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Rumor Exclusive: Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel Will Make Peace With Philly Mayor

ILLSEED EXCLUSIVE! Yeah, baby! Jay-Z just made this exclusive announcement on AllHipHop (click here for that news!) and everybody is wondering what it is.
Well, guess what? I’ve already got some insight on what the rumor can be! As the headline states, I am hearing that Beanie Sigel, the former Capo of Roc-A-Fella records, will publicly end his beef with Jay-Z. Or is that the other way around? Jay-Z is reading his beef with Beanie? Either way, this is what I am hearing will happen.
Now, if this does NOT happen Monday morning, then I can assure you, Beanie and Jay – maybe via their crews – are working out their issues.
Obviously, this will work well for both men and their images. Jay-Z, the Tyrant, and Beanie, the disgruntled one. I think it also will be even better if they can somehow start to work on music together. Now, beyond this, and this is where the mayor comes in, this will show the young brothers in Philly that they can peace it out if these two men can. The murder rate in Philly is out of control so we need to stop the violence and kick the science!

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  • therealest1

    Make up shit.

    •  How can you not be happy for two black men to make peace with one another.  It’s all Love over this way.  I’m not saying u specifically the Realest one.  I’m just posing this question in general .  

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        In general we want to not have to watch out for knives in the back. No Judas Kiss, Caesar v, Brutus..nothing. When you read the back story, and the habit/words/ intentions of both individual Men..This story is not equivalent to seeing peace between Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and El Hajj Malik Shabazz. This is not that story at all. We all want to read peace when its aligned with truth. Happiness can and  has happened in mainstream Hip hop, but this is business and Jay-Z is all business, he can’t afford anything else in his success.

  • PliggaNease

    wouldnt surprise me why does jay need this beef hanging over his head 

  • digitallife

    “Like rocafella needed siegel” -The game

    Say what ya wanna but beans gave roc almost all of it’s credibility streetwise..him and jay were good for each other..split the label in allowed jay to go the pop music route knowing that beans would offer the flip of coin to that life on his side..good to see grown men working their shit out…beans has always been too talented to be left catching dust on the shelf.

    • johnblacksad

      El-bark agrees

    • Super_Hero

       Jay-Z had his street credibility before Beans. He was promoting himself as a drug dealer turned business man from the projects. Jay-Z was big in the streets before signing Beans. He was running around with BIG. Beans came after and added and held down the brand.

      • digitallife

        No disrespect to you over your opinion but in NYC Jay-Z had zero street cred outside of his own wasn’t until the rest of the U.S. started buying into his fairytale (yes i do mean fairytale) of being a kingpin that people started seeing him as such..evidenced further for example by big pun putting a gun to jay in a club here over a perceived slight in a all fairness yes Jay-z sold drugs but if we want to go there Fat Joe at the time had ten times the street cred of Jay-Z (This is a fact..that remained until the rumors of fat joe stiffing his own people came out)..where ‘d the term jigga come from? Jigga boo= dude who spends money on bad broads to keep one on his arm..that’s what Jay was known for out here thanks to the money he made from Jazo and big daddy kane..i’d like to know exactly when jay-z was running kilo’s in bmore when he spent the first ten years of his career touring and being a hypeman for kane and jazo and trying to get out of his contract with relativity..furthermore the bk kingpins he kept name dropping have all flip flopped on their stories of him being anything more than a celebrity they’d all drive around the hood with showing off.

      • digitallife

        Don’t get me wrong i’m a fan of Jay-z but he’s become the urban myth..and I can’t blame him for taking what the gullible believed and running with it to build a career off it..he’s come a long way and that’s a blessing but we all know rich white america loves nothing more than the rags to riches story based on extreme adversity.

      • EL_BARK

        I try to

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        at the same time no body ran with it more then Ross the bawse.

      • EL_BARK

        I try tell people this same story about pun & joe getting at the niggah in a club.
        Back in 98, and cats dont believe me. Lol
        Thats where him & fat joe bad blood began.

        And why he sign sigel shortly after for street cred.
        Them niggaz never gave jay respect of that street shet in ny.
        Dame & biggs dont got stripes neither.

      • digitallife

        Biggs actually has stripes..Biggs used to run with supreme back in the 80’s..he was the money that enabled dame to buy jay out of relativity records and he was the money that enabled them to negotiate as a label instead of managers of an artist. I’ll go as far as saying Biggs is the real reason people weren’t getting at Jay like they wanted to even though they did from time to time but biggs kept the wolves at bay.

      • EL_BARK

        I know bout biggs & preme.
        But when i say stripes, i not talking respected.
        I talking about putting in work……..

        Biggs had the money we can both agree on that.
        But biggs wasnt exactly what i would called “muscle”

        I wouldnt even consider biggs & preme the same caliber of breed.
        They are on two differernt level in my opinion.

