Jay-Z - Made In America Press Conference

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Jay-Z Give Freeway The Cold Shoulder At The “Made In America” Press Announcement?

Today, Jay-Z was in Philadelphia holding a press conference with the Mayor of Philly to announce his upcoming Made In America concert series. The two-day music festival will be held on Labor Day Weekend and is sponsored by Budweiser.

While making the announcement, former Roc-A-Fella artist and Philly native, Freeway, was welcomed on stage…or was he? From the looks of the photos, Freeway was shunned out of the group photo opportunity with Jay-Z and the organizers, and he awkwardly stood by the end of the stage with his hands folded across his chest….damn!

But, pictures can definitely be deceiving. Freeway later posted the photo above of he and Jay-Z at the conference, so I guess it’s all good. But the photos of Freeway on stage like a stepchild are mortifying.

  • meech215

    I don’t think he was snubbed, unless I missed something, Jay Z was saying on stage how his relationship with Philly was, including all of the incredible artist that he’d signed from here and mentioned freeway as one of them and then Free came on the stage. I assume Free stepped to the side on his own due to the fact that he wasn’t actually suppose to be up there. But I may have missed them telling him to get out of the shot or something.

    • immackulate

      aye ILLSEED i thought YOU thought he was bringing out BEANZ

      *ole bitsh azz niggah* (in my BARK voice)

      free need to grab his nuts and move the phuck on – there aint never gonna be a ROC reunion #1 and #2 Jay-Z used this niggah as a pawn for PHILLY support and as a friendly gesture – plus he know FREEWAY aint no confrontational type cat – how you still gonna hold a niggah down that wont hold you down … i thought PHILLY support PHILLY – in essence you playing turncoat against yo State Prop niggahs cuz you still playing both sides of the fence as if Jay really gonna throw yo azz a bone

      he prolly llamf at that photo op of FREE with his arms crossed like “THIS NIGGAH DONT BELIEVE FAT MEAT IS GREASEY”

      wonder  why he aint call BEANZ and that OSCHINO cat for support

  • Arly Marv

    freeway is a smart dude..i think he will capitalize  on this!! its huge!!

  • bangbang100

    to quoet free dnt start tht gossip shit jay my nigga

  • johnblacksad

    all this… for this? c’mon Sydney… are you tryin to beat the longest rumor title record or sumthin?


    Free stood to the side on his own, cause he a muslim,
    And dont really bang with them two esau jew crew loving negroes,

    Even though jay worship horus & osiris, he still a jew lover as well.
    And mr potatoe head nutter, got put in office with an jew endorsement,
    And he didnt give the city workets raises in 4 years.
    Something that the jew crew loved, but he made sure he gave them
    Crackers pigs, snd fure fighters. They money and city contracts.

    I hope mike nutter, gets hits by a bulldozer, drag 3 miles,
    And thenngets drop off on the corner of my block.
    So then i can slowly pour salt over him, as he screams in pain.
    So i can laugh, at him
    And smoke a fatty. I swear its fuks me up
    How black people, can be black, but hate their own kind.

    • TruthHurtsDontIt

      You should work for MSNBC.  Anytime a Muslim does something blatantly disrespectful in the name of their religion, they can have you justify it and make them somehow look like the better person. They do a pretty good job of that already now that i think about lol.

      All of that religion talk over a damn picture of Leslie looking grumpy??? I’m LMFAO!!

      • EL_BARK

        I not spining shet,

        One of the main reason jay cut state prop wasca conflict of intrest,
        Between them. Yeah he camoflauge it, but you cant mix water & oil.

