Driicky Graham

Driicky Graham: “Ya Gotta Start Somewhere”

The Hip-Hop world mostly knows him from his recent hit-single, “Snapbacks and Tattoos”, which has been receiving constant rotation on radio as well as on countdown shows like BET’s “106th and Park.” But, before he delivers his debut album, Success By the Graham, later this year, 20 year-old Driicky Graham will release his DJ Ill Will presented mixtape, Ya Gotta Start Somewhere.

The North Carolina resident with New Jersey roots has been getting so much attention lately, he managed to attract the heads over at eOne Music who signed him last month to a record deal that will have his debut album, Success By the Graham, hitting store shelves later this year.

Driicky spoke to AllHipHop.com about his recently-inked deal with eOne Music, how he almost signed with G-Unit, and the transition he made from dancing to rapping. Check out the video below:

Driicky then talked about his upcoming mixtape with DJ Ill Will entitled Ya Gotta Start Somewhere, as well as his plans for the inevitable remix to “Snapbacks and Tattoos“:

In the last clip, Driicky goes into detail about his debut album, Success By the Graham, his work with Juicy J, and the status of his supposed “beef” with Don Trip:

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  • Lil Jimmy

    this guy is whack to the tenth power.whackest shit ive heard in a while.

  • Pierre Elliott



  • rep87

    Back to the drive thru window at mickey D’s this dude is pure garbage !

  • dominicancoke

    really? like you wrote about this nobody know’s him but his mom’s bird ass niggga? let me tell you about a beef i have with my land lord he never fixes shit the faucet its leaking but than he wants his rent on time also when its cold theres no heat at all like i got a beef with him what? this is not interesting? why cause nobody knows me or cares about my beef? well that’s how most people feel about this lame ass  nicca and his beef with another lame ass nicca nobody knows

  • AK

    I wonder how much he paid yall , save your money kid and change your name stop trying to be drake 

  • TremaineNeverson

    you guys sound like haters….everyone has their own taste. Driicky is really good and people do know him obviously you guys dont watch BET hes been on there for about a month now. So get over yourselves and stop being dicks and haters. Thank you have a nice day! 🙂

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