Action Bronson Responds to Anti-LGBT Accusations; Says ‘I Don’t Hate Anyone’

(AllHipHop News) The Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual and Transexual community is seeking answers from rapper Action Bronson after a series of controversial Tweets centered around an Instagram photo he posted this week.

While Action has since clarified his comments on the photo and its caption, several outspoken members of the LGBT community have expressed their displeasure with Action Bronson’s words.

“Close up of Drunk Mexican Tranny after Bes poured a Bottle of water on its head,” Action Bronson said in his caption via his Instagram account, ActionBronson.

Now, in response to an outpouring of comments on the photo, Bronson has defended himself, asserting that he is not “anti-LGBT.”

“I don’t hate anyone. I like to laugh. He/She should be ashamed of He/She Self for giving y’all a bad wrap.ind u it was laying on the floor,” Bronson proclaimed. “In front of the Train Station. I’m only a documentarian of this event.”

Action Bronson is not the first rapper to ruffle a few feathers throughout the LGBT community over the past few years, as several rappers have faced scrutiny in the media for their remarks about those choosing an alternative lifestyle or sexual preference.

However, Action Bronson isn’t sorry for having posted the picture saying, “It’s simple. U don’t like what I say then don’t pay attention.

“If u DONT wanna get pissed on spit on and put on Instagram DONT GET DRUNK TO THE POINT U CANT STAND OR TALK,” he continued via Twitter.

Action Bronson summed up his thoughts on the situation by posting a candid photo for all those detractors unhappy with his comments, saying, “F**K YOU HATER.”

  • maybe I’m out of touch with hip hop but who the hell is this guy?

    •  Really good NY rapper on the come up, nice flow

      • BXironlunz28

        eventhough he pretty much sounds almost exactly like ghostface killah, yea he is  a good NY rapper…

    • Ravi Singh

       good rapper.  cool g rap and ghostface style.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      whut dre…cmon son this is action bronson….one of the illest spitters in the game….some say he sound like gfk..which he kind does but real hip-hop fans can tell the difference

  • TruthSerum

    For a group that fights so hard for the freedom to express themselves in public without fear of persecution they sure do like taking other peoples freedom of speech away. Everytime somebody says summin that hurts there feelings they scream at the top of their lungs until they get their way like a baby that needs a new diaper.

    If we’re not allowed to joke about them why not take everybodies feelings into account and do away with fat jokes, jokes about short people, & on & on…… I’m sure somewhere out there there’s a huge fat woman who gets offended by the jokes made about her daily but you dont see the world in a rush to fix things to her liking….

    This is America, the same rights that protect your right to march up and down the street in your parades gives Action Bronson the right to make a joke at your expense, if you dont like it hit the unfollow button and keep it movin, its not as if there’s anything dangerous about what he said, its not like he said “First 10 fans that send me a picture of them assaulting a homo gets a free ticket to tonights show”, its a harmless joke, get over it

  • brotha_man

    i hate gay ppl dont give a F&ck who knows it. Aint no dude got any business touching another dude.

  • brotha_man

    he roll some fat azz j’s though

  • NYCPeruano

    Who gives a shit gays and lesbians stay crying over shit like this if it was just some regular straight drunk guy or female thy did this to this blog would not be Here ! Someone call the wambulance fuckin sensitive ass faggots lol

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    these faggots get on my nerve…they can pass judgement at will…but if anyone says something and they are not gay but the comment is about someone near a gay dude or about a gay dude…they throw phucking hissie fits…dats why some people dnt like these gays…they act like they can control whut ppl say but they want to be free of control of others as far as there personal life goes…so i can make a comment about a homeless drunk dude but if he’s gay i gotta keep it moving….fuc outta here…they say they want to be treated like equals but it seems they want special treatment…so phuck the lgbt…..get a sense of humor…take the pickle out your ass(no homo)..and have a coke and a smile…or sniff some coke and smile..or whutever…….i like how action handled dat shit….dnt apoligize…it’s a free country…..just how they free to take it up the ass and suck wild dick…then i’m allowed to scream:PHUCKING FAGGOTS when i see them on the street….in the great words of action himself “bon appetite bitch”

    • Danrman

      Nigga, there is a difference between freedom of speech and straight up hatin a nigga cause he like to suck dick

    • Timmybear

      It’s kind of scary the amount of hatred you have in your heart. By the way, you actually don’t get to use the word faggot, unless you are one, or you are referring to a bundle of sticks. It’s not your word.

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  • Damien Streets

    Action Bronson live June 8th at Club Red in Tempe, AZ… contact for $15 presale tickets.

  • Big Crimes

    “I’m only a documentarian of this event” haha thats that wax talking…

    i dont like some of the comments on this board but like some of them say, the country is free. anyone who’s got eyes can see he didn’t mean anything by it. he was merely pointing out the intensity of the situation. just like that time he jumped out of a helicopter and landed in the splits.