Action Bronson Hit With $70k Lawsuit Over Botched European Tour

(AllHipHop News) Indie rapper Action Bronson has been hit with a lawsuit over a botched tour of Europe earlier this year.

Clockwork Music filed a lawsuit against Action Bronson in the Supreme Court of New York, on May 14.

The lawsuit claims Action Bronson entered into an agreement with Clockwork Music to perform 17-dates on the European tour.

According to Clockwork’s lawsuit, Action Bronson was paid in full for the seven dates he performed.

But the rapper bailed on the remaining ten dates, which he received deposits for.

Clockwork claims Action Bronson held almost $10,000 in deposit money, without returning a dime.

The lawsuit accuses Action Bronson of canceling the canceled dates as well, with the intention of harming Clockwork Music’s reputation with European promoters.

In total, Clockwork Music is seeking almost $70,000 in damages from Action Bronson.

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16 Responses to “Action Bronson Hit With $70k Lawsuit Over Botched European Tour”

  1. TruthSerum

    This douche cancels shows all the time, he cancelled one not too long ago cause he didnt get along with the people at the HYATT hotel, so he just took his ball, went home & Cried on twitter all night

    That said I still like his music, but as a person he seems like one of those people I’d go 150 feet outta my way just to avoid having a conversation with, like one of them co workers who you beg the boss not to schedule you with

  2. WillVetterGoodin

    This dude a bitch, thats why his “music” sucks, and thats why he aint gettin no more business.

  3. Brownson

    No more business? How does SoundSet 2012 exposure sound? Yes, I agree, being flaky on your fans is unacceptable, but if you’re saying his music sucks, I’d have to consider you an idiot. I’m sorry, but you can argue that all he raps about is food, weed, sex, and women, but listen to tracks like Thug Love Story, Double Breasted, Rainmaker, etc and tell me the dude doesn’t have potential. I’m not saying he is the best, but he has potential, people like you, who claim artist to quote on quote “suck,” usually have no familiarity with their material in the first place. 

  4. jamaicanbornanbreed

    anyone who says action sucks is sucking random dick right now….not saying son bouncing on his resposibilities but all these skinny jeans wearing nonoriginal young bastards saying duke can spit need to take the do-do bird approach….its clear ya’ll dnt know whut real rhymes and real rap is about…..hate it or love…action is one of the illest spitters out there

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