Signs The World Is Coming To An End: “Trayvoning” Trend Sweeping Facebook

Man, oh man, some people are truly heartless. There is a new fad, similar to “planking” that has people emulating the death of murdered Florida teen, Trayvon Martin. Photos have surfaced online of people lying on the ground with hoodies on, as if they were dead, holding a can of iced tea and a pack of Skittles, mocking the death of the teen who was shot dead by a neighborhood watchmen.

There are several Facebook pages dedicated to “Trayvoning,” where people are actually submitting photos of themselves in this position. Below are a few of the photos posted on the Facebook pages.

These people should be ashamed of themselves!

  • johnblacksad


    Hope to god no dumb negro follows this….

    • what about bieber & kreayshawn & vnasty & mac miller? hahahah jp i wish they wud all burn in hell too especially when they start complaining about how it sucks to be white

  • This some hoe ass shit

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    wasnt folks doing this in tribute ????? most of these photos had a long as storied description that started out as I AM TRAYVON martiin ect ……………………………………..

    • Roger Derick

      it was flipped on purpose by the writer to come across as something negative.

  • Guest

    to me it just reveals some white ppl…and Zimmermans true feelings. Black life is worthless in amerikkka.

    Zimmerman has every bigot in the country supporting him

    • There’s obviously 2 black dudes doing it too you fool 

    • u dont know zimmerman & no1 knows what happened that night xcept 2 people. i really dont think zimmerman woulda called 911 before he shot martin if he was tryn to murder him. the cops cuda been there when it happened that makes no sense

  • dominicancoke

    but black people do a worst trend called zimmermaning. it predates treyvon’s death following other blacks and shooting them dead with a semi automatic. i understand the outrage of treyvons death. but c’mon be real what about blacks killing each other in huge numbers? making up 52% of murder victims though they are a small small population? i lost count of all the innocent kid’s and other victims who died at the hands of black thugs in their own communities why is this not the issue why do you wait till a mix breed white guy shoot’s a unarmed black kid and get’s away with it. i’ve know of a lot of black’s who killed other black’s and got away with it too where’s  the outrage? and black’s kill innocent whites and hispanic cab drivers or middle eastern grocery store clerk’s wheres the outrage? is a slap to the face to any african american mother who lost her innocent child to street violence blacks need to look in the mirror before jumping on a bandwagon for treyvon and question every single homicide going on in their communities and figure out how to stop 15 year olds from murdering other 15 year olds..WAKE THE F*CK UP!

    • mxtralive


    • Negro Peligro

      Zimmerman was black. But I feel you cause when Plies drop his dedication record I was like you for real. 

    • EL_BARK


      Now aint that the pot calling the kettle black!!!!!!!!!!

      A spic with the name dominican coke, talking down on black folks, about problems in the black community…..

      I would respond, but looking at your name, and then reading your post,
      Leads me to believe your are a fool, or just looking for an attention……

      How about i going in on sterotypes of dominicans?????
      Or how yall are the lower class, less civilize, and the disgrace of all hispanic & latino races???
      Lost soul,

      • dominicancoke

        that’s your opinion but ima let you in a little secret about dominican’s on u.s soil they actually help each other out of course there’s haters and cut throat’s that’s unavoidable but come to the north east and you see the wave’s of dominican owned business like every damn corner.yeah our community got problem’s gang violence and ignorant hick’s and don’t get me started about how corrupt and violent dr is and how every other chick is a hooker but we started migrating heavily in the early 80s and look what we have accomplished not only us but asians mexican’s jamaican’s african’s hindus they all dominate over black’s why is that? black’s have been here since for ever predating all of our migrations into this’re pathetic for calling me a  s.p.i.c it only show’s me you caught feelings because you’re one of those ignorant blacks who prolong stereo types i feel sorry for you get your life straight homie you can do anything you put your mind to

      • EL_BARK

        Please niggah.

