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EXCLUSIVE: Lil Boosie’s Lyrics Scrutinized In Murder Trial

(AllHipHop News) Lyrics to a variety of Lil Boosie songs were played to the jury during the rapper’s first-degree murder trial.

Boosie is accused of hiring a 16-year-old named “Marlo” Michael Louding to shoot and kill a 35-year-old named Terry Boyd, in October of 2009.

On Wednesday (May 9), Constantino Dimitirelos, a forensic IT specialist, was called to the stand to give testimony to the evidence he was able to retrieve from computers seized from Lil Boosie’s residence.

The Prosecution

Two pictures were found on the hard drive. One of the pictures was taken at Lil Boosie’s residence on November 4, 2009 at 10:35 p.m.

It was of Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding getting a tattoo of an AK-47 and the words: “Yo Boosie Who’s Next.”

The other picture was of Adrian “Pokey” Pittman getting a similar tattoo.

The computer forensic expert also testified that he found several songs and lyrics created surrounding the date of Terry Boyd’s murder, October 20 and October 21, 2009.

Dimitirelos testified that the lyrics to Lil Boosie’s song “187” were recorded between 11:24 and 11:54 on the night of October 20th.

Jurors listened to explicit lyrics that included:

“five dead in six months.”

“Who ever tried to play me they dead now.”

“Yo Marlo, he drive a Monte Carlo, dat’ b**ch grey, I want him dead today, here go the cake.”

The same night the lyrics to “Bodybag” were recorded at 12:50 a.m.

On November 2, 2009 the song “Somebody in Trouble” was said to be recorded.

The jury also heard some of the lyrics which included:

“I’ll kill you with my money”

“I got some killers on my payroll, and they know when it’s time to handle business, ni**as lay low.”

The jurors also heard lyrics from the song “Lime Life” that was recorded on May 21, 2009 with fellow Louisiana rapper Hurricane Chris.

Those lyrics include:

“If you don’t squeeze ya trigga that reaper come and get ya’…”

“Ain’t no love in my body, Marlo Mike up in the backseat beggin’ for a body”

The Defense
Lil Boosie’s attorney, Jason Williams, said the prosecution was attempting to use Lil Boosie’s rap persona as a negative portrayal of his character.

The defense said the songs were irrelevant to Boyd’s homicide.

Williams explained that the lyrics were used previously by Lil Boosie in mixtapes that were already released prior to October 2009 and were being resampled.

Williams said “this is a man who was making music, spending time and energy to develop a persona to sell records. Same way NWA did, same way Public Enemy does. Same way Johnny Cash did.”

After the time frame of the lyrics were examined, Dimitirelos, gave an account of the cell phone usage of Louding during the night of October 21, 2009.

Dimitirelos said that he cannot determine who was on the phone or what was said, but based on the GPS tracker on most phones, he was able to tell the movements from the phone number Louding identified as his during that time.

The tracker showed that the phone belonging to Louding was in the vicinity of the murder scene as well as Torence Lil Boosie’s residence on October 21, 2009.

The forensic expert also testified that none of the calls made from Louding’s phone were routed to the numbers used by Lil Boosie.

The day took an interesting turn when the prosecution called their last witness of the day, Hatch’s cousin, Carvis “Donkey” Webb.

The jury had heard much about the man referred to only by “Donkey” in this case.

“Donkey” has served as the liaison for Lil Boosie and Louding.

When Webb took the stand, Judge Mike Erwin warned him of the consequences of perjury.

Webb told the courtroom him and Lil Boosie are very close cousins. Webb said “Him [Lil Boosie] and Terry Boyd has never had beef whatsoever.”

Webb also admitted that Louding called him several times while he was in jail.

“I been convicted, he know I know how it go” Webb said to Cummings. “I told Marlo Mike to tell the truth, if Boosie had something to do with it, tell the truth.”

He continued, “I have no problem with Marlo, I personally think he’s innocent.”

The prosecution then decided to play recorded phone calls between Webb and Louding.

In the phone calls the jury was able to hear Webb say to Louding, “You gotta roll with what I’m telling you, follow my lead,” and “Ain’t nobody see you do nothing ‘cause you ain’t do nothing,” and “F **k what happened at first, it’s all about you and Hatch…We need Hatch out to put the bread up.”

When the tapes were done, Dana Cummings said to Webb, “Isn’t it true that follow my lead means tell the lies I tell you to tell?” before Webb could reply, Defense attorney Williams objected to the leading question.

Cummings then continued to ask why Donkey had suggested that Lil Boosie could put ‘the bread’ up?

“Torrence [Lil Boosie] is the wealthiest person in our family because of him being a rapper, if he is out making music, then he can help,” Webb explained.

Before coming off the stand, Cummings asked Webb, if he was so interested in telling the truth, why does he use slang words?

Webb replied, “I wasn’t taught to talk like you talk [Cummings]…We rappers. That’s the way we run it. When I say ‘run it’ it means, ‘say it’ or ‘talk.’”

Reporting for by Saturn Douglas.

  • TruthSerum


    “Yo Marlo, he drive a Monte Carlo, dat’ b**ch grey, I want him dead today, here go the cake.” 

    Boosie is a RETARD!!!!!!

    At first I didnt understand why they were letting his lyrics be used as evidence but this here, no excuse for that, how much of a simple simon you gotta be to right a lyric like that??… Its like writing your own indictment

    • Raheem Classick

      LOLOLOLOLOLOL………………………………………LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL…………………………………..?……………………LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL………………………………………………that shit funny as hell.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      its a rap song how many times nas talked about killin jay z or jay z killin nas or jadakiss vs beanie sigel or even 106 n park its just music aint nobody gonna really kill nobody no u retarded

      • dominicancoke

        you’re high on pcp how does that even compare? nas never killed jay z for real. this is like if jay z got merked during the nas beef and nas comes out spitting like..i got niggas that pull triggas…call the grave diggers.and bury the body of that wack nigga understand? the dude marlo confessed to it and the songs prove further more that is true

      • Finally somebody with some sense. Everything u been saying is what i been trying to tell these stew heads out here that think Boosie is getting out. HE’S NOT!! People work my nerve with this FREE BOOSIE bullshit just cuz he can rap. Like you said if somebody was to put a hit out on one of their family members, they wouldn’t want them to free the hitman. Dont nobody know the truth but Boosie, Marlo, and God….and point blank even if he didnt do it *as some of yall say* HIS ASS STILL AINT GETTING OUT. “Mark my word”!!

      • KWORDS


  • Black Exodus

    I think the evidence against Boosie and the Kid is very slim to shaky but in State of Louisiana it’s not hard to get a conviction for a black man. Brothers are killing each other out there like crazy and it’s a shame that Boosie got caught up in this mess. If you are a gangster living the gangster lifestyle…this is the trap you will eventually fall into. Don’t ever forget that America has a jail cell with my and your names waiting. 

    • TruthSerum

      They dont need evidence on the kid tho, he confessed. Thats pretty much the best piece of evidence in the world, for someone to say “Yeah, you right, I did that”

      • dominicancoke

        exactly even if he changes his story ain’t no juror gonna buy this on top of boosies lyrics

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        he didnt confess shit it was a rap song he didnt say no names n they using 2 different songs 2 charge him

  • rep87

    Very Flimsy case proscutor is trying to twist them words and playing lyrics to convict a innocent man they made the public wait to hear nothing free this man

    • TruthSerum

      LOL @ Innocent

      I have a feeling Boosie might be able to beat this if all the evidence they have is lyrics, but I would bet my right hand he did it

      • immackulate

        and i side bet my left hand … HE DID IT!!!

  • scullyson

    They tryna fry Boosie..

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  • dominicancoke

    this is satire lol that’s one dumb nigga. he just made the prosecutor’s job a cake walk like he lyrically snitched on himself who does that? lol ain’t no way in hell hes gonna beat this 

  • dominicancoke

    this just like if oj made a rap song.  yeah i put my mask on and i stabbed that white bitch/
    and i stabbed her man too cause she gave him my shit/ lol dumb ass boosie lyrics came back to haunt him

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      its just a song rappers dont kill ppl n make  records im sorry 

      • dominicancoke

        just a song? i don’t think so my man there’s a killer on the stand who got caught a year or more ago and claimed and stated he did that for him and than the song comes out? wake up boosies is done and he deserves life i loved his music but i know what it is to lose some close to you to ignorance

  • bigdoe6

    mannnnnnn Boosie is done. It’s like Boosie is confessing on wax. smh.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      uh that song was out way b4 those ppl were killed

  • B_O_W_E_R_S


    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      I got a better idea. Lets free whoever kills someone in your family next.

    • dominicancoke

      ok how bout i murder your sister or brother or mother right? than i have a whole bunch of people chanting free dominican coke cool? idiot

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        so its not like those ppl were innocent its kill or be killed for the 5 dead ppl either they was gonna get boosie  or boosie would be dead but thats not the case its over his baby mama just  took the stand she said they had no problem wit her brother enuff said all the songs  they cant prove it cause those were songs with other  rappers who wasnt even from his town n it wwas a mixtape that had verses from songs years ago boosie coming home

      • dominicancoke

        kill or be killed lol negro boosie has money how about move to miami?

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    n they tryna charge him 4 his brother in law his kids father

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  • stick a fork in em…his boy confess…then tried to to take it back.he deserve to spend his life in prison..the same people saying free boosie!! doesnt value someone life what if the same men that got murdered was kin to you.would you be yelling free boosie?

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      stfu boosie didnt do it  i just listen 2 the song the song was about killing the song called 187 they not chargin him for 5 murders even if he did it  they cant prove it it was a gangsta song they chargin him 4 his sons uncle murder

      • dominicancoke

        your parents where either brother or sister o first cousins right? if you’re brother gets bodied and they catch the guy who did it and he fesses up and states that i hired him to merk your brother and when it come’s to trial he changes is mind  but they leak songs of mine rapping about that shooter and shouting him up and saying that hes my hitman would you be happy to see people riding my di*ck the way you riding boosies di*ck?

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        no see i  do my research it turns out tthe kid didnt kill oh boy he was a suspect  the police lied 2 him on camera they showed it at court they lied 2 the kidd n told him boosie was gonna kill him n he got scared n made up the story now they have  o evidence forr the other 5 muders they cant prove it

      • dominicancoke

        you see detectives are allowed  to lie to you as fuc*dup as that sounds  for strategic reasons’ even if they said boosie had a hit out on you why would you admit to being a hitman? that’s capital murder not 2nd or man slaughter i went to john jay for criminal justice i’m not talking out my ass.boosies lyrics praise marlo for being a hit man.maybe  he’ll never get caught for who know’s how many murders he’s committed but it all seems downward spiral

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        rappers aint that stupid 2 hire n make a song about itim sorry

      • dominicancoke

        he is that dumb he did it u seen the proof hes rapping to the whole south he thought nobody would catch on to his local beef alot of rappers do this

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        they tryna charge him for killin his daughter uncle thats wat they tryna  get boosie for killin  his brother in law geet  it brother in law we dont doshit like that blacck ppl we not cold like that

      • dominicancoke

        who’s we? do you speak for the thug nation or something? lol you don’t know boosies life hey maybe the persons he had killed started it and maybe his brother in law terry boyd did something to him either way he’s going down because marlo mike admitted that he was hire by boosie for that murder thats capital murder and believe me hes gonna get convicted and serve life

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        uh marlo mike took the stand n denieed it if u didnt kno  he recanted his statement which means he lied so they have no evidence or no witness fool u must dont kno how court go

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        if u was to snitch on me n we go 2 trial n u deny it my charges is droppedd cause u lied

  • Bobby Del Bosque

    I got niggas on my payroll is a Tupac lyric word for word, did Tupac homies do that work, no, Lil Boosie is a real muthafuckka but he aint no dumbass!

