Asher Roth_Pabst & Jazz review

Asher Roth “Outside”

[ahh_audio src=/5-21-12/AsherRoth-Outside.mp3]

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  • Christian Good

    this dood needs to follow his first line. “the last thing he wants to be doing is rapping”?? so stop. he should take whatever money he made of his “career” and do something else with it. lyrics are boring as hell and if hes been in the game this long and hasnt improved, that means he WONT. sounds like hes freestyling about nothing. now we got 2 other white rappers MGK and  mac miller that arent really good, but are at least more entertaining than this guy. his future in rap is pointless. he has access to ill studios and engineers and THIS is what he drops? a track that seriously sounds like ANYBODY could have made it in 20 minutes. cmon already. whoever his label/manager is dropping money on him, should take that and spend it on one of the many GOOD lyricists unsigned, white OR black. the game lacks creativity or originality right now, the last thing we need is more of THIS…..THE END.