Rozay and DJ Khaled

Rumors Exclusive: DJ Khaled’s Bus Driver Goes Under The Bus In Explosion!


So, you may have read the twitter announcement that I am returning to AllHipHop. This is true. Click here to read the press release. I don’t officially start until the 7th of May, but I thought I’d get things started early with a nice, lil’ nugget about DJ Khaled’s Bus Driver. DJ Khaled might be the best, but his bus wasn’t because the damn thing blew up! (Later, I will speak on the overall state of things, including, Sydney Lace and AllHipHop! Thanks, everybody that held me down and kept a good word!)

Here is the DJ Khaled story of the burning tour bus before the video of the bus driver going IN on Khaled!

AND check out the customized bus before it went up in flames.

  • immackulate

    … Sydney under that bus too!!

  • water_ur_seeds

    Waaaahay, Illy’s back, spelling mistakes an all!!!!! LOL Welcome back breda!!!!!!!! Lets get the old crew back to make it complete!!!!!! BP1, HoodProphet, Mush, TupacFan, Boss Up, Sears, HoodMagazine, and the rest of the old heads

  • immackulate

    “i mean im always on call … when is my time … when will his phone ring and i tellem” PHUCK YOU”


  • David Gonz


  • Dre Thompson

    dj khaled so ass all his albums is weed plates and ace hood cps is like dog frisbees ! lmfao they so lame what is the rap game coming too?

  • Welcome back OG

  • 1SOFLO1

    Cuff-up the $$$ AHH, give illseed his respect. Welcome back playa.

  • scullyson

    Illseed? Who dat? LOL..JBS’in….Yo Ill Whatup? Help bring back the old format duke…

    • johnblacksad

      Your comment just made me think about that… as far as the format… back then they had like 3 rumors pages uploaded/day grand max… now they just keep’em comin, like a one “rumor” = one page policy… so i’m thinking, could it be related to advertising revenues..? maybe more pages, more moola… i dunno

      • scullyson

        True That Black …DJ Quick said “if dont make dollars it dont make sense”…Its all about That $$$

    • RedBlack


  • It’s about Time! Welcome back Illseed!

    • johnblacksad

      Illseed back like the chicago bulls… i might have to pop the jeroboam of Krug over a nice royal lobster to celebrate… (truffles on the side as usual…)

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        um well……rose aint back….but ya’ll been wining without him all year so ya’ll will be fine….until you play bron-bron and wade an them

    • RedBlack


  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    dunn dunn dunn dunn dunn dunn dunn dunn…illseed back/ illseed back/ tell dat bitch lace dat illseed bak…………LETS GET BACK TO THE REAL

    • RedBlack


  • adam pitterson

    Welcome back Illseed! I wasnt hatin on Lace like everybody else…I wasnt reading

  • therealest1

    I’m telling y’all it was a dud bomb that blew up the bus. Y’all can’t tell me you don’t know that DJ Khaled is an undercover Al-Qaeda, it was one of his bombs that went off in that bus.

    Perhaps it was also a suicide bomber bus, and it blew up thankfully before it reached its intended target. Perhaps DJ Khaled was trying to commandeer it to blow up a building or landmark like those towelhead camel jockey ass sand N!gger Jawas do.

    • therealest? how about themostignorant1. takes a real dickhead to come out your mouth with shit like that. shame on y’all for not calling this douche on his bigotry,

  • Black Exodus

    You said it…Illseed is back…rumors are back on …good stuff. Everybody like to pop off at the mouth these days “15” mins of fame anyone??? Yeah should be a good read when you guys drop it…

    Black Exodus “Diamonds” youtube 31k views and counting!…check me out…hip hop!

  • johnblacksad

    just when i was getting used to my Rihanna rumors…

    but anyways, welcome back Illseed… *shrugs*

    • RedBlack

       Go find your Rihanna articles by Sydney Lame on the latest issue of Teeny Bop.  And gtfoh talking about bringing back that girl.

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Illseed if its really you, welcome back. I stopped coming here for the first time in like 10 yrs a couple weeks ago cuz it got so bad. I just popped in today and saw this. Welcome back.

    • immackulate

      quit lying lol

  • rep87

    Its on and popping if its true

  • Biba Adams

    Welcome back Fam… We missed you.

  • count_210


  • aokot5


  • He speaking the truth

  • BlackPeople_1

    Peace to the Gods!

    • scullyson

      Whatup BP….? Whats really good Pimp?

      • BlackPeople_1

        Peace scully.
        Everything is good.
        Was lurking and felt guilty for not saying what up.

        Wait is this a true story?
        I can respond from my phone?

        That’s fly.

      • EL_BARK


        If you on the iphizz-zone , you gotta hit “view orginal post” to respond, at the bottom
        Of the page. And write your comment is “desktop mode”

        The mobile site, doesnt allow for you to comment no more.

      • BlackPeople_1

        Izzel Bizzinizm!
        What up!
        Yeah man it comes as an email so anything in the response thread I see on the phone.
        So I don’t even have to log into the site. Like now I’m typing a response to an email in the phone. I’m not even on the site.

