Hip-Hop Rumors: Wacka Flocka Says Beef With Wiz Khalifa Started Over A Blunt

Lawda Mercy! Now rappers are beefing because of a blunt! How petty can one be. In a recent interview with MTV’s “POV, Wacka Flocka says the beef with Wiz Khalifa started when the two were in a studio together, and Wacka claims he gave Wiz three ounces of weed and Wiz couldn’t hang.

Somehow the info that Wiz couldn’t keep up with Wacka’s smoking ended up on Twitter, and in his defense, Wiz tweeted, “nah lil’ homie” and Wacka though that was “disrespectful”.

Wacka also goes on to say that he is responsible for Wiz’s sound. Check out what he said below:

“I gave him [Wiz] a whole CD of Lex [Luger] beats and that’s how he got that sound.” “I ain’t personally give it to him, I gave Lex his stuff and that’s how they hooked up.”

Wiz must have heard about the interview with Wacka. Check out what he just tweeted below:

This all sounds a little petty to me. This can’t be the real reason Wacka is beefin’ with Wiz. This just can’t!

  • therealest1

    Dumb shit.

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Coulda swore yall said illseed was coming back on like May 7th? Why we still reading this Sydney-Laced gossip garbage?

  • Bumpy Johnson

    both ain hip hop too me so…they are irrelevant in my brain  

  • A true sign of the times. 

  • R W

    2 dumb ass coons….

  • rep87

    IT was dumb to even report this what purpose does it serve to the public to know this

  • Weedras

    didn’t this Wacka dude say he and that Wiz dude aint got problems.. so why the hell is he still going on about Wiz if there ain’t no problems…

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    both these a,b,c rappers aint hip-hop…u couldn’t pay me to listen to there records….and speaking as a true ganja baby…..if both these niggas was true weed niggas..this shit wouldn’t be a problem…..niggas smoke weed for an higher elevation of thinking as well as forgeting about ones desired unperfect day…..me and my nigga was smoking last night and we got in to an argument about……..well thats just it i cant remember….we was watching dat heat pacers game…i think we were arguing about why lebron should of took the last shot but i cant really remember….nonetheless i think these dudes are looking for beef because lyrically…none of these niggas is cutting it….and they need a ploy to get there names out there…apparently it worked…..gimmick ass rappers

    • immackulate

      wiz was on that forbes list last year cuz he made 10+ and he aint built for beef lyrically, physically, or mentally but WAKA keep throwing jabs at’em he gonna eventually take the bait and try to defend himself

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        you saying in dope lyrically ?…

  • Jay

    how is wiz khalifa dumb? he didnt even started this ignorant shit its flocka fault

  • aokot5

    Sydney, Wiz Khalifa tweeted that “dont be fooled…” tweet last year after Waka Flocka was on camera talking about Wiz smoking mosquito legs, not after this interview

  • Eric Montoya

    fucc wacc azz waCCa flocca TGOD!!!!!!fucc bricc squad!!!

  • Lamarr Lewis

    waka  your a fake ass wannabe rapper who the hell you think you are dissing other rappers when all your ass can say and yell in your raps brick sqaude go work at mcdonalds and stop killing rap

    •  you took the words right out of my mouth. ” fake ass wannabe rapper” “all your ass can say and yell in your raps in brick sqaude” “stop killing rap”

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  • NCcatsBALLhard


  • Paul Hansborough

    They are some damn fools! As Nas would say “They are in their 2nd Childhood!”

  • Now they arguing about who can smoke more?  I give up…..

  • yea i seen the video on youtube type wiz smoking with waka

    • mike malarkey

       i saw it.

  • illymac

    WAKA WAKA the only one still talking about this shit..
    nobody else care..

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  • SMFH @t the fact that the beef started over a blunt.

  • This is petty but on real street shit this could be a real issue. All street beef aint bout real shit..sometimes it starts ova a chick, not speaking to smbdy, calling smbdy a name they feel is disrespectful like “boy” or “lil homie”…in the streets that shit will start a conflict btw ppl and niggaz get shot and killed ova dumb shit like this but he shouldve stepped to wiz like a man and just said what he had to say end of story.

  • Lava_the_LiveWon

    Two fools