Cory Gunz “Why Stop Now Freestyle”

[ahh_audio src=/5-1-12/CoryGunz-WhyStopNowFreestyle.mp3]

  • No one is probably gonna read this, Im just gonna write it any way because i feel at least one person will, if u give me a chance ill show u I’m dope! “Hipnotyk -Tiwi” 
    All I need is a listen!
    Maybe one day my dream could come true =) Thank You

  • Cory spit on here.tight work

  • brotha_man

    iz it jus me or is this negros time up. tired of this dudes flow

    • Ronlg1

      Well, that depends.  Are you also tired of Busta Rhymes? Lil Wayne?  Everybody on the entire YMCMb crew?  Cause they all flow alike in some shape, form or fashion.