        Biggs was a getting money type of dude.
        Preme rep well i sure i aint got to even go there with you. Lol

      • $18592567

        People act like they forgot about Calvin Klein from Brooklyn coming out back in the day saying Jay-Z was official. Why was that such a big deal? Because Jay-Z was suspect as hell… In his own words this was a prime example of “WE DON’T BELIEVE U, U NEED MORE PEOPLE” at work. U noticed that Klein was doing a fed bid when that article came out, but now him and Klein ain’t cool no more and Klein has taken back all of the real nigga credit he gave Hov…”U can buy cars, but u can’t buy respect in the hood” 50

      • johnblacksad

        Biggs is gonna be wearin stripes in the pen

      • churchboy2

        Jaz-O made money?

      • $18592567

        Jay-Z ain’t have no street credibility before Beanie Sigel. Jigga was an off brand rapper when his debut dropped and his relationship with Biggie earned him the benefit of the doubt from the East Coast fans. Once Tupac started dissin’ Jay-Z it was bad for Hov, but he caught a break once Makaveli died. The fans of that time thought Hov was soft in comparison to live niggas, so he went and got an out of towner to hold shit down for him and that guy was Beans. 

        On the music tip NYC couldn’t hate, because Beans brought a whole new energy/swag to rap. On the street side NYC knew what Jay-Z was doing… Basically buying protection. 

        Beans might’ve messed up stuff on his own by catching all of them cases, but from the outside it appears that Jay-Z dropped this guy because the times have changed so much from 1998 to the time these guys started beefing.

  • Crew love

  • rep87

    This is a good look Beanie is a beast on the mic together they make mad hits !

  • I hope this is wusup, but why would jay need the mayor for this?

    • Frank

      then MAYBE Beans wouldn’t knock his teeth out..

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  • bigdoe6

    Good, now bring that street shit back. Im sick of this skinny jean wearing ass niggas.

  • yes the murder rate in philly is due to beanie and jay not being cool… smh.. “ay bruh even tho u killed my dude and stole my money i think we should dead the beef cause i just seen jay and beanie patch things up and the mayor was there so lets hug it out” yeah thats not how things work.

    • YOUR CYNICAL ……………. But your also 100% correct

    • nino970

      lmao that  shit  was  funny

    • World Wide


  • Thats a good look for hiphop!!

  • No.  Not happening… 

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  • Tim

    Obvious route Allhiphop.  I saw this “rumor” coming 10 miles away.

  • Knowledge is power

    I can’t see Jay-Z publicly admitting SHIT!

  • Bobby Del Bosque

    why Jigga getting the mayor involved, Farrakhan ain’t available?

    • johnblacksad

      maybe it’s a new pork chop restaurant he about to open… can’t get the Minister involved

  • boosieisfree

    HAAELL YEEEE NIQQQQAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    NUMB:  8SEVEN7-864-1527


  • Trusttee

    Man, if there is one team Jay should be interested in bringing back – it’s definitely State Property. Diplomats would be nice too but just to bring that ROC feeling back would be SP all day. As far as Dame goes, hmm…not sure about dude. He damn just about the biggest reason it all fell apart anyway with his poor decision making (making Cam VP w/o telling Jay). Anyway, I’d like to see this happen IF it’s true. I mean, this is AHH rumor section so this could be far from the truth.

  • illymac

    A ROC reunion would be the shit…
    but uh that aint about to happen..

    If the mayor getting involved
    that shit gotta be about
    some money coming into the city..

    Jay about to make a business move in Philly..
    and pay Beanz to help promote it for him..

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    I HOPE this is not true.  Had it been the feud with Nas or Pac then yeah something of that magnitude would be dope.  But Beans complaints about Jay was just “He aint calling me back” type of stuff. Thats not public squashing of beef status lol.  That would make both look very lame.  


    Maybe Jay is going to call Beans back on the spot, and then Beans answers his phone, and then the Mayor makes a speech about unity?  I dunno.  WOuld be nice to just see them all address the violence after Jay and Beans handle their business in private.

    • EL_BARK

      Trust me that shet was about more then just a phone call.


    Ok ok ok .

    I said on here a while ago. That once jay buzz slow down. He would reach out to beans and prolly do a roc – reunion album & tour.

    Now for this rumor. illcoon you are being played again smh.

    On my momma may i die in the middle of this post if i am

    I just saw & spoke to SIGEL yesterday morning. Before the sun had even fully rise and as the birds started chirping. In South philly.
    And HE DIDNT SAY SHET about squashing shet with jay, or even mention it.