        Shelly is jay-. Personal handler. His own family prolly gotta go threw shelly to talk to him.
        John, is his business manager. He the one that took
        Jigga from a rap susperstar, to that next bracket of money, and a house hold name.
        Think about 06 and how the endorsement Came in.???
        Hewlart packert, budwesier, 40/40 clubs vegas / ac,
        New jersey nets, all that shet came once he link up with the jew mafia.
        That a fact. Now how the hell you going to have muslims street dudes,
        Around professional jewwish business men.
        And the two religions hate each other?????
        You got these whites dudes looking at free, like the the black
        Osama bin laden, with the longs beards. How mac suppose to
        Male sallot, at the label, facing mecca. With a whole bunch of jews next door.
        Eating matzo bread. ?????? I sure state prop scared the jesus (no pun attended)
        Out them jewish folks. Smelling like weed, and gun powder residue.
        Somebody had to go, and the state prop was bringing him
        Crazy paper no more anyway.
        Stone cold truth.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        that shiit funny as hell, but you hit that nail head on with this comment.

      • tbirdandkoolaid

      • Tuesday27

        And how, if I may ask, does Fox News slant their coverage?
        When does a hip-hop site have so many republican trolls.

      • EL_BARK

        Niggah whats a troll, sorry i up
        On that internet lingo, my dude.

        Also what does anything i say above have to do with being a republican?
        Also i dont vote.

        Voting is for weak minded gullable fools, who you can tell the world is flat, and they will believe it

        Everything in my post are true, know matter how slanted it might be.

        Your man jay chose money over being loyal to the niggas that help make him.
        And his jew team was one of the reasons.

      • Tuesday27

        Yes, weak minded gullible fools. Who take a pro-active stance to improve their circumstances. The alternative is the tact that we, as a people, take. That is, stay in bed and hope the white man gives us a break. That, in a nutshell, is why blacks are not taken seriously. We don’t vote, we don’t go to school, we don’t work, we don’t raise our children, etc……..
        2nd. Are you Christian? If so, you are the most gullible of all.

        Get my point????

        I really didn’t know that email replies are posted. I mistakenly had my personal/work info up here.
        Please disregard if you saw it. LOL

      • Tuesday27

        My bad. I was replying to you for my other post/comment on the Minista Truth’s dumb a** article on why we shouldn’t vote. I really hope you young people vote. This is the most important election of your lifetime and mine.

      • EL_BARK

        I dont vote for another if reasons.
        Okay when are ancestor was fieing for the right to vote.
        I understand why, they had to. At that time laws were pass jim crows,
        To still practice modern slavery. So in the 30-60,s
        Yeah i agree. Now days the politics are a lot differernt, and the majority of problems that black community, are plague with. Wont be fix pulling a lever mg Gee.
        Trust me. Obama is black, and how has he, one of the most powerful man in goverent.
        Help or dealt with the issues, that fuking up the hood.????

        Bring it on a local level, how many mayors or senator or governors,
        Have improve the quality of life for inner city youth?
        Sure maybe a few examples, but over all voting is a gimmick.
        Thats is all. I still waiting for my 40 acres & a mull.

        Problems to black people dont have wont be fix by pulling a lever.

      • Tuesday27

        Yo!!! If you waiting for gov’t to give you a living or a quality education, safe streets free of drugs, fairness in the work place, etc………. you might as well sell your non-existant farm and kill yourself.
        It’s not gov’t’s role to get you up in the morning, get you an education, guarantee you employment, etc….. There are not enough jobs for all the people on this earth. If you don’t make yourself competitive, you will perish in the near future if the republicans have their way. You better vote democratic nicca and forget about the acres and mules. Time is short, and your kids are in real trouble if they win.

      • Negro Peligro

        Man for real for real. These coporate prisons is making laws to lock up poor people who try to make money by selling weed for the family cause literally their isn’t enough jobs for everybody. And you up here like I don’t vote. Them Corporate prisons is counting on it.  

      • Tuesday27

        I really don’t understand this “I’m too smart to vote” bull sh*t. I guess it’s better to complain while the republicans privatize everything from prisons to schools to most gov’t functions. Then, they will get rid of regulations that have protected us for 75 years. So, when your white boss decides that he has too many blacks and hispanics working for him, there will be no national labor relations board to hear your complaint.

