Hip-Hop Rumors: Chicago’s Hip-Hop Police Threaten To Cancel A$AP Rocky Show If L.E.P. Bogus Boys Perform

We hear that the L.E.P. Bogus Boys were banned from performing as part of A$AP Rocky’s upcoming “BEEN TRILL” concert at the Chicago House of Blues on May 3. But it wasn’t A$AP Rocky who banned the rap group…it was actually the Chicago Police Department who issued the banning due to the violent nature of their lyrics. What the?!

The Chicago Police Department sent an e-mail and threatened to shut down the whole concert if the L.E.P. Bogus Boys perform. But, the truth is that the Bogus Boys have no history of violence at any of their shows, and are advocates of always coming and going peacefully.

I guess the Hip-Hop police are in Chicago, too.

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  • Terrance Goodman

    “biggest gang is the cpd”

    • immackulate

      “they don’ pulled’em out them crown vic’s and bought’em TAHOE’S”

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Now we talking Hip Hop.

    Though they got it on their FB page, so it ain’t a rumor. CPD has put a stop payment on they money.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Instead of stopping hustlers from getting $ to feed they family …they need to stop kids from getting murked .smfh

  • Carlito_Sosa

    i never even heard of these guys but isnt this a violation of their freedom of speech? if there is no history of violence at their shows, the CPD have no legal basis to shut down their show… their has to be something else going on behind the scenes…

    • immackulate

      do yo’self a favor and download one of they mixtapes or at least youtube they latest feat: RAEKWON

      • hernandez26

        dont feed da killas pt.1&2

    • hernandez26

       L.E.P. Bogus Boys is that group…one of the realeast mc’s out there spitting some true hood shit all day errday….my fav is the track with fabo.. “we aint playing” “break it all down on newspapers,,turn my laundry room into a birds nest.”

  • rep87

    They want let them perform in their on home town of Chicago

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  • All them Folks,BD’s and V.L.’s been killing ninjas in da Chi, now they wanna worry about a damn rap group? Hil-fuccin-larious.

  • mrgibson

    Chicago is one crooked town/place.  Must be easier to focus on hip-hop than it is on stopping gang violence, especially when some people within the CPD are profiting from it.  

  • How is the Gotham City PD banning people???

  • immackulate

    man these niggahs (lep) already performed 3x @ the House Of Blues

    chicago pd hating LEP and E cuz of they affiliations – if they had something concrete the group and they mgr would be locked up right now

    • man if you listen to their shit its just them describing all of the shit thats going on here and talking about how its all in bad way.  we want safe streets.  #savethechi

  • guys, let’s think a little bit.  anyone here actually from chicago.  ok, if you were you would know that there has been a lot of shyt happening in the past few months.  our murder rates are higher than they have ever been at this point.  five days ago we reached 150 murders.  hell a few weeks ago group of kids shot out this car in front of my doorway, when i was coming home from a bulls game around 930.  seriously gang violence on the south and west sides have been terrible this year.  not only that hip hop shows have been popping off as well. two weeks ago there was a massive brawl out front of the congress theater before the meek mill, twista, chief keef show.  now i do not know any of the ins and outs of this story and obviously sydney doesn’t either because there is absolutely nothing written in this ridiculous attempt at journalism.  and yes, i would be the most  ignorant person in the world if i didn’t accept the fact that the cpd is corrupt as shyt.  but i gotta wonder what exactly is going on with this situation.  as someone who works in the live music industry and has worked many hip hop shows with acts that i would not be suprised if there was a larger police presence and there was not, i would have to say that there is some underlying reason for this that we are just not quite aware of.

    ….or it could just be the cpd overreacting and being crooked as usual.  idk.

    • immackulate

      if thats you in that picture than i understand completely where YOU are coming from HOWEVER stopping LEP from performing isn’t the problem … the problem is CPD cant control CHICAGO rather its LEP, MEEK, TWISTA, or CHIEF KEEF performing

      and its not only CHICAGO its happening across the nation – shyt just happened at a NIPSEY HUSSLE concert too – this isnt an issue that just came from nowhere – its always been fights, brawls, shootings at rap concerts, clubs, etc…

      just the NATURE OF THE BEAST

      • why if its me in the picture?

      • also, you’re totally right about the police not being able to control things and with the nipsey show.  on top of that it shyt happened at two seperate jeezy concerts.  one thing i have noticed in the past few months is the increased level of tension at shows.  I probably saw 300 live shows in the past year and I would say 10% were hip hop shows, and the ones that i have been to or worked in the past few months have been increasing tense.  granted i live in an area with a lot of gang tension and that has caused a lot of these issues. but still, this is all besides the point.

        there has to been something that we don’t know about that is causing this to happen.  this is a stretch even for the cpd.  they only shut down that meek mill show after the brawl happened and it was at a venue that shyt pops off all the time, and that crowd is much different than a crowd that would be at and asap and lep show.

      • picture, completely understand, why?