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EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Henchman Trial Day 3: Daily News Article Made Drug Dealer Snitch

(AllHipHop News) An article published by the New York Daily News helped triggered the demise of a massive cocaine operation, allegedly headed up by James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond.

Rosemond is currently on trial in Brooklyn, New York, for allegedly masterminding the $10 million-a-year cocaine operation, that shipped drugs from Los Angeles to New York, and sent the proceeds back West.

The organization would ship hundreds of kilos of cocaine per month in music crates and vacuum sealed bags, using various overnight services.

The organization employed the same technique with millions in cash as well, according to testimony from Khalil Abdullah.

Abdullah, 38, was a high-ranking, trusted manager in the organization, who is now cooperating with the government and testifying against Rosemond.

Today (May 16) in court, Khalil Abdullah testified that a September 2010 article published in the New York Daily News convinced him that Rosemond was cooperating with authorities.

Abdullah was aware an investigation was taking place and was fearful that Rosemond would turn him.

The New York Daily News article claimed that Rosemond had already cooperated with federal authorities in two previous cases, one in North Carolina and the other in Florida.

When Abdullah read the article, he testified that he did his own research and found official court documents, which confirmed that Rosemond had indeed cooperate with authorities, in two separate cases.

“I believed it was true…he said it wasn’t true. My opinion was strong,” Abdullah testified. “If he did it before, he would do it again. That’s when I decided to take action myself. I was the dude on the front line.”

This information, along with previous articles written by journalist Chuck Philips and documents that circulated through prison, helped undermine Rosemond’s credibility in the underworld.

It was then, that Abdullah hatched a
bizarre plan, contacted the FBI, the DEA and the New York prosecutors office, in hopes of setting up Rosemond and his associates.

Incredibly, Khalil Abdullah went to a Kinko’s in Atlanta Georgia, typed up a letter to the FBI, the DEA and the New York prosecutor’s office.

He revealed the details behind a large shipment that was expected to arrive in New York that same day.

Abdullah then set up a long time associate and told him that there was $1 million in cash at Smash Recording Studios in New York.

Abdullah said he instructed the associate to leave $650,000 behind, which was the amount he said was waiting for the FBI, in hopes of concealing and stealing, the $400,000 difference.

Abdullah said he continued to associate with Rosemond and act like he was clueless as to any investigations into the organization.

Abdullah testified that he was “stunned” when authorities presented a photograph of him faxing the document at Kinko’s, since the company takes footage of every person that sends a fax.

But Rosemond’s attorney Gerald Shargel vigorously cross-examined Khalil Abdullah and questioned his motives to testify.

According to Abdullah himself, he has met with prosecutors 16 times in the past year, with eight of those dates dedicated to pre-trial coaching.

Shargel also went through a number of allegations that were presented by the prosecution, and noted that there was no physical or actual connection to Rosemond in any of the evidence presented thus far.

Khalil Abdullah admitted on the stand that he has a cooperation agreement in place with authorities, in addition to having to pay back a $100,000 fine.

Abdullah testified that from 2007 until 2011, he earned over $4 million in illegal drug proceeds.

Testimony continues all this week.


    This story is bullshet.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The dude who is ratting, is using a new paper story,
    As his reason to rat??????

    But this sneaky niggah alerted authorities,
    And try to steal 350,000 thousand?

    One he not credible in my opinion.

    Also jimmy was getting bread. Let say the snitching charges is true.

    Is it possible or plausible, that the prison escape,
    Was set up by jimmy in the first place.???
    So he can use it as leverage?????
    For his sentencing to get reduced?

    Think avon barksdale in season 2.??????
    When you behind them walls, a niggah can be creative to get out his situation.
    Trust me!!!!!!

    As far as the CO, go why they dont give the CO name,
    In an official court document??????????

    You see in the first page, everybody is identify
    Even his lawyers. And if yall ever been indicted,
    Or got them papers. The feds dont normally used
    Words like an “CO”

    They would had and should have name the CO involved name.

    But it pages missing for a reason.?????

    Jimmy should beat this, based on the witness
    Not being credibile.

    But the feds is a motherfuker.
    Its much different then state court

    • The stealing allegations make it seem true , not that I doubted the charges.

      Even the newspaper story , dude said he verified it , & felt Jimmy would get him. 

      Jimmy on top , no one to tell on, others wise , he’d be like other who deal , the bigger they are , the harder they squeal!

      • EL_BARK

        In the drug game its always somebody to snitch on.

        But in jimmy case it would have to be the connect, and i doubt he want with them
        Cartels… Lol

        They money super long.

  • wowwwwwww see anyone can sell drug be a drug dealer dnt mean they can handle everything tht come with it smh..when keepin it real goes wrong 

  • rep87

    No honor among thieves when the FEDS come knocking some will bow down and give up everybody including family members these dudes was peddling poison and making boat loads of money and this is how it allways end in jail or death , Jimmy had a reputation as ruthless on the streets , And you can bet your last dollar he will be behind bars for a long time !

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

       I agree, Jimmy and Company were selling that bull$hit to their own and reaped the good fortunes that lifestyle provided. Now they are tasting a bit of the bad……Seems fair to me.

  • its a weak case

  • SDS_Overfiend

    10 Million would look good to a judge right now for about 5 years in feds..

  • Guns3000

    Didn’t Tupac call Jimmy a snitch and say he working for the Feds years ago? Hmmmmmmm, just saying?

    • Jsmith212

      Didn’t a bunch of “official” documents come up awhile back with Jimmy’s name circulating?(courtesy of the X journalist Chuck Phillips/his journalist title is revoked)…these look and smell fishy. Why not just speak to the people who he allegedly snitched on and get a statement from them? It would be in their paper work wouldn’t it? and I’m sure if he truly snitched on them then they’d be more than happy to out him for the rat that people are claiming…
      That makes way more sense then to keep throwing stuff up on the internet….SMH at anyone who believes this.

      • Darkfather504

         Don’t know the ramifications of his issues but the media and the internet are the same – both sway public opinions

      • wizefire

        They should ask Dexter Isaac…. stop defending this dude.. Pac been called his bitchass out…

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  • Hmmmm, they piling on Jimmy.

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  • immackulate

    aye BARK member when we had that conversation about JIMMY being a snitch … and your reply was WHY DO YOU BELIEVE HIM TO BE A SNITCH … BECUZ “PAC” SAID SO!

  • immackulate

    this niggah just pulled a ACE (Paid In Full) on RICO

  • wizefire

    It’s over for him.. Finally.. Karma is a muthafucka…