R. Kelly and DJ Khaled

Is R. Kelly’s Latest Video Going Too Far and Familiar?

He puts the ‘R’ in R&B. He stated that years ago. Recently, the Pied Piper, R. Kelly, released his latest video for his song, “It’s On”, featuring Ace Hood & DJ Khaled.

With over 35 million albums sold, the usually, innovative 45-year-old singer has found himself mimicking the sounds of today. In his latest effort, it sounds like a Drake summertime song. Just saying.

What’s your take?

  • Yeah, but as much as I hate to admit it ( ArrrGGHHhhhhh! ) I kinda like it!

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      right, i was thinking the same thing.

  • Black Exodus

    Yeah Drake all the way…just listen to 49 seconds of it and that’s all. If we want Drake we can listen to him, R Kelly doesn’t need to be anybodies clone, but this is what the labels and the people want…there is truly no originality in “Urban” music anymore. You know the story…Money…hoes and clothes…all a NI**A KNOWS and that’s all they push down our throats…

    Black Exodus “Diamonds”…google me 

  • Aubrey Lester

    Man he doin this one song to get your attention guarantee the album aint like taht and he still sound like kells anyway the beat is a drakish track so thats why , but yall know kells the king homie he can do what he like he earned it.

  • verywellingdowd

    It’s a little Drake-ish, but R can sing Drake can’t. Never doubt Kells’ talent he can still drop another 12 play or “I believe I can fly”. He is a classic.

  • rep87

    THE R can do what ever he want to do he has real talent Drake is a fad, real talent last forever and thats R Kelly !

  • $18916246

    Do you feel the same about Trey Songs? Yeah I agree it sounds simple like a Drake song, but how many of these artist over the last ten years…Dream, Jerimi, J,Holiday ,Avant,.all borrowed/stole they’re whole verbal cadence and sound from R.Kelly. In the last 20yrs all these new cats done borrowed or stole from R.Kelly, Usher, Carl Thomas, Musiq Soul Child or Jaheim. These are the only real R&B cats left. I give John Legend credit but even he borrowed his sound from Carl Thomas and made it his own.

  • Jarecole

    Sounds good. The game missing kellz. How this sound like drake? Drake is cool but kellz iz classic. You a dummy for even comparing. If it wasnt for the tape, people would compare him to the greats like marvin, luther,M J, prince. Kellz started that sing type rap shit. He from the new jack swing era, come on son!

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Imma say this, if you all are calling R. Kelly out for rehashing..then why y’all (AHH) on the Jock of artist who do this very thing…as matter of you know they aren’t Artist, they are programmed pissants (i said it). I got worries and ish when it comed to R. Kelly, but…in this..he has taken their form and done better. This is what needs to get called out for true. You can’t bag him for what most of the folks on you list of hip hop artist sound like. Unless y’all are in the midst of regime change and are going to start to clown these DrakeWeezyJayKanyeNikkiTI rehashed soul deprived fools out of your press. Then if that’s what you are doing. I am sorry I jumped at you AHH.

  • ddsdavey

    What is it with people like Khaled,why are they not happy just being in the background makin money,surely he knows his ass is not appealing like that lol!?
    He thrusts himself up in every video he is even remotely related to,i abided Diddy,Baby and Timberland but this guy just stands out and looks completely out of place.
    Its actually really pathetic imo that someone his age is so desperstae to be a star.
    Does he wake up,look in the mirror and see Drake wtf?
    Producers should stay in the studio,end of!

  • Bryan

    i almost cant come back to this site after they compare Kells to Drake. Are you freaking kidding me?!!!! Not a hug fan of the song but its still better than Drake. GTFOH!!! 

  • TD King

    YOU COMPARE DRAKE TO KELLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    nah you should get fired for that hahahaha
    but i pardon yourself it’s an hiphop site so we all might make some mistake about other genre like Comparing DRAke the Singer/rapper to Kells pure Singer

  • scullyson

    Tight Track >>> 4 stars

  • good song. 

  • On a commercial level a commercial artist has to follow trends to stay in style.This ain’t no Drake shit to me.maybe he was inspired by I’m on one, but it’s still R’s shit.I ain’t fucked w/ kells since that tape though.