Billboard Climber and Reach Records Artist Trip Lee Releases Video for “Fallin” Featuring J. Paul

Dallas, Texas, native Trip Lee hit #2 on iTunes Hip Hop/Rap album charts recently and held strong in the top 10 for three weeks with his latest album, The Good Life. The new album, released on April 10 on Reach Records, also peaked at #2 on Billboard Gospel, and #3 Billboard Rap Albums charts.

Check out the new music video for “Fallin” off Trip Lee’s fourth studio album, The Good Life. The video was produced by Jesus Diaz and directed by Francis De La Torre.

The Good Life is available in stores now and on iTunes! Follow Trip Lee on Twitter (@triplee116). Find more from contributor Chad Horton at

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  • that was RIDICULOUS!!! oh my goodness, in need this in my ear and in my truck… really

  • Nice beat, nice concept….but where is the mention of repentence?  Just askin’….

    •  Mr. Thomas,

      I had the same reservations about the song…To a Christian the assumption can be easily deduced but to a non-believer it may be a little harder.

      • MonkeyB7

        Oh gosh. Do we have to lay out every aspect of the Gospel in EVERY SONG??? Can we make music that is vicious without walking people through the ENTIRE BIBLE every time? You can’t explain everything in 3 minutes. “Beautiful Life” doesn’t talk about all the verses on premarital sex in the first place or list all of the reasons abortion is wrong. It is meant for encouragement to those who are struggling with a tough decision. “Falling” is just as Mariah said, a reminder that we are not on our own. Come on now.

      •  MonkeyB7–exactly what I was going to say. There are so many aspects to the Christian walk that no one song, book, rap, poem or human whatever can discuss it all! We Christian writers get the same rap–“you didn’t write about redemption,” “you didn’t cover this or you shouldn’t have added that.” And you know what? The song was written for Christians–we know we are fallin, that’s why we are Christians. Rock on Christ-centered rap!!!

    • Why is it that Christians always have to nitpick with each other? As Christians, we are the ones who care if we fall into the same sin or not, therefore we are suppose to know to repent. However, realistically speaking, we keep messing up and tend to think we are the only ones who do it or are going through it. This song is a reminder that its not just us. As a community we all go through it at one point or another

  • Love him! be cool if I could catch him. I know I know…. 😛

  • DEEelEM

    Dope video…keep it comin tripp.

  • $42706065

    They ask where does he mention repentance. If u really listen it’s in the line when he talks about praying on his knees. He surely does a wayy better job writting a song than any of my other brothers and sisters in the Lord. Pretty good job to me. More in line with the word than some of the songs where they r singing.