Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Kid Cudi Hook Up With Cassie Behind Diddy’s Back?

Sources close to Kid Cudi are spilling the beans that the rapper allegedly bedded Bad Boy artist Cassie. According to the source, Diddy found out about the alleged hookup, and now Cudi is said to be living in fear for his life. Cudi is allegedly completely paranoid and believes that Diddy is plotting to get revenge on him.

We hear that the “affair” happened a few months ago. Cassie had befriended Cudi and leaned on him a lot as she was going through her personal issues with Diddy. Cudi has allegedly been “spitting game” at Cassie for a while and took advantage of her while she was in a vulnerable state.

Sources say that while Diddy was allegedly initially very upset, the affair seems to have brought Diddy and Cassie closer.

Earlier this week, Cudi claimed his Twitter hacked after these messages appeared:

The surce also says Cudi left clues about the affair in his latest song, “Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of That Whiskey!”, which dropped last week. Listen to the song below:

“They 100% had sex,” the source tells Bossip. “And that’s where the lines “Ni**az really want me dead, HATE Not my fault Im intriguing’ are from. Diddy wanting him dead when he found out.”


  • Respect the game, bruh. You know the rules. *shrugs*

  • H. U. S.

    If he raped her I could see Diddy wanting him dead, but she laid down & took the dyck! Can’t be mad at the player for playing the game! Be mad at the door for opening, and letting the player in!

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  • Ojay Juice Henry

    smash and run!!!!

  • brotha_man

    untill she’s wifey she is fair game diddy. 

  • Alexis Vea

    Cudi’s more of a Bad Boy than Diddy i guess.

    Take dat….take dat….take dat!!

    • hernandez26

      now ^ thats is funny as hell!!!

  • rep87

    Diddy is suspect anyway she got with Cudi and gave it up ,if not Cudi it would have been somebody else get over it

  • Shit.  He fuckin. Why she can’t?

  • mrgibson

    Diddy isn’t fooling anybody lol.  At worst Cudi has to worry about Diddy showing up with some MMA fighter bodyguards and trying to intimidate him.  

  • illymac

    If he really boned ol’ girl
    he should keep it to himself..

    Never kiss and tell..

    If I were him,
    I’d be tryna hit every broad in the industry,
    but if he running his mouth about it,
    they gon’ stop messing with him..

    • hernandez26

      who says boned….heckynawjoe!
      but yeah hella males running around kissing&telling worse then females now and days.

  • johnblacksad

    Kissin-n-tellin?! pfff… Cudi, you a Kid still…

  • cudi you a fucked up nigga man an you cant rapp so stop it 

  • Diddy you have kim porter your babys mother. Nigga is getting mad somebody banging his one of his many sidechicks. He is lame and not G. 

  • dominicancoke

    who care’s this bitch nothing but a jump off

  • Carlito_Sosa

    this is poor journalism… AHH had been sadly dissapointing since illseed left… nodody in the world is scared of didddy

    • Adrian Barron

      man shut yo bytch azz up … the rumors was disappointing when ILLSEED was here too

  • these are just rumours

  • QDeezy

    Kid Cudi stay hitting other niggas broads! He hit ol dude chick in How To Make In America and now this?

  • he know da name of da game, his bitch chose cudi…even if it was only 4 a nite…check dat bitch b/c a nigga gonna be a nigga. #PLAYASHIT

  • Adrian Barron

    ahh this shyt HILARIOUS … DIDDY and all his self proclaimed GLORY lost one to KID CUDI …
    im glad a less celebrated, way less money motivated, suckah azz niggah KNOCKED his bytch cuz PUFF needed a little humility –

    CUDI just scored one for RYAN LESLIE

  • ulostatlife

    Diddy is probably more upset that Cudi went for Cassie instead of his sugar in the tank azz…

  • Pierre Elliott

    These niggas is frail body. Dont matter who or what you got.  If your PIPE GAME aint right
    the next nigga is gonna murk it…Besides cassie got a lil boys body….

  • C

    Damn people on here are Blinded..1st if you dont which obviously you dont the biggest black gansters in music are..Quincy Jones and Diddy..Yes look at it again..Money is power..QJ was rumored to be behind the Pac shooting bc Pac was trying to marry his daughter..Diddy has raped so called thugs outta money never with any repurcusions..Why has Diddy never had real beef? To quote him” I got Thugs on Salary” I know is goons..nothing to play with….
    As far as the Cassie situation everyone knows thats his girl so for Cudi to go in..He was disrespecting Diddy and if dont know that man doesnt play with anyone disrepecting him..He almost ended Charlamane for talking bad about Cassie….Look up Charlamane apologies to Diddy if you need any proof of diddy’s gangsta..
    FYI The people who look and portray a gansta life still on TV are far from it.. Look at who is behind them pulling the strings

  • How do f!@# do you know that these lyrics were meant for diddy?? Some media bullshit that’s tryna fire up diddy to do some mo shit that the media can catch. F!@#n media drama. F!@# em. Diddy and his gilr had problems and obviously they couldjn’t handle it together. Whatever happened after that, happened. S!@# happens when you can’t handle your own problems.

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