        The choice has never been more stark as to what the democrats and republicans have planned for the country, and for us in particular. So, it you are poor, under-employed, unemployed, under educated, etc…..
        you will probably perish under an unfettered republican agenda. Thanks Willie Hutch, for letting these stay in bed complainers know that while whites vote in record numbers for Romney and republicans, these crabs in a barrel will be the ultimate losers.

      • EL_BARK

        1. I am a republican, although i have never voted, also just like in every part. You going to have extremist like mitt rommey.

        2, also your views in the your last post, are align with republicians views, whether yiu reakize it or not.

        3. speaking of private prisons. Well you can thank
        The democrats for thst as well. Private prison roots stem from right after slavery and the jim crows laws. Dont take my word for it look it up. After the civil war.
        The white southerner democrats, ( poor common folks)
        Used laws to lock up black people, ( newly freed slaves). on fake bullshet charges.
        The white land owners (democrats) then paid the fines to get the the blacks free, or made them work off their sentencing, on their farms & land.

        Once the slaves work off his debt or sentenced. The day they were released, they will get lock right back up, and had to repear, the same process.
        This was the begining that lead to private prisons, that will soon become big business.
        Remember there is no such thing as a republican or democrat,
        When you live in a captialistic society.
        Until some people wake up out the matrix and swallow the red pill, they will be blind no matter what. I tooken the red pill, soy thoughts are differernt.
        This what the matrix was about.
        The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are pop culture symbols representing the choice between the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue) and embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red).

      • Tuesday27

        I thought so (republican). The only views I partly share with repubs is the idea of personal responsiblity. I hate complainers that do nothing, and I mean nothing, to improve themselves for their circumstances.
        Secondly, I don’t think you understand the concept of the modern privatization, whether it be prisons, schools, DMV’s, etc… Functions that used to be the role of gov’t. Willie Hutch and I are talking about the desire of the republicans to shrink gov’t so much that it can’t protect the private citizen. Democrats seek a gov’t strong enough to protect citizens from corpratizm, and all the ills of unfettered capitalizm. So there’s the difference between the two. If you don’t think that is substantial, well…..
        I think you should reserve the use of the word “blind” when refering to a person like me. If you didn’t understand that simple concept, you’re not seeing too well either.

      • EL_BARK

        You see, you sound like the typical democrats.

        The democrats got all you guys thinking that you need the them. (democrats) when in all actuality they brainwashed some until thinking, they cant live with out them.
        As far as repubs wanted to shrink the gov by privitization.
        Looking around, first of all. Everything now is starting to get privatize. That is a results high healthcare cost, and living in a state whete making money is a key component of living.
        Now how its it possible that the gov is going to shrink so much, that its not going to protect its citizens.????? You might want to read what you just said.

        As i scratch my head. One the gov is in the business of taxing.
        So trust me the bigger the gov is as far as providing services,
        They arent going to shrink but so much. Why?
        Because its justify taxing its citizens????

        Go see what the defense spend on defense last year? Lol
        And where do you think, that money came from.?????
        As far as protecting its citizens, from a physical stand point.
        Last time i check i didnt have my personal secret service agents with me 24-7.

        And from a business stand point, last time i check their were ton of monoploy laws in place to protect the citizens, from big business or atleast they supppose.

        I dont vote, not beccause i dont comprehend politics.
        I dont vote because all candiates, tell you promise that they wont keep, lied to to people to get theirs vote, and in general are sneaky and cant be trusted.

        So your biggest fear is that the republicans want to shrink the government.??
        That dont make no sense, or maybe your point is
        Not clear to me. also i bought up
        The point of prisons, just to show how it were democrats that started it,
        Not because i didnt understand williw ‘s post.

        Democrats rely on the poor & lower class staying poor & lower class.
        If they really wanted you to do better, your prolly end up a republican.

        Like i said. Can you or willie please tell me all the great changes that has happen under yall

        Even with obama who campaign on change. What has he done that has help or improve my situation. Beside healthcare reform act.
        Which i agree with but disagree with for many reasons.

        What have democrats done lately? But sell wolf tickets on how bad republicans are fmgoing to destroy the country, mumble jumbo.??????

