Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Dr. Dre Put A Restraining Order on Suge Knight?

Suge Knight was a guest on the Howard Stern radio show recently and went in on Dr. Dre, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him. The Death Row honcho accused Dr. Dre of going to his parole officer and trying to get a restraining order on him. Check out what he said below:

“Just recently Dre went to my P.O. and tried to get me violated and he snitched on me. I haven’t even seen the guy since I’ve been home. Anyway, he went to my P.O. and they made a special case in my parole conditions…. he basically put a restraining order on me,” said Suge Knight.

Suge then went on a rampage, saying that 95% of rappers are closet homosexuals and calling Dr. Dre out as a bisexual man.  Suge also told a story of an alleged argument that took place at Death Row’s infamous “Red Room,” where Tupac allegedly confronted Dr. Dre about being gay and said that he did not want to be on a song with him because of his sexual preference.

“Tupac stood up and said, ‘I’m tired of this, Dre’s you’s a f*aggot…I don’t want be doing songs with a guy whose pounding another guy in the butt,'” said Suge Knight.

According to Suge, Dre then stood up and said, “I’m not a homosexual, I’m bisexual…”

This is a lot of information to process. Check out a snippet of the interview below:

  • scullyson

    LOL…Guy name bruce?! (((RFLMAO))) Suge a Wild Munfka…..LOL!!!! dre yoos uh faggot…Suge aint right…smh

    • NZ1

      suge a fag still wanting to jump on dre’s dik, he’s jealous of dre’s success, let’s face it he’ll never be as successful without dre and any success he had back in the day was partially thanks to having dre’s name onboard at deathrow, so all you dre hater’s out there f$off you can’t tell me you havn’t breaked ya neck to somethin dre’s been associated with…east, west, north, south y’all know what the fuk i’m talkin about…dre’s still global and suge’s just a big as$ homo, an ape that’s sure to be back behind bars to be bent over by srews and jacked up his arse, still stranded on deathrow lol

  • Guillaume Pilon

    suge got dre on his mind all the time…smh 


  • Keith Brickz

    yeah aiight…suge sound like a 14 year old girl gossiping…sounds like a bunch of fictional mularkey to me

  • This is coming from a dude whose son is a known FAG!! That must be where he got the shit from since he can’t seem to keep away from the joint..

    • immackulate

      ghostface son a known FAG too … cant control who is and who aint so does that mean he supposed to be ok with the shyt?

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        prodigal son is gay….you not talking bout ghostface killah

      • EL_BARK


        jamaicanborna a……

        Imma get back in a little,
        With a response

  • immackulate

    you cant believe shyt this niggah said unless you see it for yourself … HOWEVER i heard the shyt yesterday on wshh and the story had me rolling like a mf

    theres a lot of truth said in jest … ijs doe

  • this shit is from back in 2001!! dummies…..

    • Eli Pinilla

       ^^^^ that clears alot of the shit up on why he would bring all that old shit up lol

  • Eli Pinilla

    the guys name is bruce williams, hes the dude that wrote the book about b’in dre’s right hand man for 18 years…i dnt know if he gay or not, even though thats whats been said…i think the shit people aren’t paying attention too is the meeting that they had. see how Howard stern was sayin that suge was talkin about industry meetings common people arent familiar with.. its obvious that there’s a deeper presence in rap. look at that letter that was sent to hiphopisread( gret site btw).. look at how mmg is b’in pushed to the public by they higher ups….i really believe that sug’s days are numbered. see what he sayin bout pac and all that. callin people out on they’re shit. he even talked about rick ross b’in fake. one thing i know, never judge a person by they’re intentions. whether hes doin it for money or publicity, remember that he was the biggest record exec on the biggest label owned by a bigger label. and pac has said dre was gay numerous amounts of time….

    • NCcatsBALLhard


      • Eli Pinilla

        read buce williams interview on hiphopdx..he spaeks about alot of shit on there

  • suge to muthafuck’n old for this shit man..I’m surprise he aint met his demise yet

  • Guest

    Old news…they put this out when it happened.

