 years ago, his beef with Jay-Z, why he didn’t sign with G-Unit, and the rumors about signing with MMG. Check out the full interview here.

  • NYsun

    MA$E’s time has passed. He can’t say anything relevant to today’s rap listener.


    • ^ majority of rappers cant say anything relevant to todays rap listener. If it isnt punchlines or metaphors its basically garbage music anyway

      • immackulate

        damn B you hit that one on the mf head …

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  • johnblacksad

    Even Diddy quit music to venture into other sh!t…

    *in my Cam voice* Betha, give it up already!


    Better slow down, tellin’ you now, put the dough down
    Kick your door down, surround the block
    Where you go now?
    Fifty shots spit at you and that is not a whole round
    Way I leave the furniture, think it was coke found

  • French Montana, what is your problem?

  • Mase can’t add anything relevant to the rap game, what is he going to talk about? What he used to have?

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    why frency?…..but why?……..

  • ccwaterbound32

    another shitty article by ole girl….

  • Sosa_Limone

    I am not the biggest mase fan, but i cant understand all the hate and venom being spewed in his direction.  yall should respect what he did for the game and how he paved the way for so many other rappers that either bit his style or were influenced by his style, most notably FABOLOUS. Although fabolous is a much better lyricist than mase ever was you can hear mase’s style in fab’s voice, especially his earlier works.  Also, how many rappers are out that are sptting something “relative” or contributing something to the game? most of these rappers out today are corny and just straight up wak.   Mase was one of the biggest rappers out during the GOLDEN YEARS! even if u dont like mase he cant be worse than most of these bum ass wannabe rappers out today that would never have had a career in the 90’s bc they so wak (I am talking about 90 percent of the young money roster) 

    • johnblacksad

       oh… you obviously didn’t get the memo… hip hop is ungrateful… that’s how we is! smh…

    • immackulate

      man who the phuck did MASE paved the game for, huh?

      for real for real peeps … you schlippin’ on this one CUZ aint nobody in MASE’s era pave the game for shyt homey … the game was already paved!  what new style and/or hustle did he bring to the game – what business ventures made us look at MASE like “he’s on top of his business” – only niggah thats “changed the game” since THE LATE GREATS is Shawn Carter – killah cam contributed more to the game than MASE – real type!

      • Sosa_Limone

        lol i can only laugh at your ignorant ass comments homey.. why dont u learn how to read before u start commenting on people’s posts…i i never said he changed the game so I am not sure why you put changed the game in quoations… i never said mase was better or contributed more than jay or cam and i never said anything about any business ventures mase brought to the game, so i dont know where you getting that from…what i did say was that fabolous was highly influenced by mase’s… mase even called fab out back in the day when he said “that nigga fabby should be calling me his daddy and unless u from the south and on that wak ass young money swag, Fabolous is top 5 in the game right now.  your wak ass prolly think waka flaka is nice though… and FYI  Mase put Camron on (he brought cam to Big and Big brough him to Un Rivera who signed Cam), so without mase there would be no camron or juelz or jimmy or dipset… do your research homey and MAse put on Big L too… I am not even a mase fan like that and i am def not saying Mase is raps savior or anything, but Mase did his thing back in the day while the competition was a lot stronger than it is now… Hip-Hop is so wak right now him comin back isnt gonna hurt the game…. real talk on a personal note though i think this nigga is a hypocrite and makes christians look bad

  • D_Ably

    God don’t want no part of you no more Mase, so you better rap like theres no tomorrow now ya dick hopper

  • immackulate

    if he aint rapping about THE SERMON ON THE MOUNTAIN than i dont wanna hear shyt this HYPOCRITE nigga got to say – this a prime example of WHY certain niggahs/black folks think it’s nothing but PIMPS IN THE PULPIT – and thats a direct result as to why the BLACK CHURCH is looked at as a joke

    • johnblacksad

       Man, that sermon in the mountain went hard!

      What it do Jesus?! you need to return asap… sh!t’s been critical for a minute now

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  • ulostatlife

    Another reason to hate French Montana…Not only does he put out terrible music and wears whole grizzly bears as hats but he also reintroduces a new generation to the in the closet thug who preaches about the lord yet smashes trannies and flees to Atlanta when Harlem pulled his card…

  • Does anyone even wanna hear Mase at this point?  All he is going to do is be a lyrical punching bag if he steps back in the ring.