        Dominate over blacks?????? In what asoect are you talking about…

        Niggah the only game yall nuggaz is one up on over blacks in tge dope game homie.
        Dont get it fuk up. Furthermore are you duggesting that yall got moms & pops store on every corner, that generate maybe 80 dollar a day. Far mor impressive then what blacks in america have over come????? Really. Lmao

        You think you sound smart, but really you show how dumb you are. Lol

        Niggah one lets adress the fact . Yall migrated over here,
        After we fought in every war, and build this country up from
        The ground. Must i continued???? So you Equivalate, owning stores in a small section of the country, greater then blacks over coming slavery, and gaining and earning our freedom???

        Lets not talks civil rights movement???? Them you come shet on rhe black community.
        When a majority of our problems stems from drugs,
        That is an indirect results of your people. Really and yet you have the audacity to talk bad about blacks with the word coke in your name..

        Newflash, that not my opinion, yall DR’s are scum amongst other
        Latin races. That why puerto ricans, get offended when you call them a dominincan right???
        Lol. Niggah and last time i check where and what hoods do yall dominate..?????

        As far as i know, yall dirty scumbags, get tied up and toss in rivers, ponds, & lakes,
        All over the east coast. Oh bye the way, yall get taxs in the hood of philly also,
        And the ones who fail to pay, get they shet taken. Lol
        Dont take my words, i give you story to google if you want.

        As far as beinh ignorant for calling you a spic, the shoe fits my G,
        So you minds as well wear it.

        As far as jamaicans accompliment. Blank stares.
        They only good for reggie, all the jakes got ran out of philly,
        Back in the 80’s. They or your people dont dominate shet in my city.
        Have the slightest clue what you are talking about. And yall can keep yall corners stores,
        Brcause yall so dumb to realize yall over saturated the market.
        And dont make no real money, cause its one on every block.
        Smart dumb niggaz. But please give me so
        examples, of how yall dynminate us. Do tell.
        Now hurry up, cause

        AI back in philly, and suppose to make special cameo at the game.
        Cru thik……. Lol

        By the way if it wasnt for the hardships that black went through.
        Your people wouldnt even be here.

        Niggas you need to pay homage, instead of talking shet, and talking down on us.
        By the way. I bet its more black millionaire in the states.

        Then its is dominicans milliionaires in the whole world. Yall low down dirty scum.
        Bottom of the barrel, for the latinos races.
        That why puerto ricans dont fuk with yall.
        Yall idol sammy sosa, want to be white???
        And you sound like a brainwash cracker, prolly magging and false flagging,
        Under that screen name.

      • dominicancoke

        poor ignorant child are you obsessed with our dime top of the notch women?’re ignorant son first off its a shame that black’s went through so much hardship’s since the slave era and civil right’s for absolutely nothing. you think those civil rights folks are proud to see black’s on the news murdering each other through out the entire country? or dominating the usa prison population? no they are ashamed because they really fought for freedom and thank god there is a lot of black’s in college way more than latinos might i add. but in every ghetto there is a wave of ignorant backward thinking black’s who live on generation’s of welfare hopelessness and endless  violence leaving good hard working blacks feeling trapped. highest murder rates per capita by cities its the cities with the highest black population.and listen dominican’s own more than corner stores we are also the majority of latinos in baseball you forgot that? yeah we sell drugs so what?doesn’t every race? scum of all latinos? yet rappers seem to love putting our women in videos. and for your information not all puerto ricans hate dominican a great deal of my family is half puerto rican. you’re just ignorant i’m trying to uplift you but you’re too stubborn to comprehend the flaw’s of many black’s i comprehend the flaw’s of many dominicans a lot of our women are gold diggers and youngsters are ignorant hicks who throw their lives away but we got hella positive people doing movies like the chick who played the colombiana alex rodriguez so on and so on and so do black people and all people learn change for the better  you can be anything you wanna be i wish you luck and a great future

      • It’s because every other race has a base / home country , except Blacks. American Blacks, or the victims of America’s ongoing Black holocaust , are the homeless people of the earth.

  • ccwaterbound32

    all who even participated in that stupid fad are evil in heart and have no kindness,sympathy, or appreciation for human life it was thoughtless,tasteless and completely idiotic if anyone knows these people who participated in that fad PUNCH THEM IN THE MOUTH! I KNOW I WILL…!

