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Waka Flocka’s “Fans, Friends and Family” Include Meek Mill, Drake, B.O.B. and Trey Songz; Full Tracklist Revealed

(AllHipHop News) Warner Bros. recording artist and Brick Squad Monopoly general Waka Flocka has officially unveiled the tracklisting for his upcoming sophomore solos studio album, Triple F Life: Fans, Friends and Family.

The 15-track follow-up to last year’s Flockaveli, which produced four hit singles for the Atlanta native, is set for release on June 12

Triple F Life: Fans, Friends and Family feature appearances from Meek Mill, Drake, B.O.B. and Trey Songz.

As fans await Waka’s new album, they can catch him on the road as part of Drake’s 27-date “Club Paradise Tour”, which is currently on its second U.S. run.

This incarnation of the “Club Paradise Tour” also includes 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, and French Montana. Tickets for the “Club Paradise Tour” can be purchased at Ticketmaster.com.

Check out the full tracklisting for Triple F Life: Fans, Friends and Family below:

  1. Triple F Life Intro
  2. Let Dem Guns Blam ft. Meek Mill
  3. Round of Applause ft. Drake
  4. I Don’t Really Care ft. Trey Songz
  5. Rooster In My Rari
  6. Get Low
  7. Fist Pump ft. B.O.B.
  8. Candy Paint and Gold Te
  9. Cash
  10. Lurkin
  11. Clap
  12. U Ain’t Bout That Life
  13. Power of My Pen
  14. Flex
  15. Triple F Life Outro
  16. Flex

Waka Flocka’s Triple F Life: Fans, Friends and Family will be released on June 12.

  • Ok, so he’s getting ready to drop another weed plate smh. I don’t know what worse, the way he raps or the way he talks. Him, soulja boy and lil b need to do an album together with this sesame street bullshit.

  • I respect his hustle, and hes PROBABLY a cool dude, but his music SUCKS ASS!!!! 

  • StackzScrilla

    No hate tossed your way Flocka i respect your grind but i’m STILL waiting to here something of substance. I can already forsee this whole album will be about Bangin’, Hustin’, Hoes and E pills. To each it’s own but when you got the youth listening to your music ask yourself the big question… If i need to tell you what that question is i feel sorry for you… Step it up Hip-Hop.

  • Don’t ya’ll hate when stupid ass rappers like Wocka be havin some dope beats?  You love the beat, but you don’t knowwhat the fuch he’s sayin! Lol!  Stop givin this nigga beats!

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