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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Diddy Pay Off BET Exec To Play Cassie’s New Video?

We’ve all heard about payola going on in the music industry in the past, but we usually hear about money changing hands for radio play. According to Gossip Jacker, Diddy has been paying a high powered exec over at BET to play Bad Boy artist Cassie’s video “King of Hearts” on their most popular show, “106 & Park”.  The post below was left anonymously on a message board:

“My friend who works for BET says Diddy paid for Cassie’s King Of Hearts video to be on 106 and Park. He said Diddy is best friends with Steven Hill.

He says everyone in the office laughs about how the song did not chart but is always on 106 and Park. He also said Beyonce would never listen to Cassie. Her cousin Angie Beyince put Cassie’s song on Beyonce’s website as a favor for her friend Cappadonna.”

But wait, aren’t the videos on 106 & Park controlled by the viewers voting for their favorite video?

  • therealest1

    Payola shit. Nothing new.

  • Why do you think they play the same 5 artists over and over and over and over for years now?

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    HA! BET has been paid for.  Look at the people that they play. Diggy runs 106 & park then turns around and sells 30k.  If the industry was a corporation, the FEDS would be all over it.  Of course Diddy is paying for that. That whole show is paid for.

  • johnblacksad

    I’m, one of a kind, I’m second to none
    If my, record ain’t spun I network with some guns
    Call dude at the radio, listen could you play me yo?
    Yeah I’ma play it, he ain’t play it but he played me though
    Next week I saw him at a party tryin to wave hello
    Smacked him in the face with the 8, I’m tryin to break his nose
    Sean P!

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  • immackulate

    givaphuck if he paid … unfortunately thats the nature of the game YOU GOTTA PAY TO PLAY

    im pissed at this niggahs pimpin mayne – that niggah know she aint nothing but a cute face and a waste of studio time … niggah grow some balls and let her know she aint worth the 30k you spent to get that video played … hell, we dont even wanna hear your music let alone your concubines … matter fact aint a mf soul on BAD BOY that the people are anticipating – just l.i.g. that shyt

  • nino970

    yeah   nothing new think about  its about 30 mil  rappers trying to  make it the only ones that get in  are the ones who  pay to get in  its bull  a@r telling u  that  oh  we look for something new  but they dont if the did  why we got so many clones in  hip hop  biggie died so  record labels have to capitalized let get artist that either sound like him  of looks and sound like him  hints shyne gorilla black  and coutless others.dont belive me?  look  at nikki  manja    since she has made it  record labels  have to  capitalized thats why you  have all theses  females artist  comming out  with her   rap  style iggy, that banks chick, kreyshawn  or what ever,  you  see how you  dont hear  no   female out on  top right now that has  the  sound like remy or foxy or any of the hardcore chicks back  in  the  day  its  all  about money.   thats  it  money talks  106 and park please all  they  play is  people  that   they  are payed to  play  wack  ass  swiss  beat  cant  rap  stick  to  beats  nobody  checking for  his album but  yeah he  all  on  there someone payed for  that i  know

    • Mos High

      It is what it is. Its the only cable tv show playing rap videos.  The problem there isnt enough stand up brothers who will say, girl dont dress like a hoar and bounce up and down in the video. Most guys love sluts and scantly dressed women, then say money over bitches. Just like if the women would start saying to men. You look like a batty bwoy because you where your pants under your ass. Women dont like that from what ive been told but the gay men do. 

      Where are the stand up brothers, most are just wiggle back weaklings who just follow the crowd and low grade behaviour.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    tell me something i dnt knw….dats why i dnt watch dat bum ass show….not even freestyle friday….how u gonna water down a freestyle..niggas cant even curse….fuk bet and fuk viacom………….OH AND FUK PUFFY

    • Mos High

      To me a battle is ill when you dont need to curse and use brain power, its easy to curse., now most battling is ” yo ill pop off in your head, ill kill your baby f this f that blast your while your dead etc” thats not battling that wack shit, thats why I dont even rate most battles now.  Do u really think on a nationally, actually internationally broadcasted show they should let MC’s curse any which way.  I bet if puf was right by you, u would say squat, come on dont be a follower like the rest of internet thugs

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        1st of all i dnt give a fuk who’s next to me…..no man dictates whut i say….2nd freestyle is off the head…in other words….words coming out free of any filter…hench if your thinking and throwing words in an out ur not freestyling ur doing whut bigg and jay does which is write rymes in ur head….fight club was on mtv…they just blanked out the curse words….not saying one needs profanity to freestyle…but to me a freestyle has no boundaries nor faggot restrictions….fuk is your problem eneways “Hmmm why dont some of you smart asses open a video music channel then”….u dnt think if we had the funds or the connection or born with a platinum spoon in our mouths we wouldn’t…….if u so loathe us 99% who have nothing and our radical yet violent views then ignore us and dnt read our posts….judging by your name i thought you would be more positive than dat….my pops was a rasta…..rasta people should help to unite not set apart with down throtting views…phucking sellout

