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EXCLUSIVE: Mayor Cory Booker Says Goodbye to the New Jersey Nets as Jay-Z Unveils New Team Logo

We can already hear it now:

“Where’s Brooklyn at? Where’s Brooklyn at?”

Or maybe just the chant: “Broooooooookkkkkklllllllyyyyyynnnnnn!!”

Whatever it may be, the Nets are no longer New Jersey’s own. Whether it’s the billboards in New Jersey wishing the team goodbye, or a famous Mayor lamenting the loss, everyday, something makes the team’s move to Brooklyn seem more real, and it’s also a sign of the demise of another New Jersey team.

Last week, Jay-Z unveiled the new Brooklyn Nets logo, which he designed himself. We gotta give it to the man, it’s a pretty great looking logo. But where does that leave New Jersey? Will Jersey EVER get a sports team for themselves? The New York Giants and New York Jets both play in New Jersey but hold New York names.

Despite the move, Jay-Z brings a fun twist with multiple Hip-Hop references on the new team gear including classic Jay-Z rap titles such as “Hello Brooklyn” (Jay-Z ft. Lil Wayne) and “Brooklyn’s Finest” (Jay-Z ft. B.I.G.). spoke to someone who is taking the loss quite personally – Newark, New Jersey’s Mayor Cory Booker. During our “Politics & Pizza” chat with him last week, we asked the superhero politician how he felt about the transition. Watch the exclusive video below: 

While it’s a downer for New Jersey fans (and Mayor Cory Booker), we are pretty stoked for the Nets to go Brooklyn. The logo is dope, and it’s a new beginning. Hopefully, this will inspire the Nets to continue to be great.

The Barclay Center will officially open in September 2012.

  • deemoney2k12

    The logo sucks don’t have anything else to say needs more colors. What do you guys think?

    • churchboy2

      You have to know that they’ll release colors slowly and not flood the market off the bat.

      It will be the same as when Nike releases Jordans in limited colors with mid-season and playoff variations.

      • deemoney2k12


  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Imma repeat what I said on your Sister Site:

    “Yawn and he ripped that shield idea from the Raiders. F’ck that shoe thing he’s trying to run. “B” really? stick to Brooklyn. Dude got money, and can’t buy a designer. He gotta rip/rehash/and run a “remedial” branding program. Wear this ish pass the Mississippi and get clowned.”

  • horrible logo

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