VIDEO: The “Mega Philosophy” Behind Cormega’s Upcoming Music is privileged to get random access to artists in their natural habitats – the studio! Check out an in-studio interview with New York rap veteran Cormega, talking about his upcoming LP, Mega Philosophy, and his previous stint in prison:

Be on the lookout for an upcoming interview with Cormega about MARS, the new group he formed recently with Saigon, Action Bronson, and Roc Marciano.

“Raven The Blazin Eurasian” is an contributor. Check out more of her interviews HERE, and follow her on Twitter (@BlazinEurasian).

  • blitz012

    Yo Mega one of the realest and its a DAM SHAME THAT PPL rather comment on wayne or drake instead of listening to someone that give lyrics from the heart not taking anything from wayne nor drake but cmon when will we realize that we losing our culture everythiing hip hop stands for is a jk smh, Copp that album support the realness .

  • Big Crimes

    thats what i tried to say but i guess i dropped an F bomb or two so its sitting unapproved. WHATS THE MEANING


    Seems like Mega is real trying to learn and grow as a man and artist. Good to see. Nice laid back interview, he seemed laxed and open. Good job Raven!

  • Enquido

    Go Raven! Go Raven!

    …Cormega’s cool too.

  • Renje’

    Great interview, much respect to ‘Mega to outlasting the storm of commercialism for twenty years and still making good music

  • Another AMAZING interview by the talented Raven. Love the vibe and natural conversation between the two..Great job!

  • MegaRed

    Great interview.  She keeps her interviewees relaxed and comfortable while drawing out some really pertinent and interesting information.  Much love to Raven– a real natural.

  • Social Media Samurai

    I Love Raven’s comfort level with artists. You can tell the connection is there to honestly speak on anything and not just publicist talking points. 

  • Uptown718

    Another great sit-down with Raven and as others stated below, very relaxed atmosphere and everything flowed naturally, looking forward to the next one. Keep going Raven!

  • temacier

    great interview, appreciate the realness

  • WOW…Mega speaks and is the realness…one of my favorite rappers of all time, glad to see him not corrupted by the corporate bullshit…this interview definitely has me looking forward to his next LP…great interview, Raven!!

  • animalcub

    I’ve seen a couple (maybe a few) mega/raven interviews and they’re always good…and this one is the same…I always check for mega and that’s through years of beefing with my favorite rapper!

    Dope is dope though and real recognize real…seems like a genuine person and always put the music first…testament, true meaning, the realness…and now I’m gonna cop the latest effort…thanks for bringing it to the attention Raven…I love that this niche of rap still gets paid attention to on a site like ahh that can bring it to an even wider audience…props!

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