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BREAKING NEWS: Lil Boosie’s Defense Rests Without Calling A Single Witness; Closing Arguments Begin

(AllHipHop News) The defense rested their case today (May 10), without calling a single witness in the first degree murder trial of Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch.

After six days and 27 witnesses, the prosecution called their last witness, Rachel Wagner, Terry Boyd’s sister and the mother of Hatch’s five-year-old daughter.

Before answering any questions, Wagner told prosecution lawyer Dana Cummings she did not want to take the stand, because she did not know anything.

Cummings still proceeded to ask Wagner if she knew of any reason Terry Boyd would want to “slap and jack” Lil Boosie.

Wagner replied “No.”

Once Wagner left the stand, the State of Louisiana rested.

Approximately three minutes later, Defense attorney Jason Williams stated “the defense rests with the witnesses the state has put on.”

The courtroom was silenced.

The look on everyone’s face displayed confusion.

The judge decided to end court for the day, in order to allow the state to prepare for closing arguments.

Prosecution will begin their closing arguments Friday morning (May 11).

Reporting for by Saturn Douglas.

  • This ain’t a coincidence.

  • I’m really confused. Perhaps I just don’t understand the intent, so…Can someone tell me why on earth they wouldn’t want to call ANYBODY to the stand?

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      the person they chargin boosie murder for is  his brother in law boosie defense team called his baby mother 2 the stand get it now the person they chargin murder for is related 2 his kids


        The prosecution is an idiot! Only a racist or a moron would think it’s plausible that someone would kill their in-law without it coming back to them. A “high-school” law-student could’ve seen this case was weak from the start! You know the prosecuting-attorney is “bad” when the defence gets an opportunity to kick their feet up! 

      • immackulate

        you was on point up top homey …. but dont think for a minute that just cause dude got a baby by the victims sister means shyt

        cuz it dont …


      The prosecution has NO evidence, bad witnesses from the start + the “key” witness changed his testimony, while proving that he was coerced into his “taped” statements. The defence doesn’t have to prove anything! Therefore, Boosie’s case is looking really good. This is a lesson to everyone: PAY YOUR LAWYER!!! You’ll get off!! Don’t go with a “court-appointed” attorney or “cheap-out” on the situation!! Pay top-dollar & you’ll get off!

      • immackulate

        dont go court appointed or cheap out – pa top dollar

        niggah you said a mouth full –

  • junMaf*ckn

    The defense resting sounds suspect. 

    • ddsdavey

      Why? If you know how courts and lawyers,defense attorneys work you would realise by resting so soon they are saying so much more.They are saying we are not entertaing this,we dont respect the case or any evidence called and we are THAT confident the jurors will feel the same.That the prosecutions disasterous work did more to help the defense then the defense could ever do lol!

  • NoGoBoi

    If the witnesses that were called to the stand were more beneficial for Boosie instead of damaging, it only makes sense for the Defense to rest their case. Remember, you have to prove without a doubt that he his guilty, not that you believe he’s guilt, prove that he is. If they haven’t done that in the Defense’s opinion, don’t try to fix what isn’t broken, so to speak. Just my opinion

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  • Mean And Nasty

    They rested because the suspected shooter in the case testified that he lied to police and that Boosie ain’t have nothing to do with it. He said the police coerced into saying that by lying to him and telling him that Boosie was trying to kill him. So not calling anyone to the stand is a smart move…that way the prosecutors won’t get a chance to cross examine anybody…ha

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      u a smart man

  • ChicagoHope33

    Defense lawyer Swagg…..

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  • $18592567

    not guilty ya’ll got to feel me


    • ddsdavey

       Not guilty

  • rep87

    Not Guilty is the only verdict, the proscution case fell apart at the very begining and its resting on some tats and lyrics very weak, a witness with mental health issues that they didnt coach well and he basically blew the case for the proscutions thats why the defense didnt call anybody no need to Welcome home Lil Boosie and watch who you surround yourself with

  • justyouraverage

    i dunno smh






    • immackulate

      good to see you aint no damn dummy like some of these niggahs leaving these responses …

    • “he so real he woulda snitched on himself”


      “Yeah niigga!! I put dat hit out!!! I dont lie to nobody or for nobody!!!  check my mixtape, BaddAzz Da Beast, track 3.. Ima tell you all about it!!!”

