Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Has Moved On From Video Vixens and Athletes To “Top Models”

A few days ago, Drake was spotted at Disneyland on a yogurt run with supermodel, business woman, and recent Harvard graduate, Tyra Banks.

Now, whether these two were meeting up for business or pleasure is still a mystery, but I believe Drake did mention that he likes older woman in one of his songs. And, Tyra just recently broke it off with her longtime boyfriend and is single.

The server at Yogurtland live tweeted the whole encounter, and even took the “paparazzi” like photos above to share with their followers. Check out what she tweeted below:

“Thanks to my coworker & I Drake and Tyra got hooked up with Yogurtland tonight

He didn’t deserve it though

I told Tyra she was pretty & she said thanks & my co worker told drake he was cute & he didn’t say anything just turned his head. He got all butt because I took a pic too.

He told me to stop. Hahah Oh please do so! He’s not even cute!

He was being a douche. I heard they were dating

I’m disappointed. Bad first impression you know. Wasn’t not what was expected.”

Well, it sounds to me like Drake was more than a little upset that his cover was about to be blown. Drake really is the “Hugh Hefner” of rap right now. He’s batting 100! Check out a few photos of Drake’s alleged new boo Tyra Banks!

Spotted at Necole Bitchie.com

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    illseed illsedd…where art thee…..this stupid bitch sydney is allowing her obsession for aubrey to affect her work…….”hugh hefner of rap”…..bitch please

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  • Raphop71

    Both of em ugly

  • AHH, does Sydney have a quota of rumors that she needs to put out? 

  • yo serina williams is fugly and tyra ass has more holes in then a golf ball… huf hef gets all the hottest girls that are young and fesh and in they prime drake gets them when the aged and saggy lol

    • churchboy2

      So, how much haterade did you drink this morning.

      Did you actually read that first sentence before you hit the “Post” button. Really, more holes than a golf ball? And you know this because… (BTW, golf balls do not have holes…)

      • immackulate

        was it hate or an accurate assessment

  • rep87

    You mean male models lets keep it real this dude is soft as wet tissue lets hear about some real hiphop stop with the fake dating game articles  

  • mrgibson

    people still fall for this stuff?

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Batting 100 is actually really bad. You mean 1000. SMH

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  • Can’t hide that forehead Tyra!

  • David Sentongo

    fellas hating but they can learn some game from drake.

    Dave Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter 

  • D_Ably

    we really gonna report on every little thing this f@ggot ass excuse for a singers gonna do? Next it’ll be ‘BREAKING NEWS We found out what brand of tampon Drake uses’