    • didnt u learn anything? u cant go around punching people in the face or they will shoot u in self defense? wtf …as soon as u start punching u better look around bcuz other people can also shoot u in defense of the person u are punching

      • dominicancoke

        you’re right i mean trayvon’s parents first thought was to seal his highschool record. than you see his cousin on facebook telling him damn bruh i aint know you swung on the bus driver lol…and after his death another cousin tweets damn rest in peace cuz i know you beat his ass though. leading me to believe treyvon love to engage in fight’s. though zimmerman was wrong for harrasing treyvon who was actually doing nothing wrong at the time i sort of believe what zimmerman said. he said he followed him and trayvon ran off than when zimmerman was going back to his car trayvon reappeared and asked him yo do we have a problem? and zimmerman finally backed down and said no..trayvon responded well guess what we have one now and beat his ass to the wrong as george was for harrasing and profiling Trayvon he doesn’t deserve to get beaten to death cause of it. he has the right to shoot is nine

      • thats real.. regardless of what happened nothing can be proved so u have to give the benefit of doubt to the person who went thru all the background checks & passed all his exams & got his permit to carry legally. thats y when u get pulled over & u tell the cops u got your permit & your gun, they usually let u go w no citation bcuz they know u have nothing on your record already

  • ccwaterbound32

    black? dude you dominican you black too f**k you talkin bout?

    • j81650


      • ccwaterbound32

        hell yeah gotta represent dog “i wonder why god even gave you a dick!”

    • dominicancoke

      i know you ain’t talking to me? cause i ain’t black yes there is black dominicans like there is white dominican’s like there is black people all over latin america. the thing blacks don’t comprehend when we talk about black’s even our cuban dominican or black puerto rican’s we mean african american not simply the race.iv’e had black hondurian friends who hated black people or had beef’s (meaning beef with african american’s not a racial beef)



      • dominicancoke

        did i say i was white? lol i am meztiso i am mixed spaniard taino indian and african  i’m not black why do blacks like to pigeon hold every body into their race? most latnos are mixed white or black

      • u would b defined as black— sorry dude, i know u tryn really hard to not b black

      • dominicancoke

        i’m not i am mixed 

      • every1 is mixed, u are just mixed with things that wud put u in the category of being black.. ask as white person, they will tell u the same hahahah

      • scullyson

        Spanish: Someone from spain plain and simple. As in white european spanish

      • EL_BARK

        I knew you was a cracker.

        Spainard: Lol you a mag prolly cause, shame on me for taking the bait. Lol

        A dominican with african blood, and think he white. Lol

      • scullyson

        Right tiano indians. No ish sherlock…the same indians columbus duped and robbed with the spaniards who presently fail to recognize you broke there backs and replaced with stronger labor (africans) ..You see these very africans pretty much built the new world so killthat noise.

    • What’s the difference between a Dominican and a Haitian?  A Fence

      • ccwaterbound32


      • scullyson

        LOL….Right..and that fence keeps moving further and further into haitian territory like a thief in the night….

  • lp.

    LIKE REALLY? this is state of the world today? people making fun of a child that was murdered?! 

    • people have been makin fun of children who were murdered for a million years , there will always be crazy people like that

    • Frank Burns

      He wasn’t a child, and he wasn’t murdered.  But yeah, this is still sick.

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  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    If people feared God like they were supposed to then people wouldn’t be doin that. For everything we do, we are judged, rather it be good or bad. Karma can come around like a boomerang. I changed my life, everything I do is to help people and/or for the purposes of good and I’ve been either problem free or kept safe by the Lord every since I changed my ways.

    • trayvoning isnt anything that is against god. and why would god want people to “fear” him. this whole trayvon thing is a good example of what “fear” does. it makes people overreact. like zommerman shooting him, or like maybe even trayvon lashing out at being followed by a wannabe pig.. spreading fear doesnt solve anything… ask germany.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        It something isn’t meant for good purposes then it’s really going against God’s teachings and his way no matter how you look at it. And we should all fear God because we answer to him everyday regardless if you realize it or not. He has control on whether we go to heaven or hell. 

