Rihanna and Meek Mill

Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill Says Rihanna Rumors “F*cking Up His Life”

Meek Mill has done several interiews this week proclaiming that contrary to the rumors, he and Rihanna are just friends, or to put it the way he did, “She likes my music, and that’s that”.

The rapper recently opened up and told Rap-Up.com that the media linking him to Rihanna has been “ruining his life,” specifically his love life. You see, Meek has a girlfriend back home in Philly. Check out what he said about the alleged affair below:

“Rihanna, she was on Twitter talking about she liked a few of my songs on Twitter. And I think the blog game took it to another level. I actually got a girl at home. I be arguing with my girl about blogs and interviews about her. I don’t really be trying to go there with my girlfriend over blogs. It be f*cking up my life a little bit,” stated Meek.

Wait, but what about Rihanna celebrating his birthday with him at a strip club? Meek has an answer for that, too.

“[Rihanna] might have been at the same place as me, but that don’t mean we was together. She a cool person, I met her before, she like my music, and that’s that.”

Well, I guess Meek isn’t getting a slice of that “cake” after all.

  • Weedras

    It was unintelligent of you to assume such based off “Twiiter” as a journalist or someone parading as one i’d like to think you should be the last one to try to pass of any truth from mere speculation… its the rumors section yet you try to pass shit off as truth or factual…smh… assume you can do better..

    •  Well all know intelligence ain’t exactly Sydney’s strong suit……

  • water_ur_seeds

    lol @ rihanna n him being friends, and in the same strip club together… they obviously celebrated it together… dont mean they fckn though…

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       yeah but they both prob went home with a stripper TRUE LIES lol jk lol 😉

  • why have a girl at this point in your career hello duhhhhhh and plus wht chick argues over blogs and media when they date a rapper or celeb you should know what it is…IDK I think alot of these dudes are lost in space

    • immackulate

      you always supposed to keep the STAY DOWN, DOWN until she get sick and tired of being sick and tired – chick prolly was wit’em before he blew

  • immackulate

    under the covers type cover up

  • Bloggers got to make money too.. You gotta make something out of any story you can find!

  • johnblacksad

    “i was just fuggin them girls, i was gon get right back”

    I thought his mackin game was on point… listen Meek, this what you tell her :
    “ma, our time together is our time together, and our time apart is our time apart, so love Meek with your mind and not your heart”


    MMG rumor # 4.

    Just saying did this really need a right up????

  • PliggaNease

    meek stop fronting u scared of chris Beatz em down Brown

  • Kev

    meek i’d at least tap it! 


    I don’t know if its “Ilseed” that’s in charge or what, but since this Sydney joined the “rumours” section, the stories have become really “weak”!! A little research before you post stories can go a long way!

  • rep87

    100% Wack article mindless crap No one i know is talking about this crap SY just throws out trash know one cares about who is holding hands with who or kissing or seen eating together its just garbage !

  • That’s one bad chick though.  She is fine.

  • Vsevolod Tkachenko

    she’s a bad bitch though. needs to shoot a porno movie

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  • Some guys don’t have to stick it anywhere just because it is there. Maybe he has respect for himself and Rhianna seems to have a great deal of respect for herself. Some people can be about business and not the bullish**t and the consequences that may happen behind stupid a** actions.

  • Meek tell ya girl to chill, this shit come with the territory.

  • SafariHoliday

    Who really cares?

  • you really gone pick ya old girl over rihanna!!!! I respect that !

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    if he keep it 3hunna chief keef voice in his music maybe he wouldnt have these problems ijs … I GOT A BITCH IN NY I GOT A BITCH IN THE BAY GOT A BITCH IN LA GOT A BITCH IN PHILLY IM ROLLIN IM ROLLIN IM ROLLIN IM ROLLIN IM ROLLIN …. IJS or just dont have a girl … u say thats your lady why put her thru that …. shit show the world the real side …… jayz and every other rapper has been showing us a player side and everytime we find out behind the scenes yall got wifes …. word to Jim Jones …… ijs KEEP IT 3 HUNNA 😉

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