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Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Endorses Gay Marriage, Says “I’ve Encouraged Same-Sex Activities”

Rapper, actor, and businessman, 50 Cent, is out of the hospital and back on the promo circuit, promoting his new Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama, and he gave an interesting interview to Hot 97’s Funk Master Flex.

When asked about whether or not he supports gay marriage, 50 gave an interesting comment that has some people scratching their heads. Check out what he said below:

“I’m cool. I would like people to actually be happy. Technically, I don’t see where it fits into any religion. The Bible that they would read to marry you, it doesn’t have anything in it that says same-sex. If it does, then I would like someone to point out that interpretation. I’ve encouraged same-sex activities. I’ve engaged in fetish areas a couple times. I’m for it. I’m wondering if I’m bad for promoting it when the president says it’s fine.”

Um, alrighty then! I’m sure 50 is alluding to girl on girl action…right? Anyway, 50 also relayed some not so nice things that Jimmy Iovine allegedly said about Pastor Ma$e:

“[Diddy] picked up Ma$e, I thought he was gonna come back and see me with the paper later. He asked me for $2 million. Jimmy [Iovine] like, ‘Ma$e ain’t worth $2 million with $2 million in his pocket.’ Jimmy like, ‘Look, I wanna see this thing happen. Let’s make this thing happen and I’ll give up my profit.’ I’ve never heard him say that ever. I think [Puff] had an issue with losing Ma$e to me.”

50 also says that he and Cam’ron have a lot of joint projects in the works, including music and films. “They should look forward to us [Cam’ron] working together, music and film. We gonna be doing something that happens first of the month. We’ll swap each one of the months.”

You can listen to the whole interview here, where 50 also speaks on his rift with Lloyd Banks, The Game, and his hospital stay.

50 Cent’s Gangsta Grillz mixtape, The Lost Tape, will be out May 22.

  • EzE

    cam n 50 doing music… wasnt it a couple of years ago cam was screaming CCCCUUUURRRRTTTTIIIISSSSSS

    • i_llsmaqdashitoutyaignorantass

      RIIIIIGHT! Even if they are cool now, it won’t last. 50 will be right back in the tabloids talkin shit about killa later or on. Look how much u see fif and diddy together in pictures, at rich mufucka events, yet u NEVER hear 50 speaking good about Puff. like “does puff not confront this nigga about what he says about him. wtf

      • D_Ably

        Puffy couldn’t confront himself in the mirror

  • AK

    i always knew 50 was a queer

  • illymac

    funny how after the statement
    about him engaging in sexual fetish areas
    theres a picture of 50 and Mase together
    right below..

    • water_ur_seeds

      i thought that lol

  • 50 clingin’ on for dear life.

  • digitallife

    Folks been openly gay amongst the industry crowd since the 80’s..mainly folks at the top of the food ladder. Those who cut the checks and can make or break you often are hence why nobody has really gone out of their way to put several known rappers on blast for their homosexuality..i’m a music producer (not under this name obviously) and my wife is a former modeling agent (talent division)..we’ve seen some of the manliest rappers turn to california girls in their own element of crowd..if someone man’s up one day and starts mentioning names folks would really be beyond shocked..but it won’t happen..because it’s career suicide and rappers/singers even when they fall from grace depend on their music getting played from time to time to keep doing small venues and shit like that..

    • EG

      yet u say no name…interesting.

      • digitallife

        Yup like i’m going to risk my own livelihood exposing folks..yet you read every thread on all hip-hop right? Well check for my comments regarding any given rapper at any given time..lately one in particular who allhiphop and all the other gossip sites can’t stop posting about..there’s one for ya and see didn’t have to mention his name.

  • what do you mean “…right?”? he clearly says “2 women” right after that. Smh, yall corny for trying too hard. 


  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    “if a man lays with another man like he lays with a women he has committed an abomination on himself and his blood shall be spilled upon him”….even though i’m agnostic but i did come up in an christian household and i remember my grandmother would read dat to me at bible study….but i dnt take anything the bible say to heart…..i dnt even believe in the bible….grandma would kick my ass if she read this….i do think dat two men having sex is gross…but i’m all for lesbian sex…as long as they dnt look like men…..nonetheless i could give a phuk if they marry or not…the way i feel is no one lives there life the “correct” way….we all do dirt so no one should dictate ANYONE’S life….however i still think two gay niggas kissing is repulsive but it’s just my personal opinion i dnt ask for anyone to share my opinion because to each it’s own………..gay ppl are runing shit..nowadays….so if u need there votes or support..you better get on dem knees…….and it’s not clear dat 50 was refering to girls on girls….son might be a fudge packer..

  • Raphop71

    Another illuminati Satan worshinpping Homo comes out. Nothing new.

  • Why do they get opinions on the Bible from people that have never read the Bible?  RUFF RUFF

  • water_ur_seeds

    I like that 50 never tries to act hard, like Ross and them overly gangsta personas… Hes always himself and comfy with that… Hes been thru real schitt… Ima check the interview later

  • gunnstarr

    hiphop wise he has been stagnant for sometime so he has to make statements like that to maintain some relevance

  • fish salad water

    Dammit, Sydney Lace.  You’re so annoying.  “Um, alrighty then! I’m sure 50 is alluding to girl on girl action…right?”  No, Sydney, he is alluding to man on man.  What do you think, Sydney???  Tard.

  • Anthony Kelley

    Bullshit if you gonna post it you should post it right. This came from Funk Flex show with him Drama, kidd kidd and Paris, and he was talking about him and two girls, so stop it ha ha ha

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