      • good purposes are debatable. and no he doesnt control whether we go to heaven or hell, we do by our actions.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Yes he does, and we do too. It can go either way. I get on here and comment to help and God knows that, but if I was on here just to disrespect everybody I disagreed with then God would know that too. 

      • how do u know what god does & doesnt do? u read it in a book that was translated a million times or some person tell u what god does?

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I have a relationship with the Lord first of all. I read the bible but I started building my relationship with God beforehand and a lot of the lessons I learned in life from asking for his guidance are some of the same things that I read when I opened that book. It takes total belief to ask god to guide you completely and that’s exactly what I let him do and therefore I experience a lot of things due to my trust in him whether it’s gaining knowledge or experiencing miraculous things could make a non-believer believe!

      • its not that big of deal u r making it out to be. its common sense. do good to others. but i dont do good to people only so i can go to heavon

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        It’s more than just doing good to others. It’s about learning how god can help you and how everything is connected and much more. 

      • i am here to help god, but u want god to help u then whatever..hopefully u dont do all the pagan rituals like christmas & easter & everything else

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I’ve been learnin about all that stuff Christmas, Easter, Paganism, all of that, God guided me to some of that information literally this week, so that goes to show me that he prepared me for you to talk about it. That’s what I’m talkin about when I said those comments up there and you said it wasn’t that big of a deal. I knew what I was talkin about.

      • If they ain’t for GOD , then they are for the devil.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Basically, regardless if they realize it or not.

  • scullyson


  • i thought martin owed zimmerman $ for selln him some bad weed & thats y he killed him…no?

    • interesting thought… i wonder if they actually knew eachother considering they live pretty close as far as i know

  • WillVetterGoodin

    “Trayvoning!” thats my shit right there!

    • NCcatsBALLhard


      • isnt that kinda what trayvoning is in its essence tho? lol

    • Pikapuss

      Go strait to hell !

  • hiphopgods

    OK, Does anyone else out there see what this is? Do you understand what this whole article and the images really represent? From every angle of thought this is negative. Some things do not even deserve to be printed or read. The response to the actual images of these people of non color should make you feel like your eyes have been raped. This should mean war…

    • people of non color??? stfu just stfu

      • hiphopgods

        Explain to me how a white person is not people of non color. Explain to me how a white person recreating a very controversial death is a tribute. Outside of the fact that you are a generic poser looking for some attention, your REAL SELF is ignorant for even attempting to pretend otherwise. In your heart you know this is ignorant, if not, that is the real problem with this whole thing. Some day you will learn.

      • why are we talking about white people opr non color people that ant got ish to do with anything!!! Is jesus on the cross recreating a controversial death? YES! Why do they do that? Now find the logic in my thinking and maybe theres hope for you. Some day you wil learn

      • hahah u shud start a new trend JESUSING LMAO

      • hahahaha…. then dudes be all like “thats disrespectful” even tho one of the commandments are not to idolize any god and cristans pretty much do that with jesus,,, but ayyy everyone cant be right

      • they call themselves christians lol that shud b the 1st sign that something isnt right

    • war on who? those 3 people in the pics above? wtf r u talking about?

      • hiphopgods


      • what is the war on ignorance like the war on drugs? made up by the media & governemtn? i dont get wat u mean but im not ignorant on this subject. so whatever. u can say all u want but i got my shit & u wont find me shot to death or stabbed or beat to death

      • ladynamor

        your ip address shows you are in the midwest

      • yep im from murderapolis, thats y i carry my shit everywhere

      • ladynamor

        no you are not, we know where you really are

      • im from northside minnepolis. im not going to argue about that stalker

  • NCcatsBALLhard

    I’d smack the shit outta anybody if i see them doing this shit….THAT’S MY WORD…..Disgusting…

    • toreal

      Your Geechee ass won’t do shit.

      • toreal

        I’m so scared geechee. Shut for fake ass up nigga.

    • u better have a gun if u guna go around slappn people or ur ass will get shot too

  • i dont really think its heartless or mocking, this is how young kids express thier feelings… i bet most of them see it as more of a tribute to a kid who was killed.

