Nas “Daughters”

[ahh_audio src=/4-27-12/Nas-Daughters.mp3]

  • $18916246

    The “realness”……NAS!

  • Knowledge!

  • Terrance M Gooden

    nice…this is real hip-hop…

  • love the song. Nas was only being a concern father.He didn’t bash the guy in prison, or his daughter. all hs said was for her to wait till he get out to see where his head is. and for her to stop posting pic with condom online. but his baby mom is so stuck up in herself that she miss the point. I am a dad and i would of said the same thing to or do more.

  • This some real shit he speaking though. It really makes you think a little about what his message is. I think it’s something different to rap about; I mean who else mainstream you know talking about they daughters lol….#poetry

  • shifty2283

    Nas is the G.O.A.T. This is how u make MUSIC. Any nigga can talk about cash and cars but it takes an MC to make a song with substance and take elements of his REAL LIFE( none of that fake sh@t niggas be talking bout) and make it enjoyable and relevant for the listener. Salute.

  •  Dope..real HipHop!!

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