  • TruthSerum

    I wouldnt believe Suge Knight if he told me I needed oxygen to survive, I’d hold my breath for as along as I could to make sure, Suge Knight could tell me there’s 12 months in a year and I’d run and check a calender, there are few people in the world as full of BS as that man, his word means less then nothing

    • water_ur_seeds


  • listen to dj quik you aint fresh. dr dre dis!

  • Come on people you forgot Dre was in the world class wrecking crew y’all forgot that he use to dress like Prince and the Revolution y’all forgot about that but some of y’all might be to young to remember that so with that being said read up on your damn history!!

    • nastinupe

      Everyone dressed like faggots back then.  the 80’s don’t count. 

      • immackulate

        NOT ER’BODY but them niggahs in CALI was on that androgynist shyt back in the gap

  • water_ur_seeds

    suge needs to grow up and stop telling lies 24/7

    pac grew up in drama n dance classes and stuff, like he would give a shit bout being on track with faggot, there where rumors of ‘pudgee the fat bastard’ being a chichi man, pac still shouted him out in hit em up video etc… and he begged dre to let him on california love, which dre wanted for himself

    fck suge, hes a bum, like he wernt raping kci and jojo and them, and getting triznamed in jail

    • EL_BARK

      Pac stans wil be commenting in
      5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

      Dont forget the pic in the tub with the gold underwear,
      Or what ever that shet was.

      Or the nose ring, with the bandana, or the interview when he was 17,
      Talking about how he hated b-more because it was rough,
      And was raised by his momma, to have hold women in high regards.

      Then lil bishop goes to the west coast, and turns into a gangster, thug
      After running carry a nigga bags, that went by the name of humpty…

      In fact when was this lil niggah ever in the streets????
      He didnt get into that shet in b-more and shortly after that he was a roadie….

      • water_ur_seeds

        lol yo chill el beezy, pac the goat breda, but i do see where you coming from haha cant front on pacs g for bunnin down 2 coppers in atlanta though, thats gangsta lol plus dude ran run wild in oakland… but yeah, he marketed alot of softer side for the women, but at the end of the day he was willing to die for what he believed in, which alot of people letnlone rappers with shit to lose wouldnt do…

      • johnblacksad

         “b!tches buy records and n!ggaz do what b!tches do!”

        even Big admitted learning that from Pac… of course you gotta market to the softer side (not like Drake though… #GetItRight)

      • immackulate

        yall staning for DRE right now … like he aint really capable of SLIDING BACKWARDS DOWN A RAZORBLADE lol –

        suge just reconfirming what EAZY had been saying since SUGE was beefing with EAZY <<< think about it

      • immackulate


        dayum yall HATE pacLOL  … but i guess by this explanation that you typed for PAC than BIG gotta be a fag too being that his CLOSE HOMEY liked DROPPING THE SOAP and he said SHE LOOKED SO GOOD HUH, I SUCK ON HER DADDY D!K

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        cmon mack leave bigg out of it “dont you knw my nigga gutta fuking kidnap kids/fuk em in the ass throw em over the bridge”….damn….cee was the one that dig the dicks in the dress not biggie….dem rhymes is a little skeptical though….feel bad i wrote it

      • immackulate

        jamaicanbornanbreed … you rite B but i wasnt really trying to involve BIG i was trying to point out that if you gonna judge a niggah behind some photo’s he was coersed into taking than you can also put the shoe on the other foot and point the finger at BIG for admittedly having a close friend that was PHAGGALISH

