Hip-Hop Rumors: What Problems? Beanie Sigel Parties Like A Rock Star

I don’t know a lot about what is going on with Beanie Sigel these days. I just know that he’s got some issues with the IRS and a date in sentencing coming up. Well, damn that. I am hearing that freaking Beanie Sigel is out there in the world partying like its 1999 or something. And the crazy thing is Beans is out partying – from what I understand – with big names like Swizz Beatz and Pharrell.

Check a few photos a little birdie sent to me of him in action recently:

Perhaps this is going to be the turnaround we’d like to see in Beanie Sigel. I think we’ll see him back in true form like before with the new deal with EMI and company.

  • StackzScrilla

    For those of you that think the Brod street Bully is about to hermit crab up just because them boyz want they paper are Mad Delusional. Gotta stay positive in the midst of trouble by any means necessary.

  • immackulate

    this niggah said SWIZZ BEATS and PHARRELL but showed BUSTA nad NORE = phucking weirdos

  • Romia Blue

    I’m sorry but what about these two pictures show him partying like a rock star? the first one looks pretty tame and simple and the second one looks like a record store backdrop. Send this failing ass dude back to jail already. That’s where he spends the most of his energy since B-Coming; that and blaming JayZ on his lack of success


    • immackulate

      damn mama you normally a little more POSITIVE in your outlook/opinion

      it’s tax evasion not MURDER lol

  • this n!gga NORE is foolin, who the f%ck still drink olde E !!!! that was the brew of the 90’s when i was coming up !!!!

    • Carlos

      I still drink O.E. even though i can afford real beer right now

      • NORE is is around my age late 30’s… older cats dont drink OE no more….you graduate when you get older. me i use to drink it like it was water but now that im older i drink MGD or bud light….. so its cool if your a young cat but older…naw

      • immackulate

        niggah said he graduated from OLD E to MGD … thats like a lateral promotion LOL – no red stripe, heiney’s, corona JUST MGD HUH


      • just like i told dude above me…i drink heiney’s and corona every blue moon but red stripe and guinness that some NYC shit, niggah’s in detroit dont drink that.

      • immackulate

        aye i laff at niggahs drinking BUD LIGHT that shyt taste like PANTHER PISS – MGD the only domestic i can drink

      • LOL!!! it also have you pissing like a panther !!!!bud light and bud…. but in all and all i guess your in your twenties or not but when i was a youngin i was guzzling OE, st ides, mickeys, 45 spazzing hard on niggah’s when you get into you’re thirties your drink preferences changes up not for all folks but the majority.

      • immackulate

        actually myG im about the same age if not older than YOU and when i was young we was on OLD E, Crazy Horse, St. Ides Special Brew, Boones Farm, That TOP OF THE LINE WINE – CARLO ROSSI, Colt 45 cuz it worked er’time

      • HA! boones farms…far as the wine cats in the D was sippin MD/2020 , cisco, boones, and the carlo rossi. yo let me tell ya that colt 45 you drink that when ya wanted to get in a niggahs ass

      • immackulate

        yeah niggah you just told OUR age lol

      • HA!!! aye fam remember the 64oz of OE(the big jug) niggah’s was gettin wasted when they were out at that time….

      • immackulate

        say, did yall ever mix Thunderbird with Kool Aid

      • sheeeeet niggah who didn’t do that !!!! hell yeah LOL

      • xxx-ballantine ale

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        henny,xo, e & z, any kind off vodka…and jamican wray rum or purto rican rum maybe guinness mostly cuz my pops drank it

      • noo guinness or red stripe??? lol

      • im from detroit not NYC son…cats here dont drink that…i drink heinny’s’ and corona every blue moon….

    • immackulate

      i just had me a 40 of Mickey’s about 3 wks ago – NORE just being NORE


    How can you fairly assess something from the outside looking in?
    Majority of the time you’ll be wrong. Nah Mean?
    How can a mother fucka go round and hate a NIGGA
    he never even met that he dont even know and shit?

    Lol at folks wishing jail on a man……

    Niggah acting like mac sold them crack, or shot they homie.