      • Tuesday27

        Man, you really sound like a 60 yr old white Fox News viewer. Very uninformed.1st, the repubs don’t shrink the gov’t by privatization alone. They want to get rid of certain federal agencies, end subsidies and stop funding to social non-profits in addition to privatization. And privatization is not because of high health care cost. They’ve been trying to shrink gov’t because of this State rights notion, which means they resent being forced to desegregate. This pre-dates high health care cost by quite a few decades.
        Also, I guess you didn’t get the memo that some areas have to pre-pay their fire department protection, or the fire dept will let their house burn down. Or about how State and Local gov’ts are having trouble paying it’s police force due to the lower tax base because of high unemployment (a republican problem as described earlier). So you really didn’t grasps that either (Secret Service: huh?). You need to speak to one of your fellow republicans so you can find out that this has been like priority #1 or 2 for them for like 50 years. If you’re a repub, you really should know this. You should also know that republicans don’t like to pay taxes. Hence opposition to the Buffet Rule. But you don’t know about this either. Ask anybody that watches TV. And don’t you know that regulation is much more than monopoly laws. Didn’t I just tell you that Wall St. got us into this mess because of a severe lack of regulation. Don’t you understand that if the gov’t doesn’t limit how much a bank can speculate/risk, the greedy bastards will risk everything, and still get their year end bonus? See JPMorgan Chase is in the news right now for it’s 2 billion $ loses.
         Turn on your TV, eh.
        Lastly – you don’t want health care? What?? Please be specific and tell me what you don’t like about it. I bet you don’t have plausable reason.

      • EL_BARK

        Okay one in your post you said by privitization,
        Which in most terms mean or i think work force.

        Okay naw i not 60, kid aint even touch 30.
        But speaking of cuting social programs, go talk to you parents.
        And ask them, what was one of the main things, that the government establish,
        That hurt or end up being determental (sp) to black people back in the day.

        And i bet if their smart or depending on their backround.
        They might tell you the welfare act, end up
        Hurting the black community in the long run.
        Now wait. I know there are just as many white people on welfare as blacks. But one whites outnumber us, so that a main reason. But back to he point welfare,
        Which was intially suppose yo be a good idea, has cause more harm
        Then good. Its made us lazy and depended on government. Which is the one thing democrats want. Just like i been saying. As far as the banks, well see that where you fail to see that politicians are really on the same side. Last time i check,
        Democrats & republicians voted for the bail out.????

        As far as local & state having trouble paying their bills?
        Due to lower taxes bases, well if the governments didnt establish a welfare system,
        That allow people to sit home & collect a check for 20 & 30 years. Maybe now people would be better off. I not seeing your point on how its repubs fault, people not having jobs.
        Thats been a problem in urban communities for years. Also that incident in which you speak
        Of, is an isolated incident in a small hike town.
        But no i dont watch must TV, i to busy doing other things.

        As far as cutting funding for social non -profits???
        Really where do you live, thats has just started now,
        They been cutting funding for these programs since the 80’s & 90’s
        Even when clinton was in office.??? Everything you speak off,
        Is a government problems, but its funny how you blame the republicans for everything.
        He although a lot of these things happen under democratic watch.

        You taking problem that happen from the 90’s and still occuring now,
        But making it seem like all this stuff just happen, under bush.
        Dont get me wrong some did. (recession)

        But every issue you have the democrats & repubs can take credit for.
        As for raising taxes i not in the highest tax bracket,
        And you got damn right i dont like paying taxes.

        But what you fail to realize guys like warren buffet and all those big business keep the economy running, because of all the jobs they have, & supply.

        As far as wall st. Please the banks knew what they were doing and so did the government.
        Lol. And when i say all of the government, i mean
        Dems & repubs…… Since when do bank, all of a sudden get dumb????

        That whole bail out wasnt nothing but a well calculated move by the bankers & our gov,
        To add to a national debt, that dont exist……….

        They did the same thing back in the day to caused rhe great depression,
        When the banks starting giving out margin loans.