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        yo bark…you usually spot on brotha but your refering to a man dat carried true revoultionairers in his blood….the way we come up or our hardship defines us now…you ever take a look of urself in a picture as a baby…more time you have to come up with a story to expalin your current being…more time the story one tells is a lie… the time we are in our teens we have changed hundreds of times…no one stays the same,,,we all change sometimes for the worse other time for the best….since we were not there we dnt knw whut he seen or went through to turn himself in to the poster child for “thug life”….when i was 7 i was afraid of a schuffle fore up to that point i was never in one….then i got in to my first fight…i dnt knw whut i thought the outcome was going to be but for some reason i was surprised i was alive… plus i got respect from dudes….ever since then there aint nothing wrong with a walk on the park… growing up after dat i would fight at the drop of an hat….being a grown man i try not to fight but some people only overstand one thing…i dnt knw why a smart brother like urself would write such thrash…you know better bark

      • EL_BARK

        I holla in a few!!!

      • EL_BARK

        I type s response but ahh flag it.

        But you csn see my reply to edog.

      • johnblacksad

        So, you see why i never take you seriously?!

        Ask the two civilian-dressed cops that were in ATL ‘that’ day what happend when they ran into “lil bishop”

        When it comes to Pac, i just put it like this : the ninja was born in fuggin prison!!! How the hell do you make it realer than that?!

      • EL_BARK

        Lol one that incident is extremely exaggerated.
        One pac didnt know they were cops.
        He seem two drunks white guys, argruing with a somebody.
        Lil bishop only had heart to intervene, cause he had a gun on him,
        And he didnt shoot them. He bust off a couple to get their attention.
        The cops were wounded, i dont recall.

        Now what hapoen to lil bishop when the goons were in tge lobby and approach him.???
        Lil bishop shot himself, lol

    • immackulate

      i wouldnt dismiss ER’THANG fat dude saying as LIES … he may be sensationalizing shyt but he aint the 1st to say this shyt … EAZY E was actually the 1st one to say DRE was a phaggot

      • EL_BARK

        You can see my post to edog.

      • johnblacksad

         and Cube said he don’t even use lubricant!

    • LOL-N at ” ChiChi” Man!

  • Carlito_Sosa

    suge just trying to get some kind of media attention… this dude hasnt been relevant since Tupac passed…. its not like dre is even popping right now, so this isnt gonna damage his career… pple are still gonna pay top dollar for his beats and if it ever comes outs pple still gonna buy detox… this only makes suge look weak and desperate

    • immackulate

      that might just be why it may have some TRUTH to it … DRE aint really poppin right now outside of them headphones – and musically nobody really checking for him or the beats that he “claims”

      this shouldnt be of any surprise to anybody considering SUGE has always been a antagonist

  • water_ur_seeds

    wtf this from 2001??? lol

    some needs to ask him bout his son being a shit stabber anyways

    and i would get a restraining order on sugar bear to if he kept trying to stop me from making my 100’s of millions lol


    Dre suge just find that boxer dude, and put him on payroll.

    Fuk up henchmen in the feds,
    Jimmy had that niggah on ice, back in the 90’s.

    Jimmy been said suge didnt wanted it, and i tend to think
    Jimmy a mans of his words,

    Jimmy be fuking with them rolling 60’s OG out there on the west.

    When jimmy seen suge out vegas, & had a talk with pac.

    Suge was like “nothing to do with it” lmao







  • Michael Kinard Jr

    el barf shut yo bitch ass up, hoe ass nigg

    • immackulate

      bark ruffling feathers lol

  • Michael Kinard Jr

    this Bitch Nigga El Barko don took som shit bout dre n suge and don turnd it around to insult a dead mn that cant defend hisself
    …..u a real bitch nigga, make sho u hear it n read it…u bout one of thm niggas tht got his hoe fuckd by Pac or the outlaws whn the had the streets on lock..yea i said it….fuck boy

    • EL_BARK

      I cant recollect pac or the outlawz having the streets on locks.
      They were rappers, not gangsters or dugs dealer.

      Also everything i said was true, yo boy pac had
      Feminitie (sp) mannerism and style.

      Where I’m from niggaz dont wear nose rings?
      Or gold plated panties & take Pictures in buble bath.
      Or leather vest.