    • immackulate

      dont you hate JAY-Z lol

      • EL_BARK

        Yeah but that different ( Reds from friday voice)

        I dont hate jay-z??? Well
        Maybe i have become to hate his shiesty actions,
        But dude did kind of shet on people i know/ worked with:
        Or did business with. Not to mention, it was his shiesty actions,
        That cause two crews to be at odds. State prop vs MF beef.
        That left my homie, doing an bid.
        Free spade-o by the way. And all jay got to his side of the story is,
        Niggaz wanted to be solider. Lol

        But jay never complain about niggaz being soliders, why he stack his chips,
        & used the them as muscle.

      • immackulate

        was it Jay’s actions … or was it GILLIE’s aggorance or jealousy becuz State Prop ended up snatching Mob Figga’s ROCAFELLA contract

      • EL_BARK

        No i wouldnt say jealousy, gillie dutch & spade turn down jay roc deal,
        Because he only wanted to sign them 3 out of the group.
        The figgas were like we cool, we want or need a group deal.
        Cause gillie was signed to suave house, as a solo artist.
        And dutch & spade had a group deal with interscope.

        What broke the camel back no pun attended, was when jay told powerr 99
        That he wouldnt preform @ powerhouse if the figgas were preforming.
        At the last mintue, power gave the figgas the boot,
        Told them they couldnt preformed. Then gillie started talking slick & then they rap over the 4 da fam beat, and gillie fired shots @ jay.

        Also i sure MF didnt appreciate, jay getting on a track talking that war / street shet to them likes they were lames. Lil chris was initially out of lined for dissing spade,
        But that summer the roc was gunning for everybody.
        Jay beefing with nas, mac with jada & lox, so i guess lil chris figurw he gonat spade since everybody else was beefing. And it was a bad attempt to make his name for himself.
        Chris was really spade youngin not macs. So i see why gillie was a bit upset, that mac & jay let the lil niggah come at them. But spade had a point.
        Ya lil niggahs took the deal ” we turned down”.

        But gillie might went to far with the dissing mac on the radio,
        But the shet all started behind the bad blood behind the camel.

      • immackulate

        did Chris take the stand over a dead homey and point out one of them Major Figga cats too

      • EL_BARK

        Chris took the stand yes, and testify. But he couldnt point out the shooter.
        Because 1. He wasnt there, & 2. The shooters had mask on.

        But however, yeah spade did convicted. Hence why i said free spade-o.
        But he be home soon, a couple more years to walk off.
        Its was a case based on cicrumstantial evidence.
        But spade took the case, and kept quiet.

      • immackulate

        DA – prosecution got they conviction … so why niggahs aint on CHRIS top for ratting like they did TOMMY BUTTERS ???

        why omilio dont phuck with none of them niggas no more

      • EL_BARK

        Yeah he got convicted.
        and niggas didnt really give chris a pass, when he took
        The stand cats was riding on him hard on the radio.
        Mac even called up, the station and slightly seperated himself from, but he was already not fuking with none of them niggas, for not showing him love, while lock up.
        But he did say, he didnt approve of it, and that he didnt meet them
        Until they were teenagers. Also you did notice that they second album flop,
        But philly didnt really show them love and go cop it. And chris career has never been the same since. On why niggas gave him a pass, they dont. Niggas still know he ratted,
        But some might say, its was kind of understandable.
        Being as though it was his childhood friend. And his homie died because he was putting on a cape for chris. Also when you got to explain to a niggah mom,
        Your beef that you started, played a part in the demise of her son.
        I sure his family put pressure on him, to do the right thing.

