Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Childish Gambino Dissing Drake Or…Being Childish?


You like that headline, eh? Anyway, You know Childish Gambino, right? I do. I like the guy, who is better known as actor Donald Glover.

Anyway, he’s really found a nice niche in the rap game and he’s pretty dope. But, this new cover of his single is raising eyebrows a bit. Check it out:

This is for the song “We Ain’t Them” and it really looks like a diss to Drake to me. I mean, clearly, Gambino ain’t Drake, but he’s drawing a clear line in the sad.

Love the song though. Some pretty honest music right here.

  • I’m sure you meant a line in the “sand”.  Artist having being showing they ain’t them for years… from De La to The Roots to Mos…. doesn’t equal a diss.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    YOU SEE DAT SHIT….now dats whut i’m talking bout…..u cant judge a book by it’s cover…when i first saw donald on a comedy central hour special i thought son was a geek…but then i heard son as childish and i couldn’t believe it…..this nerd has bars…crazy bars….dat just shows you when your a good writer you go off whut the celastrial sphere brings to you(i got that from david hume)..and since donald writes for shows like 30 rock…he is not a stranger to the pen and pad….whuts sad is son is just having fun….he aint even going dumb hard….but lyrically he would PHUCKING DESTROY DRAKE…and tyga…and manaj….and gunplay….and wacka…and wiz..and rocky..and tyler..etc..etc…..this goes to show you dat these new niggas is whack….son is a comedian and comic writer….and he’s better than most of these new rappers with a buzz….i bet a nigga dat didnt rap as a proffesion wouldn’t dare challenge big daddy kane or rakim in there day in any form of fashion….dis is the era of the bitch niggas….this is why us purists of hip-hop said this thing of ours is dying…as for childish…GET HIM KIDD…SHOW THEM HOW TO OPERATE ON DA MIC APPARTUS…..oh and da pics speak volume…we not them

    • Darkfather504

       OFF TOP JAMAICANBORNANDBREED!!! Rakim/BDK and KRS would destroy the newness in the game right now. Childish Gambino give it to’em raw with your freshness

  • Im impressed. Dude  got bars and he aint pretending to be nothing other than who he is.   Hopefully gets the musical success he deserves.  A lot of the cats winning in the game right now is fake thugs.  Real music still shines through!!!

    • churchboy2

      Agreed. (Except I’m not exactly pulling for the real thugs.)

  • World Wide

    This is hot

  • Where is the diss?

  • Andrew Neal

    Where is the diss ? 

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  • been listening for about a year…been trying to warn people about this kid… don’t sleep on him

  • Hmmm, I saw a pic of him kissing some dude in a play…acting? Yeah , but…Nah!

    Dude has skills , no doubt & might get a pass on acting , but dissing Drake is wack.

    He needs to focus on doing him & rocking his flow.

    • immackulate

      question … why is dissing DRAKE wack but it was cool for COMMON to do it …
      i hope er’new and old niggah diss DRAKE so we can get this niggah the phuck outta here

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      dissing a whack nigga is not whack.

  • rep87

    ALL BEEFS ARE CORNY TODAY ITS A WASTE OF TIME  TO EVEN REPORT ON ! dude has a nice flow and beat on this track someone  need to tell him let your talent shine and do you

  • immackulate

    cant front – didnt hear a diss but i slept on dude for the longest – he aint snappin, SNAPPIN
    but the kid aight and seem like he has something to say in his own way … i’d prolly never financially support dude HOWEVER i do wish him the best

    • $18592567

      i’d prolly never financially support dude HOWEVER i do wish him the best

  • Daniel Davis

    Not Impressed

  • anemia716

    “I mean, clearly, Gambino ain’t Drake, but he’s drawing a clear line in the sad”

    ^^^ what?!  Gambino is way more lyrical than Drake (when he’s actually rapping).  Drake is bigger because he appeals to the masses but Gambino is a beast.

  • wouldnt waste my time

  • mike malarkey

    when did illseed become canadian eh? boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • ant that sweet he put his hero on his single cover… singles have covers??

  • thomp689

    probably more of an outside looking in. he has respect for drake but he’s saying that’s not who he is, even though he wants that kind of public acclaim. so not a diss just a misunderstanding…

  • $20434212

    Dude is talented enough, but come on. this cover is some wack semi-diss that you can’t call a diss, yet is calling out drake– frankly just a ball-less publicity stunt. Oh and look, it worked. 

    Who the f goes out of his way to have a cover for a single in 2012? 

    Much less some kind of emo diss painting? 

    article should be titled “Area yuppie gets brave, he thinks.”

    Drake is the luckiest MC out there right now to be getting this constant stream of publicity from other rappers who have perpetually weak numbers. Every morning, after having his eggs florentine and a couple mimosas in the sun, Drake hops on the internet, sees he’s been dissed, opens a new tab and sees that his spotify numbers got a nice little boost. Then he calls shebib laughin like, “this is seriously too easy.”

  • is it a drake diss or just saying I’m not the industry standard that seems to be acting like Drake 

  • hahahaha, NapzMeka your the only one on here with a brain…, (SMDFH for the rest of you) #takeashotforme….lol

  • disqus_ng0hH3503S

    To those saying Drake is a bigger and better rapper your just sooo wrong.
    If you actually go out and try to listen to Gambino he always kills it, i dont even have to recommend songs just choose. But as for sales and Gambino not being as big as a rapper the main reason is because hes rich already and gave like his first 3 albums for free and isn’t trying to sell out or any of that to be on the radio. he just does it for fun