      • immackulate

        beanz broke azz aint never have PHILLY on lock until after he got signed either BARK … keep it 1hunned

      • johnblacksad

         keepin it 1hunned: Beans don’t even have sigel st on lock today… smh

      • EL_BARK

        I aint never said beans was an kingpin before rap. Agreed
        But he was in those streets, big difference.

      • immackulate

        llamf at these NEW niggahs who aint know what they was getting into in regards to a PAC conversation on this site

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    i knw pac was mad because dre took to long with the beats…but this is all fabrications….why would dre get an restraing order when he can just rally with the barber

    • Pac did flip on Dre’ , something about not turning out an album in 7yrs. Pac basically kicked Dre off Death Row & Dre’ left with nothing , became an artist, etc. 

      Good move for Dre?

      • Left for Aftermath dumb shit, check the facts.  Death Row was signed to Interscope. Head of Interscope, Jimmy Iovine. Aftermath. . . . Interscope. Dre business partner who he just split 400 million with, Jimmy Iovine. Interscope put Dre into a better situation. Just the facts

      • immackulate

        nah he didnt leave for AFTERMATH you DUMB SHYT lol he left w/o nothing cuz DRE didnt want no parts of where DEATH ROW was headed so he let SUGE keep his % and left to start up AFTERMATH which he thought was gonna flop after that 1st AFTERMATH PRESENTS COMPILATION … thinking about it AFTERMATH didnt becomes shyt unitl 3-4 yrs later when he signed EMINEM

  • :: PAUSES ::

  • David Gonz


  • >> Slams on “E” e Brake , down shifts to 2nd , cuts wheel hard & Feathers clutch into a 180 & faces El Bark

    >>Chimes in as a Pac Stan>> Hops out & fires EK-47 randomly , aiming for Montezuma  ( >>>passes it back to Big East for safe keeping )>> Quickly takes cover , cuz Monte’s “E” Aim is Lethal.Nah, you left out 1 Thing……Pac blamming the 2 Jake’s.Ohh, and beating it.Juice? Changed Pac, even if only on the outside.That’s like dude spending 2yrs with them claw foot bath tub ninjahz…..they gonna spit some venom up in him.  In 2 Mnths…….2 Yrs?After the shooting , feds sicced Haitian Jack on Pac , to set him up.After Juice , Pac played Haitian Jack , as Birdie , in ” Above The Rim ” ( Basically about ” The Gauchos ” Basketball league / Carlton Hines , etc.)

    From Juice , he fugged with Treach from Naughty By Nature. ( Treach will have Bryant Gumble full of Venom in 1 weekend.

    See : “Uptown Anthem” Video With Naughty By Nature

    Mind you , this was right after Ice Cube linked up with Public Enemy.

    ( Then Ice cube “allegedly” Stole “Wicked” from King Sun , from Bx. )


    So yeah , at 17 , Pac wasn’t the most masculine fellow , granted , but between running with Haitian Jack ( Check Pa. for ” Rats That’s Real” ) Snitches……that be ” ‘Bout IT! ‘Bout IT! “…..working with the DA.

    Treach , Shoot out with Jake , bid in Clinton , then running out WEST?

    ( * Not to Revisit The Gherri Curl Wars…..but L.A. was always Bout it Bout it…..thay was just 5yrs + behind the East Coast. )

    Maybe not at 17 , at 17 , Pac was a good kid , with ideas that could change the world. He died a man that wasn’t taking no $hyt from any1.

    Give Him that at least?

    That Panther in him by blood & relation.

    Any rappers as hard as Pac , or either dead or in jail………which is where that path always leads.

    • EL_BARK


      Come on leave the panther plug, lmao ( that shet like your kryptonite to me huh) ?
      out of it. Cause if we we really going to
      Keep it real?

