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EXCLUSIVE: Glasses Malone Challenges Racist Bruins Fans Over Derogatory Joel Ward Tweets

(AllHipHop News) Watts-based rapper glasses Malone has issued a challenge to the racist fans to the racist Boston Bruins fans who tweeted slurs against Washington Capitals player Joel Ward.

Joel Ward became the first black player in NHL history to win a series for his team with the overtime goal.

But the celebration turned sour, after some fans of the Boston Bruins directed a series of racist tweets at Joel Ward after his game 7 goal in overtime eliminated the team from the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Glasses Malone, who has worked with artists like Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, T-Pain and The Cataracs, would like to meet the racist tweeters “face-to-face” for a “chat.”

“It was simple for me. I was checking out a sports blog being the boxing fanatic I am and read a report of a couple guys tweeting some racist things,” Glasses Malone told “I decided to extend an invitation with a few of them. Just a face-to-face conversation for clarification. That’s it. Stand for something or fall for anything.”

Joel Ward was diplomatic about the racist comments, which have been making more headlines than his game-winning OT goal.

“I know what I signed up for. I’m a black guy playing a predominantly white sport,” Ward told reporters. “It’s just going to come with the territory. I’d feel naive or foolish to think that it doesn’t exist. It’s a battle I think will always be there.”

Even the Bruins distanced themselves from the racist tweets after the story hit the media.

“The Bruins are very disappointed by the racist comments that were made following the game last night. These classless, ignorant views are in no way a reflection of anyone associated with the Bruins organization.”

The Capitals will face the New York Rangers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals today (April 28) at 3:00PM.

  • VentKing11

    Glasses, hang it up.  You should know by now that the internet is just a haven where internet klan/nazis love to hide behind the bushes  and spew their hate.  It’s their new age white hood and no way those cowards are taking it off. Just let it go. This blog you read about the black hockey player is no different than ANY other blog about anything of color be it sports, entertainment, politics, etc.  I’m from Atlanta, and when the whole Mike Vick dog thing went down, dude you want to talk about racist blogs?  The main paper, the Atlanta Journal Constitution gladly allowed folks to post THE most foul racist comments to be posted in blogs in their own paper I’ve ever read everyday for months until enough people complained.  After that intro to the blog world, I just learned to ignore it cause it’s a waste of time – both reading it and getting upset about it.

    • D Meier

      So let’s be objective right now.  What’s the difference between these knuckleheads posting racism online and a musician doing the same thing in music?  Is there any difference?

      • anemia716

         NOPE!  Absolutely zero difference, just a different medium.

      • Tuesday27

        There is a major difference, in what is said, and anonymity/being open.
        Cowards say what they want anonymously. Grown men speak out loud.

      • anemia716

        That was sarcasm….

      • Tuesday27

        My bad. I read comments all the time, and the 7yr old acting angry white male write some hateful stuff.
        Clarence M. Clay | Litigation Analyst
        Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

      • xdc845

        yes the difference is when a musician does it his persona and image are tied to what he says(his music), when an anonymous online hater does it they have no fear of repercussions or consesquences as no one knows their identity hence why they happily say whatever comes out of their ass…

      • yup

      • D Meier

        Right, so you successfully broke down identity.  In the grand scheme of things, whether or not they’re able to hide behind a keyboard or not, I ask the question again, what is the difference?  They’re both saying the same thing.  Has G Malone never said anything derogatory about another race?  C’mon now!

  • Yeah it’s actually pointless. They are scared little people who hide behind computer keys.  It’s actually hilarious, because while they’re at home sending hate through their computer, the black hockey player is getting that hockey money and free publicity.  Thanks whitey!

  • Guest

    NHL = KKK of the sports world

    • anemia716

      Get out of here with that generalization.  I am a huge hockey fan.  It’s my favorite sport, and I can tell you that here in Buffalo, I have NEVER been treated poorly by any of the fans.  This is ignorance, plain and simple.  The NHL has nothing to do with this.  Moron.

      • immackulate

        im a sports fanatic and i take my son to any and all sporting events whenever we get free time between his games and tourney’s … and i’ve been to about 16,17 Dallas Star’s games and the atmosphere is RACISTS.  I dont get the same feeling i do (naturally) walking into a Mav’s, Cowboy’s, Legends, FC Dallas, or even a TX Ranger’s game (only been to 3 though)

      • anemia716

        No offense but you’re in TX and I’m in NY.  Texas is statistically one of the most racially hostile states in the country.  Also, you’re not going to get that feeling going to a basketball game or a football game.  They are way more diverse.  I think you’re confusing racial tension with feeling out of place.  If you were to go to a party with all white people and you’re the only black one there, you would feel pretty uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean they are racist.  Racism exists everywhere, but to compare the south to the north in terms of racial tension, is apples and oranges.

  • TruthSerum

    Did this guy just get the internet hooked up for the first time or summin??

    If so maybe we should let him know how things work on here

    Welcome to the worldwide web of negativity, where every person, place, thing or idea that ever existed has a hater online crying about it and you can find somebody intolerant of whatever you are, be that Black, White, Latino, Asian or Middle Eastern, Gay, Women, Christians, Muslims, The Overweight, The Underweight, The Tall, the Short and just about any other defining chareristic a human being can have.

    If you argue with an internet troll you lose automatically, get back in the studio or summin, your swimming against the current trying to fight online ignorance, thats as unwinnable as the war on drugs, just let it go

  • Joe

    “glasses Malone has issued a challenge to the racist fans to the racist Boston Bruins fans who…”

    Proof read much?

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