      • Mos High

        obviously you didnt read my comments well, take a look again. then look at your comments I never said negative things about anyone. I work to unite my brothers and sisters across the world, but again I just get so bothered by nonsense. Not only Rasta’s are help to unite all people should be doing the same.  I dont know anyone born with silver spoon but I know many like myself who have worked 2 and 3 jobs to keep it moving and create a bettter life for my children.  I lived street life been to jail and all that. I would never glorify it. 

          I know you got to be real young to be calling me a sell out. Then again nowadays if a guy kills or rapes a iinnocent  person, child or elder people wear a “free so and so shirt” .  I just put stuff out there that most of the follow fashions are scared to talk about. Im surprised you seem not turn have learned much from your father. You are the one saying F puffy and u dont know him, U calling me a sellout when you dont even know my heart, spirit or my movements. 

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        i’m 28 mos….everytime i see you on here you saying the right things but its aimed against those most like you…i cant undersand dat….i say phuk puffy because he’s the main reason for hip-hop current situations….memeber dem shiny suits..sampling every disco track….after bigg died he capatalized of it then went pop…and dats before da south movement…he also sells out his own people for financial gain….member the cheese cake exodus…and tell me why with all da talented black and brown young brothers he wont endorsed but he goes and cop aston martin for justin biber..plus his backing of wacka and ross..two of da fakest in the game….dats why i say phuk puffy….i dnt knw hitler either but i say phuk him as well…now u came to the right one brother..no topic is taboo…i was born in highgate st. mary in port maria up in the mountains…all my family is muscian and farmers…i’ve been woking under the table since i was 11 yrs old and currently work two jobs and finishing school to be a music enginneer so hard work aint shit for me….now being a man i can say dat decalring you a sellout based of a few replies is wrong therefore i’m sorry brotha…dat was coming from a place of ignorance…honestly most of whut you jus wrote dnt apply to me da convo was originally about our difference in opinion whut freestyle is….i think we should keep it there….i rather banter about dat…moretime convo like this will bring us no where…we are more alike than each of us think…just a difference in opinions….a 1 love still….i learn dat from pops

      • The definition of freestyle is not off the head.Check the history of hip hop.Off the head didn’t come until later.A freestyle was a random rap 

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        do you know whut off the head means….flowing free from filter….dats a random rap….look in the dictonary brotha

      • You look.I know from living life and already reading the dictionary.A freestyle was not off the head in old school hip hop.It didn’t become that until later.off the head means off the head, but fresetyle’s definition was not just off the head

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        wtf are you talking bout…u need to give me you definition of..of the head…meaning..RANDOM WORDS COMING OUT AT WILL FREE OF ANY FILTER…whut part of this do you not overstand..were basically saying da same thing brotha…….. cmon yo you said it was originally a random rap….whuts more random than dat…look lets just agree to disagree cuz i’m getting dizzy

      • I was talking about the definition of a freestyle 

  • Mos High

    Hmmm why dont some of you smart asses open a video music channel then. Its seems everyone knows how to get things done.  What music station has a show that shows hip hip video;s on cable?  please someone tell me,  106 and park is geared to younger audience, im sure most of you know because im sure most of you  are under 21 by your comments. Who cares if puffy pays . Pay to play. Do you think Jay Electronica or Raekwon at this point will get voted on to the show, Use your head

  • Frank

    “my friends who works at..” uh negative.  stop.  next!

  • rep87

    Hell yeah he did that ,thats how the game is played ,payola to get record spin ,thats why its so much garbage playing over the airwaves  the game is so crooked out here only a lame will believe he didnt do this, Queen Diddy know how the game is played to get a video on BET you got to drop some cash

  • kstaxx

    BET is a disgrace but thats what you get when you got white people running everything behind the scenes.

  • єиσ¢н ℓєνι ☪

    I don’t like but that’s business, corruption is a virus.. Puff is just doing his job

  • That’s how 99% of the biz works.  You think Diggy and OMG Girls and all these others are getting airplay because of talent?  It ain’t what you doin, it’s who you’re doin.

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      Amen, and that’s pretty much the answer..next question AHH.

  • Payola is the music industry’s CANCER! 

  • That’s the game


    Not surprising!

  • Stop actin like yall never heard of payola. Aint nuttin new to this, lol.

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  • TattooBeauty

    this is what I think of Cassie’s music and what Diddy knows about his side piece as a recording artist____________________________________________________________________Flatline!