Hip-Hop Rumors: Canibus Is Coming to Pay-Per-View

It looks like rapper Canibus is coming out of rap retirement to partake in the “Vendetta: Battle Royale” against rap battle veteran, Dizaster. The spit-fest will take place on June 9 in Los Angeles, California, and will mark the first time that Canibus goes into the ring for a one-on-one rap battle on Pay-Per-View.

Canibus released a diss record, “Rip The Jacker 2”, toward Dizaster a few months back, which sparked the matching at the Battle Royale. Take a listen to the record below:

That was pretty hard! But although Canibus has an impressive battle record, famously taking on LL Cool J, Eminem, and Wu Tang, Dizaster has won countless battles in the three-round, no time limit format and is a heavy crowd favorite.

If you want to catch the battle, you can order it through the King Of The Dot’s Ustream page.

  • johnblacksad

    Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuthin to fcuk wit…

    • immackulate

      aye i watched that WU doc yesterday and them U-GOD must hate the shyt outta RZA

      • johnblacksad

        I usually slap the back of the head of anyone who says something slick or negative about the WU.

        I will assume that you didn’t know… and let this one slide

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  • Carlito_Sosa

    cannibnus was the truth back in the day… “CAnnibus the ill mathematical, my mother F*ckin brain is IBM compatible”

  • Dointer

    I was just listening to his verses from Boyz 2 Men with Lost Boyz and Beasts from the East with Redman…..Wholly shit….. The most un-fuckwitable bars ever

  • rep87

    I like Canibus but who the hell is Dizaster ?

    • immackulate

      cool white from GRIND TIME W.COAST battle scene

  • Sho Tunez

    This is ill. I had this idea 10 years ago. This how Hov and Nas should have settled thier beef… Siegal and Kiss. This could be big money.

    • David Gonz

       people have been battling since the beginning. it wasnt your idea gee.

      • Talking about on Pay Per view…..same with Rap boxing.

    • johnblacksad

       This is how they settled it. Jay-Z won with Takeover.



      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        u ever heard ether…..if you believe dat i got a bridge in brooklyn to sell to you

      • Carlito_Sosa

        son, Take over was hard, not only did he come at nas, but he destroyed that whole QB clique.  ether was hard, but jay killed him that “got myself a gun” joint… “skeeted in the back of ya jeep, I left the condom on your baby seat” “Me and the boy AI got more in common than just ballin and rhyming… get it? More in CARMEN?!” lol it was a wrap for nas after that

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        dat was a reach….like tony said no women no kids…come with science..i lost respect for jay after dat…supa ugly was whack…u need to peep nas track”wannabe me” off em’s eight mile soundtrack…son said bout jay and i qoute”youse a pu$$y wit a yeast infection”….dats ill….ether burns trough your soul”how many biggie rhymes gonna come outta your fat lips”…ether hands down lyrically is a one-sided bout….plus jay had hot 97 on lock..but the streets talk…and nas won the lyrical battle….but jay won the finacial war…but lyrically…no contest nas got em…..takeover with da doors sample was one of the illest beats i ever heard to this day….

      • Carlito_Sosa

        i always been a hov fan so maybe iam biased but to me supa ugly/got myself a gun and takeover were the two of the  illest  diss songs ive ever heard… dont get me wrong, ether was dope he murdered jay on it, but i think jay came back too strong… you from queens though so it dont suprise me that u ride with nas… most of my roommates from college were from brooklyn and they all thought jay won…i think nas is hands down top 5 dead or alive… but jay got em IMO… i heard the song u were talking about lol i always thought it was funny that eminem had the jayz/freeway song on the album and then had a nas song that dissed jay on the same album…. eitehr way deciding the winner is about opinions so we can debate this for days… but i agree that takeover beat was crack!!! one of the dopest hiphop beats  

