Serena Williams

Hip-Hop Rumors: Serena Williams Working On Full Rap Album?

Serena Williams is already a star, but she is getting tired of tennis, so they say. What does she go an do? Word on the street is that she is already starting a new album to go with her first song. Now, I have to admit, I am not feeling this damn thing altogether but I think its a great way to get it poppin’ in the attention grabbing game. In related rumors, I’m hearing Serena REALLY wants to get back with Common. Thing she’s trying to get him to write some bars? Hopefully!

Do you want a full album from Serena? Here is the song I guess is called “I Win”:

Can’t wait for the video!




“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!

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  • Oh. My. Geebers.

  • Romia Blue

    lol…like I said, Guest features yes…full album, no.
    Love the Williams sisters though – the reason I watch the sport

  • immackulate

    kill yo’self … next time just throw up the pix

  • Guillaume Pilon

    shes mad ugly

  • Hakeem Harris


  • Q.

    Why would the most famous female athlete in the world cheapen her legacy by lowering herself to the likes of these sub-average fake celebrities?

    Serena, stop famewhoring and just enjoy being a legend and a millionaire.

    • say it again dnt understand why so many well off woman want to be seen in the wrong arena everybody want to be the jump off/ groupie/ video vixen status I blame social media its given so many the edge up with no talent lol so the chic now got to compete with them smh

  • why are u dating common and drake anyways smh…thts like devaluing yourself anyways Im sorry  there are alot of real dudes out here that would treat you like a queen people need to stop trying to get facetime and keep it 100 I’m sorry rappers no dnt thinks so who want tht kind of rep im sorry

    • Q.

      I think Common was a good dude to her…he wanted to wife her. Unfortunately, money alone can’t fix low self-esteem. She gotta be dealing with personal issues to be trying to compete with overpaid booty models and industry jump-offs who clearly aren’t on her level of success.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    if nicki can do it…why not serena…after seeing the pics of dat ass…..i definetly would peep the video…wont buy the album……what an ass though….damn……..really though……GOD damn

  • jamaicanbornanbreed


  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    phucking wow

  • Sh!t is ridiculous already…. SMH! We have enough rappers destroying Hip Hop… We don’t need tennis stars that look like MEN rapping now…

  • Jeremy Scott

    I disagreement with the comments. i think Serena has potential. i think she understands wordplay, has style and if pushed she will develop quickly into a lyricist. I think her metaphors were corny due to whats out there (Minaj stutters and say racist shit). In my opinion the song wasnt that bad. compared to whats out there. If she was high yellow, she’ll be praised but because shes Serena ( the ass picks are incredible but why not show her with her tropies?, eyes popped out with a side view) she getting shitted on. This only one song also, give her a shot

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      tttttrrrruuueeeeeeeee…..if nicki can do it(manaj is garbage with da flow)…why not her ass is real… this day and age….lyrically whut you saying dnt really matter…its all about apperance……i would get a ghost writer for shorty asap

  • >>Coughs & pretends to not look at Serena’s pics!

  • RBG4Life

    In ___ seconds/minutes/hours/days/years, any good thing black people create must self destruct. *SIGH*

  • Christian Good

    i love the “if nicki minaj can do it she can to” and the “compared to whats out there, shes good” crap. first of all have a little respect ok? maybe if we stop SETTLING for crappy rappers just because they arent as crappy as some others, we would have better artists out there. back in the day when artists like biggie, tupac, snoop, nas, jay, wu tang, redman,  the roots, smif n wessun, boot camp, AZ, etc etc were all out AT THE SAME TIME, it was because when somebody was biting someone elses style, when someone SUCKED, when someone was lazy THEY WOULD GET BOOED OFF THE STAGE!!! nowadays rappers like soljah boy and wiz khalifa are making millions selling out concerts. its pathetic.

  • Angelo Benjamin

    Benjamin Boyz Beats Got the Perfct Track For Her Album contact