  • Bobby Del Bosque

    Free Boosie so he can rid all these wack rappers!

    • dominicancoke

      hes gonna go down for getting rid of some street niggaz so dream on 

    •  he must get rid of himself,cause boosie is trash

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    this nigga know where he at….20 yrs ago they would’ve hung him at time square…not a fan of boosie but son going to jail….you knw in the lou they dnt like young niggaz wit money..this nigga dumb though

  • DjLarryLuv

    the tattoo is some of the funniest shit i ever heard. them dumb ass niggas deserve to be locked up.  throw away the key. If that was my cousin killed i’d want boosie locked up. oh yeah and follow me on twitter @djlarryluv:disqus 

  • You seen what they did to C-MURDER…damn Free Boosie

  • Leo Mario

    I’m from new orleans and they convicted C-Murder off his rap name and lyrics and the prosecutors made deals with two people to say c-murder was the one who pulled the trigger the prosecutors had no real hard evidence no dna no gun or anything Parish court will convict you for being black

  • EQ

    damn not looking good for boosie

  • Some of Boosie lyrics like”Somebody in Trouble” “I got some killas on my payroll/ And theyknow/ When it’s time to handle business, n!gg@ lay low/” !!!!!!! Loyal To the Game by Tupac.thats his line homie. “I got some killers onmy payroll and they know When it’s time to handlebusiness n!gg@ lay low Although I’m young I’m stillcoming up I’m gettin paid pulling razors on n!gg@s when they running up” BOOSIE DIDN’T EVEN COME UP WITH MOST OF THOSE LINES!!! HE TOOK THEM FROM OTHER RAPPERS! NOT TO MENTION RAPPERS HAVE GHOST WRITERS AND EVERYBODY IN THE STUDIO WRITING FOR THE RAPPER!! Smh

    • damn yo.. u better than boosie’s legal team becuase if they woulda played tupac saying the same thing in the courtroom, that woulda made the jury question every other song they played….

      •  right any hip hop head should know that as much as his defense should have found that out, I’m a 19 year old white dude and soon as I read that I knew it was a tupac verse.. smh

  • ChicagoHope33

    This is a perfect example of why you should be more lyrical in ya songs. Remember that idiot rapper that got convicted of murder for rapping about killing his vic? Idk his name but ahh posted about it a few years back.

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  • LouisianaHotBoy


  • yahemi!whoafieldz

    Boosie on his way home niggaz!!!! Da nigga finna skate and drop sumthin fire! lol! And i dare a nigga talk down after dat! LMAO!!  Superbad goin home!!

  • immackulate

    OJ type shyt

  • DCXT

    Ugh. Please keep him in jail. He’s immune and “they hating” cause he black but i bet if it was a white on black crime, yall lil nigglets would be crying racism. Boosie is a suck ass rapper anyway and I hope his wack lyrics are the fall of him.

  • Objection relevance?  What was on Hitler/ Stalin/ Manson/ Mckvay/ or Ben Ladens  record players.

  • Mosdaze

    This kid Thuglife rides dick harder then any video hoe. Goddamn.

    I think detectives lying is wrong, but all these fools know they do it so if you buy into it then you deserve a conviction. Don’t do the crime if you can’t handle a few hours of interrogation. Innocent or guilty, better get creative at hiding recorders and become pen pals w x-raided.

    CHAIN BOOSIE. Ol’ anorexic sickle cell ass burnt retarded ass rapper. Let’s hope they get wayne next. Bring back hiphop.

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