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Floyd Mayweather Defeats Miguel Cotto

(AllHipHop News) Tonight (May 5th) Floyd Mayweather Jr. (43-0, 26 KOs) and Miguel Cotto (37-3, 30 KOs) faced off at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada for the WBA Super Welter Weight Championship.

The two boxers held their anticipated fight that started with 50 Cent and Justin Beiber carrying Floyd Mayweather’s numerous belts out to the ring.

Wearing red shorts with a sleeveless red and white leather hoodie outfit, Mayweather waltzed in to the ring to the tune of Atlanta artist 2 Chainz’ newest street anthem “Riot.”

While Mayweather is due to face jail time on June 1 for domestic violence charges, he battled 12 rounds with Cotto in the Golden Boy Promotions fight, winning in the final round.

Mayweather was tested in what would be a close match, as the “Money Team” boxer’s nose was bleeding heavily at the end of 8th round.

Eventually Mayweather would prove to be the new champion, remaining undefeated as the fight was scored 116-112 by most critics in the end.

“I knew the right hook was going to be my money shot,” Floyd said after the fight. “A lot of times and these days you don’t see fighters using the right hook, only the left. But tonight I wanted to use the right hook and that is what I did.

Also making appearances at the fight were Lil Wayne, P Diddy, former boxers Evander Holyfied, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard and many others.

“Money may cash out!!!” Ace Hood Tweeted when Floyd Mayweather won.

“I wanna see a rematch!,” said Juicy J

“Respect Money May’s Greatness Yo. You don’t see classic shit too often in this era…..” Charlamagne tha God Tweeted.

The victory sets up the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight that is rumored to take place in the fall shortly after Mayweather is released from jail.

  • Baby_Bluez

    “The two boxers held their anticipated fight that started with 50 Cent and Justin Beiber carrying Floyd Mayweather’s numerous belts out to the ring.” – WOW! Mayweather, Hook me up with your business advisors please…

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  • scullyson

    Cotto a chump for gettin ghost after the fight. He fought a alright fight but everybody and they momma knew he would ultimately get out pointed by money. Oh and Floyd spared his a&$ in the 12th. Smh hit him with some bollos formal.. Lol

    • YaheardSyndicate

      Cotto is there to fight, not to please you. His work is done. When youre done your shift at McDonalds, do you stick around for Post Fry Interviews?

      • churchboy2

        WOW! Game, Set & Match to Mr. Syndicate!

        (He said, “post fry interviews” LOL)

      • scullyson

        Funny….Lol…and your a comedian right? stfu…bet you got some pink socks and sleep with men too. exposed…guess your officially out of the closet now huh syndy? smh

      • YaheardSyndicate

        That was just so clever

      • YaheardSyndicate

        Youre picturing another man you never met in pink socks? = EPIC SEXUALITY FAIL

      • immackulate

        aye that shyt was phunny

  • scullyson

    * he would ultimately get out pointed.

  • was a great fight..Cotto is a warrior, he gave it everything he had and pushed Floyd more than he’s been pushed in a long time.. but at the end of the day Mayweather is an all-time great and pulled out the victory as everyone who knows boxing knew he would

    my boy sugar shane needs to retire though..he’s already a hall of famer, nobody wants to see him get seriously hurt out there trying to keep up with these youngsters

    • scullyson


    • mrgibson

       For real…that dude Alvarez was PUNISHING Sugar Shane rofl

  • jay

    yeah real talk, cotto shouldn’t have been ashamed and ghosted after the fight I know he didn’t feel like he won after been pardon by floyd in the 12th cuz cotto was buckling on them shots…. great fight I finally got my money’s worth for a pay per view fight!!!! hopefully that bradley and pac man is even better….

  • mrgibson

    If you know boxing, you knew Cotto was not going to win.  That match was Mayweather staying sharp since he knows he’s going to jail soon.  Cotto is definitely NOT the type of boxer who could beat Mayweather.  Yea he got in a few shots, but had there been another round Cotto would have been on his back like your neighborhood skeo.  He fought well though, gotta hand it to him.  Mayweather has one more notch on the belt to get and then shit he can retire at 35 lol. 

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  •   Even Floyd Mayweather agreed that this was his toughest fight so far

  • rep87

    Good Fight  Money Mayweather did his thang the man is a gifted fighter allways in shape and gives 100% in the ring ! Pacman dont want none he’s ducking all blown up on roids why hasnt congress brought him on hearing like others in sports ?

  • immackulate

    floyd’s too technical for dude … even when cotto cut the ring off all floyd did was bob, weave, and shoulder roll – same shyt that had the other cat PISSED and wanted to head butt FLOYD

    FLOYD fights be hella boring sometimes tho’

  • really wanted to see a knockout. cotto did put up a good fight tho.

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter