Hip-Hop Rumors: Rihanna Says She Wants To “Have Babies” With Tha Bawse

Rihanna is either really free with her sexuality, or she sure is one freaky chick. The good girl gone bad uploaded a photo of her with Ricky Rozay from the MET Gala along with the caption, “We Gonna Have Babies.” Check out the pic below:

Is she trying to get Meek Mill jealous by mingling with his boss?

In related news, Rihanna must have partied a little too hard at the MET Gala because the NY Post is reporting that she had to be hospitalized for exhaustion and dehydration after the event. When a fan on Twitter asked the star why she had been quiet all day, Rihanna tweeted the photo below of her arm hooked up to an IV.

While Rihanna may just be suffering from a bout of sickness, some are worried that the star’s partying has gotten out of control.

Star Magazine alleged today that Rihanna is on a “party binge.”

“Rihanna loves to party but this past month she’s gotten really out of control. She’s been drinking almost every day and talking about smoking weed a lot too,” a source tells the magazine. “Everyone is telling her to slow down and think about therapy, or even rehab.”

Do you think Rihanna has an addiction to partying?
  • immackulate

    bytch puzzy prolly worn out … close her legs and that thang prolly look like a wallet

    • StackzScrilla

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! My Dude said…. Like a wallet! That’s what’s up!

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      (flavor flav voice) wwwwwwwoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • bigdoe6

    Damn this site sucks now. WTF is this shit???????

  • RazaBladeKing

    Of course she would.  She’s training bra material, and he’s got enough t!tties to breast feed a Somalian refugee camp.  Twice.

    –Sidebar– everybody (somebody?) got pissed when we saw Janet Jackson’s t!tties at the Super Bowl.  I swear I’ve seen Rick Ro$$’s t!tties like 756 times now, which is 757 times too many.  Where’s the outrage?  Most of the shirts this n**** wears have buttons, and he refuses to button them the f*** up.   Every time i turn on MTV jams, there go Rick Ro$$’s t!tties.  S*** is disgusting. 

    …thats it.  I got nothin else.

  • Romia Blue

    babies, could be metaphor for hits, songs, music…
    either way…this isn’t a rumor or newsworthy.

  • dominicancoke

    thank god chris never whent back to this hoe

  • mike malarkey

    she goin 2 end up like whitey houston… a washed up junkie

    • StackzScrilla

      That’s just wrong my guy…… RIP Whitney. Let that women rest.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        if you dnt knw stack just read the statement next to brother malarkey name….it clearly states….he’s a asshole…..by nature…..nonetheless even though i hate to say it…whitney been a washed up junkie….and dats before she went catatonic in the tub…..i’m proably going to hell…..if i wasn’t agnostic

      • mike malarkey

         exactly……. im an asshole and i speak the truth… next thing is she goin to be on coke and crack… shit she prolly already is….. watch and see

      • StackzScrilla

        I am no one to judge you bro but trust in believe there is a God and if you come to Jesus he will forgive ALL sins. Not some.. .BUT ALL if you ask you shall receive. Don’t let the world deceive you in thinking that we came about by evolution. It doesn’t add up bro. I got you in my prayers tho. Stayed Prayed up… 1 Love

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        thanks brother…my whole family is regilous…on both side there holy christians…but granted my pops was a rasta man and my moms is a christian(when pops came out of jail he turned christains but now he back to rasta) my grandmother grew me in the church and i knw the bible very well…as well as banned from the bible scripts…i’m too far gone now stack…i took a bunch of philosophy courses and fell in love with satre,and kant and nitche..plus a bunch of world religon courses so i’m well indept with all religions…but i see it as a manual for one to live a jus life and dats it….but i dnt ridicule it like back when i was an atheist…i’m now agnostic…but its cool though i thank you for your invitation but i must say no thanks…my grandmother have tried for the last 8 yrs to get me back on whut she calls “da zion train”…but like i said i’m to far gone…because of apparent choices in my household no pastor nor popes have been able to answer my life questions however the externalists has showed me in life one should always have logic over all even faith..and in this life dat has worked best for me..but to each it own brotha…..it’s still love brotha…….1 love

      • Tuesday27

        I hear you, brother. If some of the preist, pastors and the Pope were to be totally honest with you, they would tell you that because you’re black, the bible really is not about, for or with you. Remember, Christianity was the source and excuse for slavery.

      • Tuesday27

        Woww…… Someone is completely hooked in. I think jamaicanborn is Agnostic for the same reason I am. It’s because I refuse to have the same belief system as the folks that told us what to believe. Their God now likes guns, discrimination based on sexuality, race and gender, and utter lack of civility and caring for the poor. So in essense, they call themselves Christian, but can’t live it, So they don’t believe what they taught us. If they did, they wouldn’t be priest molesting children, advocates for war, and cutting social programs for the less fortunate. Their religion is gutter religion as practiced by them. Here we are 350 years later, and Sunday mornings are still the most segregated hours of the week. They can keep it.

      • mike malarkey

         if it walk like a duck and quack like a duck its a damn duck

      • StackzScrilla

         I feel my guy but I’m just saying tho. Whitney held it down for a while and got caught up in the madness ya feel me? It’s a sad story when anyone let alone a beautiful women like herself couldn’t shake them demons. It goes to show that maybe showbiz isn’t what it seems. RIP Whitney.

      • mike malarkey

        well thats pretty much the majority of entertainment industry. most of em are on that stuff. i have no ill feelings toward whitney but lets call spade of spade…. look at her life for the past 15 years before she died. she was strung out… she was a washed up junkie. and what makes me mad is they try and blame it on bobby brown…. well truth be told whitney is from newark nj…. she was hood from day one.. she was on that stuff lowkey before she met bobby and got him hooked on that stuff. so i recognize the good that whitney did but lets not sweep the very bad part of whitney under the rug

      • StackzScrilla

        I can respect that. Once hood always hood in one way shape or form. It’s just not in my nature to speak on it. It’s very sad on so many levels that the “Hood” never gives but it always takes ya feel me? We as a people gotta rise above and break the cycle. We gotta start thinking about our future. Drugs/Gangs/Hoes/Cars/Clothes is nothing in the grand scheme of things. What’s important is our Children and how they will be raised in this cold world of ours ya feel me? Whitney once was a child and as you can see she became another “hood statistic”. That’s how them folks look as us you know what I’m saying? Chalk it up and charge it to the game? I don’t think so… We gotta look out ourselves in the mirror as adults and be proactive in our approach. This way, the cycle is broken because our children will see we are doing right by God and ourselves and follow our lead. For the transcript i wasn’t a huge Whitney fan but i get tired of our people doing themselves in. The addictions/demons manifest itself in our youth because of our surroundings ie.. Friends,relatives, Environment.

      • mike malarkey

        but really tho i dont think its just being from the hood its the entertainment industry as a whole…. amy winehouse for example…. them white rock and rollers all genres…. they love them drugs…. some can handle em and some cant

  • beezie317

    She spilled whiskey on her shirt, she gonna have to get it cleaned
    She been going way to hard, someone has to intervene
    Baby she look like a star, but only on camera
    Only on camera, only on camera

  • immackulate

    wear 2 of’em Ricky … this trick a TRASH BAG literally

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      two condoms will cause friction and the condom will pop…trust me i tried it…..i have a pention for slores…or they have it for me….or however you cut the cake

      • immackulate

        HA MY MAN … you phucking with them BIKER CHICKS
        y’know them bytches burning rubbers like motor bikes lol

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        ur right…but they sure could suck a dick though

    • EL_BARK

      I seen ya east coast gay list niggah.???

      now must we bring out the south, suspectedness ???
      Yeah i just made up a word!!!!!! Lol.

      Where should we start???????
      Yall being 10 years late behind us east coast niggaz in Gear, swagg, rap, and just bout everything else.
      Or how yall straight responsible for killing hip hop?
      Hip hop died on yall watch, and hasnt been the same since. Lmao.

      Cuss me out all yall want. But deep down yall know i am right.
      Not the old south. Scarface, outkast, TI, luda, goodie mob,

      But those new breed, bumble gum rapper fuk the game up like rich & em.
      Crunk rap music paid the wave, for cats who could write a sentenced in high school,
      To all of a sudden become rich rappers, by time they graduated.
      As long as the beat, made you dance or bounce you can spit anything.

      Laffy taffy……you even had niggaz get famous off of rocking white tees.
      Something that philly niggaz been doing simce the 90’s. Lol
      Yall start rapping about the shet, we stop
      Wearing them. Lmao.

      Then yall rock them all wrong & shet. Long as shet like dresses,
      Who really rap about wearing a 5 dollar shirt, that you wear once and throw away. Lmao
      Philly niggaz when they was in put a white on, and wore it once and threw it away.
      Yall south cats was prolly washing them, & drying them, and actually iron them and rock them agaim lol. Oh by the way. Philly niggaz rock them in the summer,
      While on the block, yall niggaz was going out to clubs, bars, & lounges,
      Rocking them.
      Ok i done now, lol

      • Carlito_Sosa

        lmao… co sign one hunnid percent… south killed hip hop (like us aid not outkast/dungeon family, TI, Luda, buck, etc) music was soo much doper when everythign was new yorkcentric like the 90’s NY was the mecca for hiphop then and thats how it should be bc yall niggas ruined the game… also add 50 cent to the list of artists who brought the game down

      • immackulate

        awe east coast killed hip hop with all this hate … can you actually tell me you cosigned erlast hip hop act outta NY –

        south is yall scapegoat cuz yall couldnt hold the game down … quiet as kept we was eating more than yall when yall had THE INDUSTRY EYES ON NY – them white folks was in yall pockets and we was down south hustling on some J PRINCE own 100% rights to all my music type shyt

        MASTER P OWNED YOU NIGGAHS – that shows yalll aint have a tight hold on the game cuz a slow talking, country boy came in the game and FEASTED OFF EAST COAST NIGGAHS – then he exited with the game right in yall face

      • immackulate

        cool keith and the ultramc;s was HIP HOP right – yeah ok
        tim dog? positive k? and what the phuck is a SCHOOLY D?

        ^^^ THIS IS HOW THE WEST WAS WON ^^^

      • immackulate

        cmon the 90’s was all WEST COAST i forgot how you niggahs was hating W/C but now yall gang banging SOOWOPING and shyt – straight frauds mayne.  you niggahs dont even know that BLOODS dont even bang under the 5 – clowns

        then the game went south after the west had it … and now you niggahs is sipping syrup, stealing our slang, chopping and screwing your music, like you niggahs is below the mason dixon or something … you got asap rocky who was named after rakim writing songs like PURPLE CITY but thats the nickname for HOUSTON where the trend originated from

        the south and west knocked ya’ll for yall bytch named HIP HOP
        aye it is what it is THE BYTCH CHOSE US mayne – you niggahs said
        west coast killed hip hop too … then snoop dropped and had you niggahs wearing dickies and driving low-lows

        make ya phucking minds up – you niggahs aint pioneers yall muskateers

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        cosizzle bark…cosizzle….you must’ve read my term paper 8 yrs ago…the south with there uncle tom rhymes has deffinetly merced the game…but whut you expect..the slaves in the south that migrated to the north was field niggas…they hated there master and would burn the plantation to the ground if they had the chance or the means so when so-called freedom rang they went straight to the north after the runaways slave did….the slaves dat stayed was the house niggas…those ignorant to freedom…those who are subservant to whites…and love the master more than they loved themselves….they also hated there color and was willing to do anything to be closest to master or even to be him….so its no surprise those decendents came to destroy something that was suppose to be a positive force for us blacks finacially and socially…its also no surprise dat the decendants of the runaway slaves and the ones to depart jim crow south is fighting to keep it real….damn 400+ plus yrs later the house nigga is still making it hard for the field nigga

      • ccwaterbound32

        ima dedicate UGK’s Quit hatin the south to you…

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        i actually like dat song….ugk is not on my list as a south rap group dat killed hip-hop….as a matter of fact bun is one of the realest of da game…..who i am reffering to is these new skinny jeans mundane whack ass south rappers also including the likes of older south rappers such as slim thug,tyga,mike jones,paul wall,boosie,whack ass dude that rapped dey know,oh and gunplay is the worst rapper i ever heard and lil john….c’mon son i know you aint cosiging these rap niggas….and i only started to scratch the surface….u counry boys is uncle toms

      • immackulate

        read my post to bark – its for you too playboi

        for real for real – i went to school and played ball with hella east coast cats … on my mama they always liked my style – and i swear i thought er’last one of’em was bums cept my niggah from STRONG ISLAND and my other cat from harlem –  you lefrak, brooklyn, bronx niggahs was straight BUMS

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        see whut i’m saying….theres something about the house nigga dat wants to belittle the field nigga because of the truth….son came with no facts….just his biased opinion and assumptions..son couldn’t see he still a slave to the white man way of thinking even if he clearly had a rope around his neck….in my last post i embarked on the truth and explained why you south rappers are most likely to sell out and the north rappers are more inclined to stay underground for the simple love of da craft….and because ya’ll cake up you force any north rapper who needs gwap to survive have to dumbdown there rhymes and go pop to compete financially…granted the truth was harsh but the truth usually is…..now i dnt mean all south dudes jus like how i dnt mean all north dudes….but i refer to the majority……i would never of post this if it was gonna put us against each other like this…but i thought my south brethens would be enlightend to embark in such a allegory of the current state of hip hop movement…me and peoples from flatbush….watch yourself like you staring in the mirror-tony moxberg……look in to dat suggestion

      • RazaBladeKing

        Stop tha madness.  Every coast got whack n****s; only difference is that the South’s whack n****s somehow manage to get on and get PAID. 

        The East Coast?  Tha same East Coast that brought us Lil Mama, Ron Browz, Jim Jones, and NORE?  For every “Laffy Taffy”, there’s a “Chicken Noodle Soup wit a Soda on tha Side” or “Aunt Jackie.”  (pa-pa-pa-POW) For every Waka Flocka there’s a French Montana.  Yall have selective memories.

        And dont let me get started on the Midwest or West Coast.

        As far as who’s bitin who’s style nowadays, lotta these new east coast cats are soundin like they from Houston or ATL, ‘shawty.’  Just ask ASAP Rocky.  And ALL OF YALL are bitin the South’s production style, point blank period.

        Like homie said, “Quit Hatin tha South”.  Its some garbage from us in mainstream music, but there’s garbage from EVERYBODY in mainstream music, cuz… (drumroll)… ALL MAINSTREAM MUSIC IS GARBAGE.

        Oh, yeah, and while I’m here… f*** Rick Ro$$. 

      • immackulate

        aye niggah ya’ll was wearing TIMBS in the summer with one leg rolled up
        (why wouldnt a niggah just go put some shorts on lol)

        we aint kill hip hop – OLD DIRTY BASTARD, PUDGEE THE PHAT BASTARD, WILL SMITH AND JAZZY JEFF, ULTRAMAGNETIC MC’S are responsible for killing hip hop


        OH AND DONT LET ME FORGET RON BROWZ AND THEM CHICKEN LIL SOUP AND SODA NIGGAHS OR WTF CAME OUT WAAAAAaaaaayyyyyyy before SHAWTY LO AND D4L – but soon as 50cent signed SHAWTY LO we let yall niggahs have him he EAST COAST NOW B

        the NEW PHILLY AINT NO BETTER THAN THE NEW SOUF – cept we more wavy – hell only niggah yall got wouldnt even be ON if it wasnt for THE OULD SOUF (TI) and the NEW SOUF (RICK)

        i wasnt ever into tall tee’s – so imma let you WIN on that one – that shyt was a hot mess

        for the record i rock POLO and CALVIN KLEIN v-necks and i pull mine straight out the wrapper – but i do wash my shyts (not dry’em) cuz i need throw away tee’s for when im hooping or just hanging around the house

        BUT IF IT AINT FRESH OUT THE PACK THEN IM ROCKING BBALL SHORTS AND JORDAN SANDALS on my way to the store, glass house, candy store etc…

        HOLD UP DOE … THEM MOTOWN PHILLY NIGGAHS was rocking suits and fitted caps (wtf) – and why it look like NOBODY owns an iron on the east coast – like a niggah just rolled outta bed with his outfit on and went straight to work – niggahs collars was all lazy and shyt – or them big baggy azz jeans that was like size 40 in the waste with them brown stitched belts hanging out the belt loops


      • $18592567

        B4 the internet was invented people down south still thought we were still slaves…

  • Get em Rozay!

    Dave Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter 

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    2 stacks says you can fit a broom in this girl….rozay i would say double up on the jimmy hats but the friction would cause it to pop

  • Weedras

    i swear some of ya’ll going at the writer sometimes but ya’ll just as dumb as she is… not every caption that goes with a pic is to be taken seriously, i understand the writer is desperate for a story but some a ya’ll dumb to be dissing homegirl like ya’ll be in her bed room counting strokes… #bitchass dudes on some hoeass gossip shit…

    • EL_BARK

      Dont save her
      She dont want be save.

      Dont save her
      She dont but to be save.

      • mike malarkey

         nigga should be on rescue 911!! leave my homegirl sydney alone!!! she doin her thing lmfao

      • immackulate

        in the 3-6 Mafia voice huh …. LLAMF

    • mike malarkey

       shut up bitch

      • Weedras

        stepped on a nerve huh!? hoe ass nugga…

      • mike malarkey

         no but u the one tryin to get brownie points trying to be captain save a ho and shit…. shut ur brown nosing ass up.

    • johnblacksad

       It’s funny… i didn’t see you in The Avengers movie… you had a cape or a lasso malfunction or something? what happened?!

      • mike malarkey

         he aint an avenger…. hes blankman.

      • EL_BARK

        Yall niggas stupid. Lol

        DC cuzz,
        Whats popping?

      • mike malarkey

         coolin my nig same old same old. streets goin crazy over them nationals and capitals lol

      • Spijo

        Lol! Peanuts popping nigga.

      • immackulate

        this niggah sd BLANKMAN – “Marlo Mike” a damn nut


  • rep87

    Life in the fast lane is not what its all cracked up to be !

  • Negro Peligro

    Man that chick ain’t banging nobody.  It smell like front at this point.  I mean pornstars poons can’t take that much work in a month. 

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    She is not well groomed at all. Those nails are nasty looking.  She’ll mess around and slice your junk up lol

  • Baawwsse

    Shut up Sydney……

  • really  Sydney Lace ? your turn joke tweets in full blown rumors lolyour the worst you should stop doing rumors and write a fictional book

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  • She’s an accident looking for a place to happen!!! smh

  • dsfasdfs


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