Kreayshawn Ft. 2 Chainz “Breakfast”

[ahh_audio src=/5-20-12/KreayshawnFt2Chainz-Breakfast.mp3]

  • Getthafucouttaherewiththatbullshyt

  • nino970

    what? damn nicki manaj she  open up  the  door  for  these   wack  females   rapper and  2  chains lol ok

  • timwest1000

    this may be the worst thing i have ever heard. wtf is this????i hate rap now! just read off the paper and you are a rapper now????/

  • i like the beat other than that trash

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  • Christian Good

    my god, are you kidding me? im sure this took alot of hard work and effort to make. HOOOOOOOOOOORRIBLE, lazy and frustrating. you can call it hating because i make money from working hard and idiots like this make money making music that sound like DOGSHIT. jesus!

  • people used to get their ass whooped for makin shit like this wut is goin on!!!!!!!!!!