    Now the convo was brief, because i was in my wheel, & he happen to
    Be getting out his. And i think based on what we talk about he might had mention that.
    Not saying he had to run it by me, but that would be something i think,
    He might had said. Also he did say he was about to get on the turnpike.
    So he could had made this decision sometime later in the day.
    Idk. And i could be wrong. Cause i sure jay doesnt come up often in sigel circle..
    And asking him about dude was the last thing on mt
    Mind. But this rumor isn’t true . illcoon stop letting people tell you anything.

    But it might have something to do with those condos jay own,
    And was evicting people from. Or some other lucrative deal.
    But jay and bean, if they patch thing up, prolly would do it behind closed doors,
    And break the news at a concert or something.
    They dont need the mayor. Or if they do link up tomorrow,
    I sure it will look good for sigel sentencing.

    But i still doubt this is true. But i could be wrong,
    But i will say this. If jay going to do business here,
    It would be highly of him, make amends with sigel.
    Jay buzz hasnt been the same in the streets here ever since he shetted on mac & state P.
    The watch throne tour was a majority of white people in the crowds.

    I tempted to find out, now but i not blowing up
    Niggas phones to find out, and i
    Not in SP, right now to go hit the block up and verify.

    illcoon might got feed a BS pie lol
    Or maybe he rights for a change.

    Yall be cool
    Like how yall be cool.

    •  how have Jay’s buzz “slowed” down? the nigga was just bulldozing in brooklyn for the stadium and design the logo for a basketball team…..

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        He talking about in Philly and I’m sure he meant the love lost for the R.O.C not the buzz.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Oh all this ish is suspect…ok, well. Jay-Z is politicking for some reason and he needs it in print. (Maybe he isn’t buying the Eagles??? or does Siegel have that much weight in what Jay-Z is after in Philly???.)

     I can’t see why peacmaking with Siegel would be headlining anything. Hell The beef between these two ain’t exactly Biggie and Tupac… or even as epic as if him and Dash called peace…Even that would be ok, but not making Hip Hop history.

     It’s some printed cloak and dagger mess.  I don’t say this often, but “Watch Dat N^^Ga” Benie Better not come up with so much as cold to catch sudden death post this public handshaking. Truth.

  • $18592567

    Meek Millz to Roc Nation is probably the bidness of the

  • Negro Peligro

    I been saying alot of people need to do this.  Like Obama and Romney, Bush and Obama, Bush Clinton. Things are never as serious as the Media makes it out to be for the headlines. Same with the beefs.  

  • Awesome. This should help end poverty and fix the education system.

  • World Wide

    Yo I just realized something, Jay-Z and Kanye West are the Fresh Prince
    and The Carlton Banks of Hip Hop. Jay is the cool older cousin from the
    hood and Kanye is the geeky preppy cousin that you love but still annoys
    the hell outta you.

  • jay and sigel will make “peace” as appose to what? war…….. heres an idea, maybe this major annoucement have something to do with the hottest nigga in philly being managed by the ROC

    and thats not a slight at sigel cause i wanna see all black people shine
    but if jay wasnt paying attention to the “break up” of him and sigel
    why would there be this huge announcement for “peace”?

  • Tim

    That nigga probably building a school or inner city park..  These allhiphop niggas thinking because it’s in Philly, the Mayor will come out to make peace with Jay-Z and a felon who’s about to go to jail in the next few months?  GTHOH!!!!!!

  • >>Looks at 48 comments & is impressed.

    Big Upz Illseed!

    Runs the Beenie Rumor on 4umf

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    Thank me later.!!!!!!!!!

    Word on the streets , slash indusrry dudes, dj’s & radio peeps.

    The shet is about a possible concerts.
    Maybe 2 of them. & jay might headline
    Welcome America tour in philly……..

    Yo see last couple of years, this events aint has been ass cracking ass in the past.
    One nutter came in during the middle of a recession.

    And the last 4 years it wasnt even promoted like it use to.
    So now that nutter got his 2 nd term.
    Plus nutter in with the jew crew of philly.
    Jay runs with a bunch of jews. Its only make sense.
    Lmao but dead serious at the same time.

    This rumor is more believable then sigel making peace.
    With him and the mayor.

    Lastest from the streets of philly.
    The Prince. EL

    • meech215

      This was announced already but what are you talking about with Welcome America. It was ridic last year to the point I”ll never go back due to how crowded it was and people trying to make their way up to the front of a free concert the entire time. 

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  • immackulate

    i wouldnt TRUST that twice … even for a 2nd chance at life!!!

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  • kevin simms

    JAy need that work put in so who does he call BEANS . FEED THE WOLVES                                                                

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  • immackulate

    i might regret thys shyt LOL but BARK seem like he might really know wtf he talm’bout

    jay-z runs philly LLAMF

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