        Let me let you in on a little secret.
        When those banks gave all them loans out to people who couldnt afford them.
        Not only did they really make money, they made more money by people losing their houses.

        When a bank gives you a loan for a mortage.
        Its really a win -win for them my man. In fact the longer you stay in the house,
        The better. And if you eventually lose your house that okay two why????

        Take you down payment.? Average about 10%.
        now say you got to your typical 30 year loan.

        Just by taking out thar 30 year loan. On average your going to pay almost
        Double & and a half. Or 150% more then you orginal loan amount.
        Ex 100,000 house after a 30 year mortage os going to run you,
        250,000 after 30 years.

        No look at when the moryage crisis hit.
        Those banks that gave arm (adjustable rate mortage)
        Got 10% down. They collected mortage for people for lets say 6-8 years.

        Then the rate change, people mortages double, people now could no longer afford there houses.
        Now when the bank gives you a loan, that take mortages insurance out on you.
        In most cases you have to pay for it, or they take it out on their own.
        Either way, if or when you foreclosed.
        The banks keep your 10% down
        Keeps all money paid to that date.
        Then get another check from the mortages insurance policy they have on your loan.

        Then kick you out your house to re-sell it again, to recoup the money you owe.???
        Thats one hell of a hustle, and its not just the repub fault,
        Your gov is in on it to. Its just that the gritty work gets pass off on the repubs watch, simply because they dont give a fuk.

        So when the recession hit, the banks took they houses back,
        Then scream broke using the recession as an excuse.
        Enter in the gov for a bail out, but the gov get their money from the fed reserve.
        Right? Which then charges intrest on it.
        Which then adds to a fake national
        Debt. Its just not the republicans homie. Its the gov in general, and as long as they got people like you and others blaming the other side. That just the qay they want it
        So you dont realize they all play for the same team.
        Its nothing but an illusion. Like an DA & defense lawyer.
        In the court room & in public they haye each other.
        Behind close doors they best of friends. Maybe you should stop watching so much TV,
        And stop belieing what the media report as news.
        And pick up a couple of books. And stop force feed this propaganda garbage.

        By the way, i have health insurance, but taking money out my pocket to pay for some elses,
        Who is to lazy to get a job. Dont sit right with me.
        No older folks, colleges students, yeah thats one things.

        But for a cats that sit homes, smoking newport drinking ripple ans irish rose,
        Naw fuk that.

      • Tuesday27

        OK El Bark. But what I don’t understand is you bashing BO for not doing anything for the hood. Then in the next breath U equate social programs to welfare. But I agree that welfare ruined us. But other social programs are helpful and needed.

      • Tuesday27

        Oh yeah. Romney is far from the extremist elements of the republican party. Many of them don’t trust that he’s conservative/extreme enough. That is a basic tenent of this election.
        If you didn’t know this, maybe it’s best that you don’t vote.

      • immackulate

        @ willie hutch didnt you vote to get BUSH out of office ?!?!?!?

        and what happen … they hid yo gotdamn vote homey along with 1/2 the nation lol and BUSH ran another 4yr term …

        why you think OBAMA wasnt rocking with the gays NOW he’s all in support of gay marriage … its for your vote.

        trust me fam i useta be one of them dude like IMMA AT LEAST CHOOSE THE LESSER OF 2 EVILS cuz MY ANCESTORS DIED FOR MY RIGHT TO VOTE

        hate to say it homey BUT they died in vain … cuz the black vote never mattered anyway … look at it like this with all the checks and balances in the govt – the figure heads dont run shyt w/ or w/o congress – the people who own these big azz banks really run this country – and is there really a difference between democrate and repub … if so explain to me why MJORITY of black people were REPUB’s way back when

        president just like that chrome lady on the front of the cadillac … JUST THERE FOR LOOKS!!!

