Pilar Sanders

Deion Sanders Estranged Wife Pilar Breaks Silence

Pilar Sanders has issued a lengthy statement and the ongoing divorce case between her and her former and her strange husband, NFL star Deion Sanders.

Their divorce has been played out in the media over the past several months.

During the most recent incident at the couple’s multimillion dollar mansion in Prosper, Texas, Deion and Pilar Sanders were charged with misdemeanor assault, when an altercation between the pair became physical.

A judge issued a gag order against Pilar, which was lifted on April 23. Now she is speaking out against her a strange husband.

“This is just another game to Deion Sanders, his court room and media antics are part of his touch down dance, and he looks at our children as just another trophy for his shelf; something that helps him sell his next product, his next reality show,” said Pilar Sanders.

Pilar Sanders attorney Larry Friedman labeled Deion Sanders’ actions as “adolescent.”

“There are no winners in the divorce process, and there’s nothing that justifies an adolescent dance in a retired football uniform to taunt Pilar,” said Larry Friedman, Mrs. Sander’s attorney. “The focus should be on the best interest of the children and not on Mr. Sanders’ glorious past, forgotten football career,” he continued.

Check out Pilar Sanders’ full statement below, along with some facts from her camp, relating to the ongoing divorce proceedings between herself and Dion Sanders.

This is just another game to Deion Sanders, his court room and media antics are part of his touch down dance, and he looks at our children as just another trophy for his shelf; something that helps him sell his next product, his next reality show. I’ve been silent since September. Once Deion’s secret life was revealed and he laid all of his cards on the table, I just wanted a civil divorce for the sake of my children. This didn’t have to go down like this,” explains Pilar. “I obeyed the court, tried to protect my kids from hearing all of the trash talk, but still their father approached it like another ball game.

Seeing that Deion uses our children and the word ‘God’ in trying to disguise his image, I think enough is enough. He only cares about himself, manipulating and cheating to distract from the truth and let’s not forget about his open and flagrant philandering.

No one deserves to be treated like this, no one. I need the facts known and hopefully Deion’s public will convince him to just stop showing off, handle this situation fairly like a real man, and let my children and me get on with our lives.


1.) Deion Sanders was NOT granted temporary custody. Both parents have access to their children.

2.) Deion Sanders is NOT allowed to take the children out of school and out of state, without advising Pilar. He had been doing this in violation of Texas law, the State’s truancy laws, and the Court’s Orders.

3.) The Protective Order that Deion previously obtained against Pilar through the Prosper Police when she was arrested on April 23rd, was VACATED.

4.) Deion’s application for A Protective Order against Pilar For Family Violence in the Family Court was DENIED. Both Deion and Pilar Sanders have been told to stay 100 yards from each other making Deion’s assault charges against Pilar groundless.

5.) The Court awarded Deion the exclusive possession of the house in Prosper that he owned before he was married to Pilar which was his separate property with or without a premarital agreement. That ruling was nothing either way.

6.) The Court did NOT grant Pilar’s application for A Protective Order against Deion For Family Violence in the Family Court even though Pilar sustained serious injuries in the incident, including a broken thumb, a broken arm, a disjointed elbow, and bruises and contusions on her arms, shoulders, back, and neck. (Medical documents are available.)

7.) And, lastly the Court RESCINDED AND VACATED the Gag Order. That was an important ruling because Deion had continued to violate this Order with his relentless assaults against Pilar in the media while she continuously obeyed the Order. Now it allows her to defend herself against his verbal abuse.

Nothing else was decided. All of the matters relating to temporary orders will be determined on Tuesday, May 15, 2012.

For the record, Deion’s attorney has a conflict of interested, while representing Deion he also represents the town of Prosper, The Prosper Police Department, and the Prosper Independent School District. That speaks for itself.

  • rep87

    Hot Mess ! she is a gold digger and thats no secret and hope she gets nothing !

  • Don’t you mean estranged husband?  You have gotta be misspelling shit on purpose because no writer should be making these kind of errors.  By the way,  Pilar is the baddest chick. Point, Blank, Period.  Nobody on that woman’s level! She fine as hell. Deion, WTF was you thinkin about?

    • churchboy2

      Exactly. How hard is it to type “her estranged husband”?

      First they say “her strange husband,” and then “her a strange husband”.

      Where can I send my resume for the vacant editor position?

  • Brick Soulja

    Girls like Pilar make it hard for the real women out here. I wonder how much money did she have before she met Deion?

  • BTV Global, LLC

    How can ppl say she is a gold digger or she make it hard for the next real woman? This  lady took care of the children and served this man hand and foot. You saw how he treated her in the reality show. I’m a man and i’m saying this. This man chosed her and didn’t care about respect cause his money got her and that’s all he cared about was looks. Didn’t check to see if she was crazy etc. not saying she is but I don’t blame her for going off he been mentally abrusive to her. a person can only hold so much in for so long. AND IT’S WRONG ON HIS PART PUTTING THE KIDS AGAINST HER THAT SHE TOOK CARE OF. I always said he was a FAKE GOD man from day one.

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