Lil Kim

Lil Kim “Countin Money”

[ahh_audio src=/4-29-12/LilKim-CountinMoney.mp3]

  • Go off Kimmy yes

  • illymac

    probably sound better
    without the Dj yelling and tryna do Kims adlibs..

  • brotha_man

    oh no nikki watch out, go in to hiding cuz Kim coming.    #youngmoneykilla

  • s0rethumb

    The fraud “kim” is not built for this like the real Lil’ Kim is. Chick deletes her twitter account because of some bs album leak. Kim been to jail, lost B.I.G, x’d from contributing to the movie, and hated by Frank White’s Mother and countless other stuff away from the public eye..Nik can’t handle the heat Kim is about to unleash/Young schizophrenic gimmick/Watch out for the resting giant you mimic. Respect Kim.

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  • RMfag

    This is where the surgery should have stopped.