    • immackulate

      if i wasnt ROCKIN’ wit’ a niggah – phuck standing to the side – i wouldnt even show up

      FREEWAY gets the QUARTER UP THE AZZ AWARD for real

  • immackulate

    like a bio-pic … FREE played himself

    • EL_BARK

      Right, but freeway always sat the fence on the issue on jay shady ways.
      Lil chris wont bad mouth him, only because i think he still might show chris a lil
      Love, being his man got killed, and chris had to move his mom,
      From that enviroment. Plus chris was his fav next to free & mac.

      He never really fuk wit o & sparks. & neef barely fuk with any of them.
      He aint even like mac, to keep it funky. That why in the begining he was never around.

      But dont be surprise if they all on stage together at the festival.
      Or a few of them, depending on mac sentencing.

  • brollya

    ya need attention dat bad for the rumors thread to post some bull lik dis….. he obviously not with jay no more…. jay invited him to give him props and he moved out the way cuz he not in the press conference….. smh

  • wheres beans?

  • Guillaume Pilon

    he’s not a part of the deal or got anything to do with

    why he would be on the pic

  • Guillaume Pilon

    and btw  

    just check how hes dress …tshirt and sweat pants

    for sure they will not put his face on the ”official pic”

  • Baby_Bluez

    Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t, maybe it was positioned on purpose…What’s important here is for Free to allow his wardrobe to reflect his age, not hating, just my synopsis…

  • deemoney2k12

    #2 Jay-Z used this niggah as a pawn for PHILLY support and as a friendly gesture – plus he know FREEWAY aint no confrontational type cat. THANK YOU SOMEONE FINALLY SPOKE THE TRUE ABOUT Jay Z. I think he seen Beanie Sigel in the crowd that’s why he was talking like that just wanted out of philly fast

    • BTV Global, LLC


  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    reach….the pic is funny though….son looks maaaaaaaadddddd salty

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  • Real shit though…if you look past the backstory of the pic and just look at the pic itself, it makes a powerful ass statement and speaks volumes about what actually happened with the whole Roc situation.  On one side you got Jay, with his lil jeans and sport coat hobnobbin with the muckety-mucks that drink their tea with the pinky out, completely removed from his past life and the people that got him to the point he’s at now cuz all that’s “beneath him now”.  Then on the other side you got Free, the fallen soldier…abandoned by his general and left to fend for himself, standin solo.  Guess you could compare it to the whole house nigga/field nigga thing or even the Occupy movement, with Jay and co. symbolizin the voice of the 1% and its influence, and Free representin the power of the 99%’s voice.  All with the AmeriKKKan flag in the background.  That ain’t no simple pic right there, that shit’s ART.

    • tbirdandkoolaid

       whey whut?

      i see j hands in pocket thinking….how much more to stack before my kids, kids, kids, can eat well.

      1%…? what the….j’s and the people he’s a around are not even the 1%.

      the 1% doesn’t show their face.

      they do allow you to voice your opinion on the internet though..ahaha

      that 1% you hate soo much. allows you to eat. yes, ALLOWS. because i know you can’t hunt for your own food or even build shelter when the sheets hits the fan

      • immackulate

        get off that niggah dick B … you cant see the forest thru the trees huh?!?!?!?

        niggahs is so enamored by this man’s success
        like its their own … and dont you know ITS HARD FOR A RICH MAN TO INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN … c’mon b this niggah wouldnt even support the candy vendor kid selling M&M’s on the corner – he aint did shyt
        for his community unless he benefited

        he aint no phucking BILL COSBY

      • alvarez313

        So it’s a bad thing that Jay had the sense to put himself on par with the decision makers instead of being a decision taker?  As far as I can see he didn’t leave anyone behind per se, it’s to me more the theory of you can take a nigga out the hood but you can’t take the hood out the nigga.. It’s a shame that instead of giving him props for reaching that level we instead call him a sellout.. Blacks are the only ones that make success seem like a bad thing.. Everyone don’t wanna stay in the hood keepin it “real”.. He grew, them niggas wanted to remain on the block.. It is what it is..  This shit right here reminds me of when dudes in the hood leave for college and when he comes back on break all his former boys is on some “that nigga think he better than us with his sellout ass” type shit.. 