        Where is ISK?
        He put me on some dope movies that I finally saw.

      • EL_BARK

        He be lurking/ posting
        But he hit me up the other day.

        He’ll prolly see this thread, and get at you, about them flicks.
        He chillin though.

      • BlackPeople_1

        Alright good looking out.
        I can only see responses to my own comments but not new separate comments.
        So eventually I’ll have to log in.

      • scullyson

        BP I dont know But im thinking it might be some truth to it. Ay yo I took the wife to see that “Think like a man” joint @ the Dine -In Movie Theater (AMC). You ever check that Dine in Theater yet? If not you gotta check it. That spot is tight Food Drinks and the whole nine. Google it 

      • BlackPeople_1

        For real man??
        Damn I never even heard of it.
        I wonder if they got one out here in LA.

        That shit is some grown folks shit man. Good looking out I’m on that. Plus I’m an AMC stubs member. Thanks man lemme see if I can find that shit.

      • scullyson

        Yeah foreal I surprised her with that one. The one I went to is up rt1 North but they gotem all over most likely. Had the sampler wings,mozzarella sticks, country fried steak and Mash pot. Margarita the whole kitten kabootle. word up…

      • scullyson

        Ay yo Its good to see the soldiers back up in this piece im about to bounce . My little man (5 year old) passed his yellow belt in karate and supposed to get his belt tonight. smh…kid running round the house kickin high as he**. lol…He think he jim kelly or sumin…Yo stay connected man Im always checkin up in here…one

  • Lil Shammy

    Bye Sydneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy   10…11…12…13….14…15 !

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  • Austin Barimo

    I was a day or two away from taking AHH out of the websites I routinely visit. Glad Illseed is back

    • immackulate

      bytch plz

  • “he ant econonmiclly savvy he a cheap motherf$#ker man”

  • Negro Peligro

    Come on Sydney throw on something lacey lets make some rumors

    •  do you read ? by illseed  duh

    • RedBlack


  • welcome back illseed 

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    lol khaled trying to switch the blame on someone else cause he knows the feds are gonna find the bomb parts and find out his secret about being an undercover terrorist arabs always stick together

    • Baby_Bluez

      lol – calm down…

  • Lil Jimmy

    whoever posted this is a str8 up faggot.a real man doesnt secretly tape a personal conversation and then post it online. that man told you that in confidence and now he is jobless.i hope he get in ya shit for posting this.

  • Carlito_Sosa

    welcome back homey!!

  • $62783284

    Finally. Get Sydney Lace outta here

  • D_Ably

    lol ‘hes a cheap mothhafuka man’ hilarious

  • look at all the comments…
    Sydney aint get this many comments when she jacked that article word for word from xxl!!
    Welcome back Illy!



    they blew the bus up for insurance reasons. .. jewelry and bus insured.. .. weeee thheeee bbbeeeesssstttttt!!!! -teemdeep

  • RedBlack

    Illseed… whattup my du.  Yo, tell me Sydney Lame is gone?  



    Gullable fools………

    illseed aint never go NO WHERE……………….

    That whole sydney lace campaign wasnt nothing but a Gimmick.

    The pen name “illseed” is partly own by AHH he aint never go
    No where.

    The sydney lace “bullshet rumors” was a ploy to make yall appreciate
    Illcoon lying, rumor stealing, grammar errors rumors. Lmao

    illcoon was orginally chuck, then he started letting interns write the rumors under his pen name.

    And we all know he loves comics books by his own admission.
    That why illcoon face is a comic character.

    “dont believe the hype” Lmao

    Illcoon welcome back though…….

    I going to look foward to digging up in your shet again.
    The first time you get on that bull shet.

    Your formidable adversary
    EL-Bark. 🙂

    • LouieDaSaint


    • adversary huh…..

    • mike malarkey

       fcuk illseed

    • water_ur_seeds

      lol i thought about that… el beeeezy hold mad grudges

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        damn son….forgive and forget

  • mike malarkey

    fcuk illseed

  • therealest1

    Can anyone please verify if this fat ass diaper head Jawa ass sand N!gger is related to The Iron Sheik or not? They look the same, both look pregnant with triplets, both like to put stupid ass towels on their heads, and both like to blow shit up.

    Is this fat camel riding jockey The Iron Sheik’s son or nephew?

    DJ Khaled should keep it real and ride around with a camel, stop trying to floss and try to appear cool with the brothers by trying to be flamboyant with a now blown up bus.

  • daveofthematthews

    I say this with a certain amount of trepidation but welcome back Illseed. I mean the rumors are still gonna be pointless and maybe 50% Bulls*** at best, But at least they might be entertaining again!

  • Pierre Elliott


  • brotha_man

    this was prob a insurance scam. my homegirl strips in MIAMI @ tootsies and said oh boy be coming in the strip club on some str8 bum stuff.

  • lol i was sayin it was probably an insurance scam too

  • rmac138

    how lame can dis shyt get, we already know its a scam becuz wayne gotta settle his 20 million dollar lawsuit, baby put his dumb azz to this shit, he gone double up on his valuables which are sitting at home, he’s a fag for this