Exclusive VIDEO: Smif N Wessun On Being Grown, and Why Rappers Are Like Children contributor, Raven The Blazin Eurasian, checks back in with an exclusive interview with longtime New York rap duo, Smif N Wessun. At an unprecedented time period in the Rap industry, where the so-called “Old School” might be rendered irrelevant, rappers like Smif N Wessun are proving that multi-generational Hip-Hop has no age limit.

In this in-studio interview, Raven and Smif N Wessun discuss why some rappers “suck” and are like toddlers. They talk about the influence of EPMD, Public Enemy, and Das EFX on their music, as well as why you won’t ever hear about Smif N Wessun beefin’ with other rap groups, and why they will never break up. Steele of Smif N Wessun also talks about why jail is not something that they feel is a product of listening to Hip-Hop.

Chill and learn something from the masters, kiddies! Watch the video:

“Raven The Blazin Eurasian” is an contributor. Check out more of her interviews HERE, and follow her on Twitter (@BlazinEurasian).

  • atlantahiphopshop

    With all the self promotion it seemed more like Smif n Wess interviewed her, whole 2 min of self advertisement.

  • atlantahiphopshop

    They keep it real, big up to smif n wess fa sho


    Glad to see these “old school” rappers keeping it real and authentic. I was fans of their music nefore. But now, seeing them as eloquent and positive men has really brought my admiration to another level. Great interview, good questions. 

  • Enquido

    And they’re still better than most of these candy rappers out now.

  • Enquido

    And big up to RAVEN!

  • Kasino Flex

    I can remember my parents calling the music I was listening to garbage.  This was in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s.  We just gotta accept that music change for different generations.

  • timwest1000

    the chick is annoying!!!!!!!

  • Renje’

    Another in a long string of awesome interviews by Raven the great, can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next

  • Raven is the best!! Great interview! 

  • MegaRed

    Raven is a great writer, an excellent interviewer, and her knowledge of hip-hop spans its earliest inception to the future of hip hop music.  She is a true master of the topic and a genius in her own right.  

  • Social Media Samurai

    It’d good that we have someone keeping the lines of communication open to MC’s that laid the ground work for what is such big business today. Raven excels at this like no other! 

  • Uptown718

    The “interview” you are watching is really a sit down conversation that you’re listening in on, that’s how comfortable the artists feel when they’re “Rappin with Raven” which is why these videos are so engaging and enlightening, we get to see these artists as regular people, a skill very few ever master but Raven’s always on point, a true hip-hop historian!

  • animalcub

    These dudes were kicking that grown shit…bucktown…for real…I fucks with them because of that …another genuine interview…I like artists who know themselves….

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