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        yo son i’m not from queens….i was born on the island jamaica….not jamaica queens….and i got another surprise for you…when i came from j.a     i moved to BROOKLYN….dats right i’m a brooklynite….i been phucking wit jay since big daddy kane used to let him rock da mic…..i got mad love love for jay….my sister went to the same school dat he and bigg and busta went through…plus a lot of hood stars….i dnt knw if you ever been to marcy but niggas in marcy dnt like jay…i think it’s hate though….you knw us brooklyn niggas is about dat 5 finger discount(straight digging in pockets) me and my low life cousins would cop crazy on the train on payday…however i digress…when i rate hip-hop i rate it off the mountain view theory…meaning i take the broader view so my biases wont overshadow my judgement…and dats why i think jay got em…but like you said brotha we can debate all day bout this so it’s really a matter of opinion but if u ask me nas won the lyrical battle..but jay won the financial war

      • johnblacksad

         it was a wrap for Nas even way before that! Nas started losing shortly after he was born

    • johnblacksad

       Same thing for Kiss & Mac…
      Jada came out victorious… he murdered Beanz.



      • Responds for EL:

        ” Man , you don’t know Jack $hyeed! Time for them bathtub boys to visit you!” LOL

      • johnblacksad

         You forgot the usual mention of one of his uncles that got philly locked down or used to have philly locked down… LMAO!

      • Carlito_Sosa

        iam gonna son kiss like the soda

  • crphillips

    DIZASTER is gonna murder him

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……you funny

  • Guest

    this is piss poor journalism, first canibus is not retired second where the hell did you hear he was beefin’ wit the WTC third the song is called hip hop top brass not rip the jacker 2(note:in first verse of the song he shouts out the WTC) Sydney Lace please research a story before you write about someone. this the shit that happens that made yo take shots at j cole and causes this website to say he’s bi pollar. and on top of all of that you diddnt even play the diss part of the record!

    • Danny Reyes

       It wasn’t beef it was a battle…big difference. He battled the Wu and Killah Priest before he got on…learn your history

      • $23862384

        your right it wasn’t beef but it wasn’t a battle either they just cyphered out side of a concert or show

    • Negro Peligro

      Canibus was retired.  He hasn’t really made anything that doesn’t come on a computer mic since.  

      • digitallife

        Canibus was signed to DZK who is arguably one of the east coast’s undergrounds legendary battlers who got his start on soundclick..dzk signed to a wu affiliate management like 5 years ago and got featured on a slew of wu affiliated projects..he went on to sign canibus and started the whole d12 dissing and baiting eminem..Canibus also had an album last year and the year before that under DZK’s label.. War Lab records

      • johnblacksad

         Bet he didn’t even get a hundred downloads…

      • digitallife

        That’s a personal opinion, you can find son on twitter or his own website go tell him that tho…

  • Oh Man! Sydney lace got a new format! HomeGirl might just make it after all!
    Glad ILLSEED rubbing off on her!

    Cannibus is ferocious!

  • ftr this battle is gonna be a live event its not just on ippv

  • digitallife

    Been a fan of bus since before he got with massie and wyclef..but he needs to stop putting out this home recording quality shit..get into a studio are entirely too nice to be putting out subpar sounding shit..his music of late sounds like every other youtube rappers songs quality..or at least learn to mix your shit through studio monitors..

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    still thinks he murdered cool james on 2nd round tko….now watch me rip the mic from ya arms/kick you in the groin/stick you for your vanguard awards/in front of ya moms/3rd 2nd and 1st born/make ya wife get on the horn/call minister farakahn……and the em beef was not fair because it was not on equal grounds….one of the 1st mc’s i saw that shook fear in shady….germane is still nicer than 70 percent of rappers signed….and duke can eat ANY of ur favorite rappers…and i mean ANY……the only problem is dat even though son got lyrics like grains of sand…this nigga cant make a song muchless an album….i got every last one of his cd’s…2 is ok at best….and i’m speaking from your everday consumer… me and the rest of hip-hop purists its dope as shit….but to your average listner… wont cut it……big fan though still…glad to see you get some positive hype for a change 1 love…….p.s…….rip the jacker is one of his albums…but far from the latest….and son is not retired and he proably never will…’s ok lace its the effort dat counts…its clear ur not familar with this rapper but at least you tried

    • Carlito_Sosa

      glad to see real hiphop heads supporting real hiphop artists

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