        Also chris WAS never a street dude. He was always a rapping cat. So when that beef escalated to gun play, chris was out his element.
        Now intially it wouldnt had went to the guns, cause spade & chris from the same block.
        But the hanger ons, cross that line. And really chris cross that line,
        Talking bout Killing spade son, & saying his son name on record,
        Its one thing to diss me in a rap, but leave my family out of this.
        Even then spade gave him a pass, cause he know chris not capable of that shet he was talking.
        Plus chris older brother, i guess had a rep, so chris was acting hard on his guard.
        Although i never really heard of chris brother being a goon. Things is Spade is was a well like guy, & good dude. Plus chris not being in them streets, didnt know spade ran with guys who put in work. Not talking about MF niggas, but real streets dudes.
        So chris homie, thought spade was so lame ass niggah.
        Cause he see chris disrespecting him. Now chris got these lil niggahs thinking spade a chump.
        Dude approach spade at a summer league game. Words got said, then punches got thrown.
        Chris homie ran off, but by all account he started the shet,
        Niggaz went to his grandmom that same day, laid him out on the porch. The shet started over rap, but like Gillie said.

        Tommy case, is much differernt.

      • EL_BARK

        Here freeway describing what hsppen.
        Off the last track on his album.
        Hear this song.

        I ain’t big but scrap you dead wrong
        Ya’ll coulda scrapped it out
        He was never known for shootin’ the toola packin’ the chrome
        He was known for shootin’ the hoops up
        Little hustle nigga grind [grind]
        To get his jeans and boots up
        At the summer league game B-game rough
        And the summer heat had ya’ll niggas feelin’ like ya’ll so damn tough
        Wrong words, couple of shoves, park full of hoes
        Had his hands all in your mug
        How could you roll with pride in your way
        You drove with your .38 to the place where he stay
        Said, “say hi to the pearly gates and scrolls.”
        Now I pop beers reminisce with your bro
        You can’t make it to the show
        And if this make it to the jail
        Will you Shed a tear ?

        [Chorus – Freeway]
        When you hear the song

  • johnblacksad

    N.O.R.E. is one of the best hip hop albums EVER!

    • EL_BARK

      I hate to say this but nore had the summer lock that year.
      With dmx its dark & hell is hot.

      Summer of 98 great time for hip hop heads.
      Dmx “hows its going down” make a niggas feel like he a yougnin again.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        hate to say it?…but why……whut whut whut whut…..biggups to victor santiago aka superthug aka melyvn flynt aka no longer on the fuking run eating…dats a real rap nigga

    • atle fjeldstad

       N.O.R.E album was hot because the beats where so crazy, but he`s never been a good rapper. Seems like the coolest guy though so i wish him the best. But i think he did his best work with Pharrell and em..

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      getting head in the whip and not crashing it…..that esta loca shit was hot too…and superthug..whut whut

  • Terrance Goodman

     whatcha ya life like ?

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    last i heard mac on wax was sum shit of big face gary….cant wait for mac to bring da truth bak….keep ur head up party and laugh now….cuz you gonna cry later

  • rep87

    I hate this man will be off in a prison  to much talent to waste behind bars

  • thas rite, Beans, enjoy your life

  • Super_Hero

    I’m glad I clicked on this exclusive rumor

  • That’s my dude.  Dope ass rapper.

  • HipHopStalker

    Beans live it up my nigg and have fun,but do two things. 1. Pay those fuckin taxes and all past debts. They even after Iverson from some Jewelry payments he never made even though he was getting like 10 million a year at the time so why he was making payments I don’t know. 2. If things don’t turrn out right for you on the financial side don’t blame Jay-z. That shit is getting old like all the white people who Blame Obama for problems that were here before he took office. Your a grown man who’s a dope ass rapper so keep it pusjin,handle your business and move on.

  • mrgibson

    Beans need to wise  up and get his finances and his life together.  Always sad to see a dude who can do better choose not to.  

    • johnblacksad

       “Beans, i ain’t tryin to change you, just give you some game, to make the transition from the streets to the fame!”


      Ninjas still tryin to blame Hov in 2012… c’mon son!

      • Sam Araya

        where would jay be without beanie sigels street credit, beans was willing to ride or die for da whole roc and dats da thanks he gets? jay refused to support him during his court cases, which is opposite of bein real. dats fuked up regardless of what you say

      • johnblacksad

        “I hear n!ggaz sayin they made Hov… made Hov say ok, so make another Hov!”


  • dominicancoke