      Pac broke a numbers of rules, codes, & ethics, prinicpals,
      Morals, laws, man-laws, hood rules, etc

      By screaming names of records, & accusing cats on radio interviews.???
      Come on pac should had knew better, plus looking we all know big didnt have nothing to do with it.

      Did you ever think him screamimg puff & big got me shot/ or set me up,
      was his snitching, that STARTED the Hip Hop police??????

      Fact. If you scream niggaz shot you or set you up.
      And, The feds start to watch the same group or investigate them
      What is that called just saying.

      Also dry snitching on records aint cool man.

      What would his auntie say?????

      • $18592567

        Pac ain’t snitch or dry snitch on nobody. He never said that BIG and PUFF set him up. He said they had advanced knowledge that he was gonna be robbed @ Quad and didn’t give him the heads up on some homeboy ish.

        I think Pac was wrong for gettin’ mad @ Bad Boy, because he knew that Henchman and H. Jack was callin’ shots. On the other hand I do get why he put them on blast at the same time…

        The hip hop police been in effect since Scott La Rock got shot.

        Joanne Chesimard, Fidel and Pac chillin now.

      • EL_BARK

        1. Pac dry snitch on hatain jack in the media during the rape case!!’
        That a FACT got get his intetviews.

        If you catch a case with niggaz. You dont tgrow your co’ds under the bus.

        2. Pac dry snitch on puff & hatian jack, and henchmen.
        In countless songs, interviews . Also by your own admission.
        Saying puff & big knew about what was goinh down,
        In snitching. That make puff & big part of an conspiracy.
        See that still snitching. And you dont even realize it.

        3. Now why would henchmen or jack, (street guys) need permission
        Or approval, or had to give advance notice to puff and big, ( rappers)
        That they were going to beat pac ass????
        Think about it???? since when do street niggas get rappers approval to do anything.

        Also pac was going there to record with jimmy, but pac got out of line, During a phone call on his way there, which was the final straw.
        Dont forget he already wasnt on jack goid side, after dry snitching on him.
        The beat down was spur of the moment. So how did big & puff get advance notice.
        If pac was orginally going to the studio, to do a track with jimmy artist???

        So after pac & jimmy had words. Jimmy pulls out his phone calls puff,
        And was like, yo i am bought to teach pac a lessons???

        Or did shet go down, and puff and big knew to keep quiet automatically cause they already knew what type of guys PAC was hanging with.?????

        Pac got mad because even after the shooting big aint wants no parts of it,
        And left that shet alone. pac square ass even said in an interview,
        I wish somebody find it, cause i cant on you tube.

        Pac says out his own mouth. I seen my co-d in the lobby, when i got to quad.
        So how do Blame BIG. So all that i mad cause biggie knew is bullshet.

        He just used it to start a beef and make a buck. And exploited the situation,
        Also hip hop police aint been around since scott la rock,
        Not is the same form is was today and back in 95.
        Maybe i shoudnt have said police.
        Pac got niggss under fed heat. For talking all that dumb shet.
        The feds been want puff ass ever since.

        That dont make sense.

      • immackulate

        how do you DRY SNITCH on a federal informant?

        Fact = Haitian Jack was an informant that was already snitching
        so how do you dry snitch on a niggah thats snitching … i thought that would be considered LETTING THE WORLD KNOW THIS NIGGAH AN INFORMANT AND HE SET ME UP

      • EL_BARK

        What evidence do you have that jack a snitch,
        Other then the fact, that pac called him one.

        Now if it was some dhaky shet like TI case, then that differernt.
        But i taking into account. Jack rep on them streets.
        Everyone say jack a rat, but no concrete proof other then pac saying
        Also what motive would the feds have in setting up pac in 93.
        Really.???? Pac wasnt no drug dealer, or gangster.

        He was an rapper in and actor. Why Would the feds send an informant for him.????
        And please dont give me that stan answer.
        A black messiash, that was going to unite us.????

