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Lil Wayne Covers CCS Skate Magazine

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne has teamed with skateboarding product retailer CCS and is featured on the cover of the May catalog.

The rapper is featured on the cover of CCS with skateboarding veterans like Torey Pudwill, Theotis Beasley, Shane O’Neill and Paul Rodriguez.

The catalog/issue also features an interview with Lil Wayne, who is building his own skate park in New Orleans, as part of a new partnership with Mountain Dew.

“It’s so cool just to be allowed to be in their circle, let alone skate with them,” Lil Wayne said. “Just to be allowed to kick it with these guys is cool cause they them dudes—Torey Pudwill, Theotis, Paul Rodriguez, Shane O’Neill…if I can skate with these dudes I can skate with anybody.”

The skaters involved in the shoot were equally enthused to work with Lil Wayne, who impressed them with his enthusiasm and work ethic.

“Wayne has taught me what work ethic is and he’s taught me to continuously search for perfection,” says pro skater Paul Rodriguez said. “That’s just a small part of what I’ve learned from listening to his music and being around him.”

The interview with Lil Wayne was also a landmark feature for CCS, which has been selling skateboarding equipment and lifestyle-related apparel for over 27-years.

“You can tell he (Lil Wayne) is truly hooked on skating, hardly putting his board down the entire shoot and then skating well into the night after we wrapped,” added CCS Brand Director Seamus Deegan. “He’s clearly down for skating and that’s what we’ve always been about at CCS.”

Check out some photos and video from the shoot below:

  • Dointer

    Watch all the hate……..haha…For what?? Because a man discovered a new hobby.. Wow, your a bunch of broad minded people!

    •  It would be narrow minded, not broad minded…..

  • therealest1

    From bootleg ass Blood to skater, what’s the next popular identity he’s going to dick ride?

  • Why cant this dude act this enthusiastic about hip hop? When your in the so called #1 spot all eyes are on you and your make more of an impact than you want to believe…theres just nothing to respect about what he’s doing…not sitting in his position theres not… Im sorry… calling it hate is a cop out to wanting to be down and follow the trends right along with him…

  • Tony G.

    I guess if u can make urself a blood, u can make urself a skater

  • spiderzerohero

    Who is Lil Wayne?

  • Most HIP HOP fans today are iggnant dumb wanna be thugs or paper gangstas and dont understand thats not the life. Dude been rapping in this game since he was 14, maybe he tired and need something else to intrigue him. He started the bling rap then stop wearing jewelry. Most of you are afraid to think outside of the box and stuck on B.E.T. Beastie Boys is HIP HOP and they different than most and they sell and before you say anything they just had a number one album last month or two. 

  • Soulgasm

    People don’t like what they don’t understand.  I’m not mad at dude for going against the grain of how his “peers” say he should live.  People need to let this dude live and stop trying to live for him. If he wants to skate, let him skate.  If wants to ski, let him ski.  If he wants to hang glide, let him hang glide.  His life is just that….his life.  No one likes being told how to live.  To me, it’s better than him trying to teach this young cats about street life in the hood.  #Props…

  • dominicancoke

    i feel good wayne is avid about all this skating shit. rappers need to leave that thug mentality behind all it leaves them with is jail time and death the man is doing something positive let him be.list of recent and past examples lil boosie  dolla  2pac dmx ja rule slim dunkin  remy ma all of them suffered harsh consequences for their thug life keeping it real ignorant should of left it in the hood mentality cause now you got an opportunity to change your life chance. do your thang weezy

  • Good to see he is picking up a new hobby instead doin some crazy shit.. 

  • Pierre Elliott

    This dude is just confused. But all that hardcore talk never moved me. Soon as I saw a pic of this nigga kissin Baby on the lips, I knew he was cream puff sweet stuff…

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  • Let the man enjoy his life….. At  least he ain’t out here going to jail like 99% of these other lame azz rappers.  He gettin money and skatin, whatz wrong with that?

  • ilikeyou900


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