Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight Premieres Official Video For “Show You How Your P*ssy Works”

Sixteen-time Grammy nominee Brian McKnight has released a video for his surprising viral sensation song, “Show You How Your P*ssy Works”.

The song, which has been released on iTunes, gained popularity after McKnight tweeted the home video just last week.

You can view the official video here.

  • rep87

    This dude has fallen way off silly azz song need to get that kiddie perm out ya head and do grown folk music

  • $18916246

    From sugar to shit!

  • $18592567

    illuminati must be blackmailin’ this guy…

  • YaheardSyndicate

    He got caught out there, not knowing the power of twitter, and then had to save himself by making it a joke. This dude is dellusional.

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  • 16 time nominated. . .
    shitten on everybody

    love it

    rick james stomping the shyt out  a couch as nigguh

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