      • immackulate

        same reason the set up HUEY P NEWTON and the BPP back in the gap – you know the man don tlike BIG MOUF NIGGAHS blurting out BACK TO AFRICA, POLICE YO OWN NEIGHBORHOOD … feds prolly was like we couldnt get that niggah mama, and NOOOOO tellling who his daddy is … so we gon’ set this niggah up with a falsified FORCIBLY TOUCHING THE BUTTOCKS charge to humiliate and assasinate dude character – and put him behind bars til he go broke from all these cases he’s fighting

        black messiah HELL NAW – niggah was close
        just another niggah wit a media outlet that could say some POIGNANT shyt about the politics they play

        BARK dont front myG – you aint like the niggah and to be honest with you before strictly for my niggaz dropped i aint like the niggah either – but he could get in the media and say some real INTELLIGENT shyt – the shyt WE aint have resource to do – had to respect that!

      • immackulate


    • $18592567

      100% Accurate

  • >>Hopes Monte Don’t see my comment!

  • >>Fuggin comments , supposed to be first one 1st.

    SMDH>>>Makes mental note to holla @Illseed:twitter  

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    So Suge, did you know that Dre was gay before you started Death Row together or afterwards? It seems that you only talked all of the gay sh@t after Dre bailed off of the sinking ship that was Death Row. Truth be told, I wouldn’t believe a damn thing that Shady ass Suge says. Didn’t he just say a few weeks ago that Pac might be still alive? Didn’t Suge also say that he paid a dude 3 million bucks to cremate Pac? (Which if it is true would have to be the most expensive cremation in the history of the world)
     I know artists that worked on Death Row, and Suge was shady as hell. Paying Cats with cars, houses and jewelery instead of cold cash. ( All of which were still owned by Death Row by the way) Suge also ripped off Pac from royalties from the sales of “All Eyes on Me” (Pac’s Mom even admitted to this.) How could you do that to your Homie Suge?  

    Suge Knight is a washed up, thug ass- has-been that was too stupid to hold on a good thing when he had it. Suge ruined a great label with stupid gangsta shit. He had Pac out there running with gangbangers and sh@t,  which probably lead to Pac being murked. Anyone that believes this cat is retarded.

    • Even Pac said on “Live and Die in L.A.” “California Love Part 2 without Gay ass Dre”..Then Pac said “Dre check yo sexuality, as fruity as this Alize” on “Toss it Up”. Y’all betta remember…Pac DID say that shit. Suge is being honest as can be. A bit spiteful but honest.

    • immackulate

      EAZY E was actually the 1st to say DRE was gay while DRE was signed to DEATH ROW – nice paragraph though!

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

         I am not here to debate if Dre is Gay, bi or whatever. Eazy E said that shit, that is true, so why would Suge f@ck with Dre knowing that it was a possibility of him being gay? Why did Eazy E, who died of AIDS by the way, f@ck with Dre Knowing that he was gay? These cats are hypocrites if they knew that dude was gay or bi, but looked the other way while they worked with him, and then outed the dude when they weren’t cool with him anymore. Suge is bitter. Eazy was bitter. Everyone got pissy when Dre left their asses. Which sounds like some b@tch sh@t to me.

      • immackulate

        homey you went from SUGE to EAZY being bitter – EAZY was sellling more, and still getting a check off DRE’s CHRONIC album – then BONE dropped and blew DEATH ROW out the water in regards to sales until PAC got signed – highly doubt eazy was bitter

        how could SUGE be bitter when he allowed PAC to charge DRE up about that homo shyt – just like SNOOP was gonna be the next one to leave and they was gonna start dogging his azz to … thats what happens when you dont ride and you choose to jump ship – you get exposed

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

         Riiiight Eazy wasn’t bitter, on Eazy’s EP “It’s on Dr. Dre 187 Killa” Not only was Dre’s name in the title of the f*cking Album, but Dr. Dre is mentioned on every track except “Gimmie That Nutt” and “Boyz N Tha Hood (G-Mix)”. Either Eazy was bitter as f@ck or he was in love with that n*gga Dre. You decide.

  • We don’t believe you, you need more people.   (Jay-Z)

  • rep87

    Pac made a statement back in the day about Dr Dre being into women and men sure Big Suge is bitter these days losing 400 million a yr and a top producer like Dre and good artist ,its no secret the rap game got alot homos bi sexuals and lesbos running around in it the industry has turn out a bunch of men just like hollyweird has so dont  let this be no shock to you hell Lil wayne was turn out by that sick child molester Baby

  • Even Pac said on “Live and Die in L.A.” “California Love Part 2 without Gay ass Dre”..Then Pac said “Dre check yo sexuality, as fruity as this Alize” on “Toss it Up”. Y’all betta remember…Pac DID say that shit. Suge is being honest as can be. A bit spiteful but honest.

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  • John Macdermid

    lol, lets not forget pac got pounded in jail, and i wouldnt be surprised if suge did some gay shit in jail too…a bunch of west coast fags…Biggie and the East aint get down like that…

    • LMfao…you full of shit Pac got raped in jail.

      • Carlito_Sosa

        lol pac did get raped in jail… it was covered in the media and well documented back in teh day… go listen to “”DROP A GEM ON THEM” by mobb deep and they even talk about it

      • $18592567

        Anybody can get got in the pens.

      • EL_BARK

        Lol them
        Bk niggaz got at him in the bing, everybody knows that.

      • granky161

        Dumbass Pac ain’t get raped in jail.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        sad but true…..son did take da double dong in da bing

    • Carlito_Sosa

      word son people forget about that…. i remember when mobb deep put him on blast for that

    • immackulate

      MISTER CEE faggot azz is responsible for putting BIG on … and we know how BIG got down SMH lol

      • Carlito_Sosa

        damn son respect the dead… snap on mister cee if u want to but respect the dead

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        u bugging mack

    • immackulate

      LL COOL J

      the whole EAST COAST faggalish lol

      • David Gonz


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  • johnblacksad

    Dre, how about you put Detox out instead of going to see other ninjaz’ P.O.’s and sh!t?!

    LOL… jus kiddin… i do not give a flying fcuk about Detox!

  • johnblacksad

     keepin it 1hunned: Beans don’t even have sigel st on lock today… smh

    • EL_BARK

      Go to 21st & sigel. & say that.

      • johnblacksad

        You’re funny… i can’t even get to South Phil… i would need a valid hood pass for that

  • immackulate

    There was a time before Tupac was famous when he found out that there was a group of people pissed off and looking for him.  He went home, put on his vest, strapped himself with every gun he had, knocked on the door of the people that were looking for him and said “Are you looking for me!” Apparently someone in Tupac’s family put out word to make sure nothing happened to him, but they thought he was a crazy motherf*cker and respected him for it.

    Tupac believed his rape case was part of a setup by Jacques Agnant aka Haitian Jack, who Tupac claimed was part of the situation. Tupac retaliated in “Against all Odds” on the Makaveli CD claiming that Jacques Agnant was a government informant, “Same Crime, different trials n*gga picture what he said.” Agnant sued and the estate stating there had been numerous attempts on his life and he was unable to find work

  • immackulate

    Badboy was supposedly funded by the Black Mafia, a gang in which King Tut belonged to. Tupac was hanging around Tut the week he was shot.  Tupac made a remark about one of their associates in an interview, which may have been the reason he was shot in 1994.  Tupac speaks on Tut on “Against all Odds” stating “Gun shots to Tut, now you stuck.”

  • immackulate

    “Now when I say Pig, You say B-I-G, When I say BadBoy Killa, Then you say ME, When I say Puffy is a punk, You scream word on my life, I wrote this sh*t while phucking Bigs wife.”

  • T

    Please. Its not a secret that Dre is mainly gay! How the hell do you think Em got his contract????? Bent over Dre’s desk!!!

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