      •  LOL  Fam…you completely missed the entire point of what I was sayin…

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        wow the house nigga speaks….brainwashed fool…..uncle tom

  • D_Ably

    Jay-Zs a white man in disguise

    • therealest1

       Actually he’s more like a Kike in a black man’s face and body. Please reference his Def Jam presidency and how he did the veteran artists dirty by not promoting them properly because they didn’t kiss his ass and they were either on par with or even better than him as a rapper. He used the Def Jam presidency to promote himself and keep himself more visible than the flagship artists that were there before his reign of corruption and self promotion. If you didn’t notice, he promoted and collaborated more with the younger, upstart or less skilled rappers than him during his presidency. He never got hands on with the older veteran artists since they didn’t kiss his ass and he knew they could hold their own or even outshine him in a collaboration.

      That’s some Jew shit right there that Jay-Z did during his Def Jam presidency. Jay-Z as Def Jam president was worse than Moammar Ghaddafi of Libya, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Kim Jong-Il of North Korea, Fidel Castro of Cuba as leaders of their countries. Yeah, I said it because those artists are supposed to be his people, not just racially, but as artists who shared the same struggles as him trying to come up.


  • tbirdandkoolaid

    fools done lost their minds…

    on one hand cats say the white man keeps us down, don’t want us to have things

    then in the same breath talk about you must kiss the white man as, etc.

     I mean when you’re out there slanging yay/death to your own people you’re not workin for the MAN. you’re doing for self.


    You keyboard lames…read this book

    Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun? How Reginald Lewis Created a Billion-Dollar Business Empire.


  • dmxisbaack22






    NUMB:  8SEVEN7-864-1527


  • 2twelve

    It wasn’t about what he had on. Jay-Z could’ve had jeans and a hoodie on and they still would’ve wanted him in the picture. Freeway was bumped because he wasn’t part of the main organizing group

  • DJB

    Jayz a jew lover you fools are clowns…..if he a jew lover you a black man killer!!!  dummies….1st the white man keeps us down!!  then when we play ball on there court and beat them at there own game we sellouts….my people are confused really….the hood is the lowest form of hustle in the world!!!  these rappers got yall ass backwards…..clowns….all black people should not rise above the hood that is where we belong just look below at the post!!!  i wonder how many hood niggaz russell simmons run with to keep his money afloat?!?!?  clowns 

    • tbirdandkoolaid


      Yes, we truly hate seeing success.

      Either he’s a jew lover, Illuminati, mason, sellout. When you’re not successful it’s because the white man.

      Yes, knee grows are dumb.

      How much land you own?

      None, i got 25 pairs of J’s….though.

      That’s US

      • immackulate

        NAH when you tattle tell to the heads of SONY BMG, WARNER BROS, EMI, WMG on J.PRINCE, SUGE KNIGHT, IRV GOTTI when they are trying to start a black owned distribution company which is WHY them crackers got behind you financially and ultimately is why the FEDS went after all 2 of them niggahs than you gotta call a SPADE a SPADE

        think im lying >>>> look it up


  • Morpheus

    Freeway is a convicted Felon you idiots….Therefore he can not take pictures with Public officials. End of story. smh

    • immackulate

      this niggah just made up his own law … convicted felons cant take PICTURES with public officials

      • he made up his own law hun lmao dat shit do sound stupid u can call me dumb cuz i never heard of dat shit about convicted felons

      • EL_BARK

        I was going to comment, but said fuk it.
        But i was lmao when i read that.

        I was going to say you know how many politicians,
        Got felony convictions!!!!!!

        Elliot spitzer was transporting hoes, across state line,
        And they gave this niggah a tv show.

        Hatian jack, got a pic with bill clinton.
        mayor street. Right hand man, had a body charge back in the gap.

    • U mean Black convicted Felons and they aint forgot JZ is a reformed street hustler crack slinger smh!

  • freeway has sign on 2 if U can’t beat him join him term! JZ will begin his on kiss ass crew!

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