E-40 Album Release Party

Exclusive FLICKS: E-40’s “The Block Brochure” Hollywood Album Release Party

Last night (May 1)  in Hollywood, California, Bay Area legend E-40 threw a party to celebrate the release of his three-CD album The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 1, 2, & 3. Released in March, The Block Brochure has been getting heavy rotation on the West Coast and other regions on the strength of his hit single, “Function”, featuring AllHipHop.com Breeding Ground artist Problem, YG, and IamSau.

AllHipHop.com was on hand for the “Orange Carpet”  at the album release party. Check out our exclusive picture gallery below:

  • Dennis Holland

    this album goes hard one of his best work

  • Dope!!!

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  • Christian Good

    who listens to E-40!? i mean seriously, YES, hes been around for a while, YES hes worked with great artists, YES he aint big, but still recognized, so im sure youll consider him “underground”, but his lyrics, flow and EVERYTHING is boring! cmon man. its like when LL cool J called himself the GOAT, but this is worse, because LL used to be top dog. E-40 has NEVER been interesting enough to buy.

    • StackzScrilla

      I assume your from the East Coast homeboy. No need to hate on a Bay-Area Legend that is one of the most underated MC’s of all time. If you are not from the West Coast you wouldn’t understand nothing about E-40’s blumble. Do your research and you will see this man has been in the game since the jump. How you can put LL Cool Gay and E-40 in the same sentence is absurd. Further more, you must got some love for E-40 to be posting comments on his section. Don’t hate playboy its 2012! West Coast cats aint on that. E-40 Got gas! Keep up the good work! I slap all 3 CD’s and it stays in heavy rotation.

      • Christian Good

         that the point, who CARES how long hes been in the game? is he a good rapper? NOPE!

    • Restlesscali

      You have to be from the east coast playboy! Peep what he’s been saying from the gate. East coast peeps don’t feel his music and every other coast does plus the midwest but ya’ll stay mimicking the words he comes up with! What, you got these so called rappers from the east coast thats quick to jump on a west coast track but you rarely see it vice versa playboy! E-40 stay spitting that gas! While ya’ll looking for a major label to push ya sh***T, We independent out here taking all the proceeds while major labels are steady on our curtails homie! respect the game and hustle! We all know where everybody got the info on going independent, Too Short and E-40 meng! Ya’ll wouldn’t understand it!

      • StackzScrilla

        I couldn’t have said it any better ya smell me? N!ggas from the East Coast sleepin’ on 40-Water. He even addressed that in a few of tracks on the 3 CD classic joint on it. YAY AREA STAND UP!

      • Christian Good

         every other coast? youre still on that east vs west shit? damn man, keep the hype alive. too short is a horrible rapper. e40 is at least better than him, but that aint saying much at all.

  •  E-40 is trash on any coast the only one’s who buy his albums are from the bay…he can drop all 3 albums and 2gether they won’t go copper..ever since dre and snoop,the west has fallen off.I like nipsey and the game,but the new west coast movement is trash..im not on no eastwest stuff,I have family from the west and east..nobody checking for E-40 no more…

    • StackzScrilla

      You like Game and Nipsey aint got no love for 40 water? Where dey do dat at? No disrespect because to each there own but have you heard any of the new E-40? It go hard playboy…

  • TheRealDjSilk

    you a fuckin idiot