  • Romia Blue

    Hopefully they have some intelligent jurors to realize the move on this chess board…initially crazy but makes sense

  • Mike9130

    No facts have been proven so makes sense. 

    • ddsdavey

      Exactly,i think by resting so soon the defense is basically calling the whole proceedings a farse and will not entertain the unreliable witnesses that the prosecution seemed desperate to use,plus the lyrics being used,it all stinks of an intangible case.Shouldnt of even reached court and wouldnt have imo if it wasnt for the fact its Boosie and by already being in jail on other charges.

  • Smart move. There was no need to call anyone to the stand because the case sucks. You got no evidence, a guy with mental health issues lying so he’s not reliable, no other witnesses to testify, they played the tape of him saying he did it but then turn around and play the rest of the tape and find out the cops told him that boosie wanted to kill him so thats why he said he did it. To top that off, the cop admitted that he did lie to dude to get him to change his mind. So, would the defense like to call anyone to the stand? No your honor….kicks back and puts feet up! Welcome home Boosie!

    • immackulate

      niggah aint nothing CONCRETE in regards to dudes mental stability … yeah dude might be stupid but i never heard of him being on med’s or being diagnosed from any doctors as having MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES

      police lied in the OJ case to … but most people agree OJ had something to do with it and it was later told that his oldest son did it – who actually was on med’s and mentally ill

      BOOSIE lucked up becuz the DA has burden of proof but couldnt seem to have tabgible evidence – and the MARLO mike cat was coersed into turning states evidence – police, investigators, detectives phucked this case up themselves

      but i doubt BOOSIE is oblivous or dumb to the details to what REALLY went on

      cant knock it though

      • Brick Soulja

        OJ Simpson didn’t have anything to do with that murder and neither did his son. White folks were just mad (and still are) that he beat up a white woman and got away with it. The real killers (which are probably white) are somewhere laughing at how racist the judicial system is. White folks got game and that’s the reason Lil Boosie is going to jail for life.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        even though my blackness goes against whut i’m bout to write….but o.j. did kill dat bitch

      • Cedrien English

        Why you so negative, you act like you want the nigga to go to jail

      • barnes27

        oj killed that girl n im black!!!

      • immackulate

        looks at BRANDI in her face like SPIKE LEE looked into the camera and yelled … WAKE UP

  • Terrance Goodman

    Well he might have beat this one for sure ,putting ya whole case on rap lyrics ?!


  • yahemi!whoafieldz

    When they star witness fizzles out, what we putting people on for. They aint proved shit!!!! Real nigga shit! Marlo Mike go to Angola untampered wit and Boosie back in these hoe niggaz faces wit some platinum shit! Watch! Gonna b a hot summer, yahemi!! 

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  • Jarecole

    So boosie had baby mommas brother killed. Man GTFOH, that shit dont sound rightn but guess u never know. What a waste of tax payers money,u going to trial and your evidince is heresay,Boosie not guilty!

  • Brick Soulja

    Louisiana is the most racist place in the country. Lil Boosie will be doing life in prison, to show black people in that state, that they are not in control. His legal team did a good enough job, to keep him from getting the death penalty. If you’re a black person in Louisiana, you have no rights to talk back to white people. If you do talk back to white folks, they will make an example out of you. R.I.P. to Lil Boosie’s career and freedom.

    • barnes27

      and where did u get this info from? i’m from the n.o. by the way, so where u get this info that LA is the most racist place in the country…waiting?

  • therealest1

    If Lil Booty beats this case, did he pay the judge or prosecution off like that cop who pulled him over perhaps? Did he actually ask either of them, “This is Boosie, how much you want?”, just like he said to that traffic cop?

  • mike malarkey

    damn boosie bout to beat this case

  • JustUs Samuel

    He’s fucked. and if he did it. well Karma is a bitch may God have mercy on his soul

  • LouisianaHotBoy

    Boosie just been found not guilty. The whole boot bout to party!!

    • scullyson

      Damn i Just Check it and your right. Damn Thats sum real Bull ish if they concocted and fabricated all that BS  but I aint surprised. He need to lay low for uh minute now because vengance is uh mutha.