Mickey Factz

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Mickey Factz Snort “Yayo” On Stage?

We hear underground rapper Mickey Factz had a wild show at NYC’s S.O.B.’s last night that consisted of Factz allegedly snorting cocaine on stage. What the? Why Mickey, why????

We also hear Mickey was able to convince some random chick in the audience to jump on stage and take off all of her clothes. I’m guessing she was high on that yayo as well.

In related news, Mickey Factz has just released the visual to his new track “Taking Pictures Of Girls Naked”. Check out the video below:

Stay off that stuff, Mickey!

  • johnblacksad

    did this, did that, did he die, did… SYDNEY STOP! god damn… could you please reconsider your redundancy game?

  • immackulate

    wonder was he on that nose candy when he watched RAEKWON punch BUDDENS in the nose

  • http://qr.net/financialfreedom

    ce n’est de la merde fraîche

  • Mark John Peters

    Lmao he didn’t do coke. If he did do it he would’nt have been able to continue the performance as great he did. He woulda been so smacked and incoherent. Yall Gullible.

    • yea cause its totally impossible to do blow and rap, do a job, drive a car, etc.

    • LOL most performers be high on coke on stage

    • immackulate

      man you are a complete idiot … if you think he’s not able to function off coke … fool thats like a 20 minute high lol

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    um so whut….i saw gregory issacs perform when i was 12…when he came back on stage for an encore he had coke residue all over his beard….i’ve seen worse…..awsome video….big fan of facts since the battle rap scene