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Store Owner In Michigan Discovers Over 7,000 Abandoned Records From J Dilla’s Personal Collection

(AllHipHop News) A record store owner in Royal Oaks, Michigan, has recently unearthed what he believes are over 7,000 records from the late and great Hip-Hop producer J Dilla‘s personal collection.

The Detroit News is reporting that Jeff Bubeck, owner of the Royal Oaks record store UHF, discovered “crates full of records, numbering in the thousands. After digging through their contents, Bubeck learned he’d stumbled upon something special, the personal record collection of late Detroit hip-hop producer J Dilla.”

Bubeck acquired over 7,000 records from “an abandoned storage unit in Clinton Township last month that may have belonged to Dilla.”

“When first digging through the crates, amid the mountains of 94-cent Earth, Wind & Fire LPs, Bubeck noticed a box of cassette tapes, labeled in black marker as “Jaydee Beats.” There were also lyric booklets, along with magazines and pieces of junk mail addressed to James Yancey, as well as to his parents, Beverly and Maureen Yancey. The names didn’t ring a bell with Bubeck. But when he punched Yancey’s name into a Google search on a whim, two and two came together.”

“It was pretty shocking,” saids Bubeck to the Detroit News. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?'”

He continued, “Dilla was a notorious crate digger, scooping up albums by the caseload to scour for obscure beats and samples. So while many of the records in the collection are dollar-bin throwaways, there are some, including titles from 1970s Detroit jazz label Tribe Records, that have significant value.”

Once he is able to reach J Dilla’s mother, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, Bubeck says he planning to share sales proceeds with the J Dilla Foundation, although recent contacts have been “unsuccessful.”

For now, Bubeck is still combing through the boxes of records, and UHF is putting them on sale several at a time. When Record Store Day was celebrated on Saturday, the first batch of Dilla records hit the shelves, and fans were excited to get their hands on them.”

The records are being sold in Bubeck’s Royal Oaks store and come with “yellow tags that identify them as part of Dilla’s personal stash.” One of the UHF’s owners, Scott Hagen told the Detroit News“A lot of people were saying, ‘I just want one record that was his.’ They just want to own something that once belonged to Dilla.”

  • johnblacksad

    To all the youngins that’d happen to not know about Dilla… youtube this : The Roots – Can’t stop this!

    R.I.P. J.Dilla

    What up doe Michigan?! peace out

  • Big Crimes


  • water_ur_seeds

    Daum what A find… Hope Hes gonna give the letters to his dukes… Cant believe seeing ‘Jaydee Beats’ and ‘Yancey’ He didnt know what He had found, and his from the D? lol Imagine if this was an episode of ‘Storage Wars’ lol

  • Biba Adams

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. He is saying he is planning to “share” the proceeds. To what degree? In what amount? What if any of these things will be set aside as things that qualify as historic and should be archived in some way? What type of pricing is he setting? Is he selling something that is worth a dollar FOR a dollar? I’m happy that the collection was discovered and by record store owners. I hope that it benefits the family and honors the legacy.

    • yeah I feel you, I guess he has good intentions after all he did share his findings with the public…alot of times (in death) stored items just like this go unclaimed so technically Ms Yancy might not have LEGAL rights to anything…per sae…well see…

  • Ha thats ill…

  • ma dukes better be getting all the profits.  i bet there is going to be a legal battle over this.  she is the head of his estate.

    • dont matter. he bought them fair and square.

      • where does it say that he bought them.  it says found and acquired but nowhere does it say bought.

  • Like finding the Ark of the Covenant to producers….

  • i would want those tapes with his beats on it!
    nevertheless thats a great awesome find!
    Dilla was a ill brotha!

  • That’s what’s up… That’s like finding a buried treasure chest! There’s probably so many jewels in those crates… SMH! The funny thing is some those samples will never be used because not everyone has the ear J Dilla had for finding samples in records! R.I.P. J Dilla!

  • bigdoe6

    The best thing to do in this situation is to let his moms decide on what to do with the music. I know he found the unclaimed items, but at least let his moms have the final decision.

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  • Discovered?…. More like stolen!  Why would he be selling those anyway?  Heshould have given those back to the family.  Greedy azz ninja.

  • Tony G.

    OK..If Im understanding this…he found a record collection…not crates full of Dilla’s music..but albums he was gonna use to sample and make beats…he should prolly hand the tapes over to Moms…but there’s nothing wrong with selling the records..especially if he’s gonna give some proceeds to the foundation..hopefully he follows thru with that and he doesnt need mom for that…there should be some producers out there looking to scoop some of these records

  • thats so cool…………..dilla 4eva

  • justyouraverage

    someone about to make alot of money outta dilla name

  • brotha_man

    thief he aint find a d@mn thang….its a shame. I guess M.O.E no morals, no values having  MF

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  • i hope he stays true to his word because making money off a dead  man’s legacy without his family or foundation benefiting seems very unethical

  • kingjoe08

    shit if he bought them in ana abandoned storage unit like he says, he really doesnt owe the family anything, much less have togive a thing back to them!! but if his good intent is for real, then give him props, quit hate’n like ya’ll know how he came about the records, hell ya’ll probably aint even from michigan, so how the fucc ya’ll know when where n how he got them records??