    • hiphopgods

      Only a fool would see logic in such a foolish thing. What next? Recreating the actual murder? How about a rape scene? GTFOH son.

      • atlantahiphopshop

        How about OJ ing? The dudes on these pics probly never cared about the case, this is just a insensitive “trend” that is rooted in heartlessness for the Martin family. If you want to tribute, talk or donate or something positive. Reminding the parents of their sons death by taking pics mocking him with a smirk on your face is not the way.

      • u mean ‘ nicoling’ . it wudnt make sense if u were oj-ing

      • You need to open ypuir mind istead of looking for hate in anything and everything. If it turned into tebowing or planking then it will spread knowledge of what happened. Why do rappers make tribute songs to him? if someone is not a rapper or singer r artist this is how thier feeling are expressed. Its art brova, why u mad???

      • they are RECREATING the actual murder dumb ass..but i wudnt call it a murder, more like self defense or maybe manslaughter but i cant say for sure bcuz i wasnt there.. but i got my permit to carry & i know the law & it seems like zimmerman will be cleared

      • scullyson

        Lol…the only Thing your gonna shoot is your mouth off like your doing. Sit down clown

      • i got mine, get yours. i aim for the neck/high chest area

      • Tuesday27

        Yeah. You definitely white. You white boys like gun violence. But hand to hand, ain’t sh*t. Devils who worship guns and money. Sissyfied, all the less than true men who can’t fight, have little peckers and worship guns. Zimmerman and all the white boys who are nothing without guns. Not all whites, but many. Especially in the South and Mountain region states. Little peckers, little courage, big guns. LOL

      • normal people get guns for self defense. after so many people on this page have been advocating violence u wud b dumb not to carry a gun for defense

      • Tuesday27

        “normal people get guns for self defense.”

        Really? This is pretty much confirmation of what Michele Obama and Rev. Wright said. Can’t be proud of a place where a significant number of people believe this. Dam a place where there are so many sick/hateful people, sick gun availabilty, sick gun laws, sick criminal justice system, sick economic system, etc……
        Rev. Wright had it right.

      • how many legal permit holders have murdered sum1? not many. its almost always illegal guns

      • Tuesday27

        That may be true. But let’s be clear. Illegal gun holders kill other illegal gun owners, most likely, for money, drugs, petty arguements. That’s because the devil in the powers that be (NRA, some gov’ts) saw to it that there is a gun for every man woman and child in america. Which is sick. So of course guns will end up in some sub-human hands. But permit holders kill too. Usually their family, neighbor, or co-workers. LOL

      • when every1 has guns, crime goes down. its a proven fact. there used to b a lot less restrictions & a lot more guns & thats when crime & murder was at its lowest

      • & its a misconception that permit holders usually kill their family, neighbor, or co-workers. most permit holders will never have to fire a shot. 

      • Tuesday27

        I don’t believe that for a minute. Gun sales are at an all time high, there have been more guns per capita in recent years than ever before. That sounds like a talking point by republicans that they pulled out of their a**.

      • Tuesday27

        Oh. And the people on here calling for violence are just internet gangsters. Most probably don’t own a gun. They’re just mad. You, on the other hand, make me believe that you really can’t wait to shoot someone for real.

      • i pray to God i never have to use my gun but if sum1 is guna try to kill me, believe they are getn it b4 they can kill me

      • well sum people on here , even if just me, are real gangsters & have permits to carry their pistols. if u dont have yours then u too will have no options if sum1 puts your life in danger. good lucc w that

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  • TruthSerum

    You act like you just found out people are ignorant

    Go outside once in a while, lol

    I seen an old lady fall down crossing the street once and about 20 people walk past her and do nothing, I called 911 and I think people were looking at me funny for it, lol

    The people in this world = worthless

    Just take care of your family and keep your circle small as possible

  • Black Exodus

    Read the comments…this is ignorance and disrespectful. There is no good intention or ethical value in mocking a murder. This case is not even closed yet and the demons are at work. Everyday this society shows it’s ignorance, hate, malice and lack of soul. You can’t express to thinking people that this is ok. This is not art…nor a dedication…this is straight evil..vile..insane and heartless. The beast is alive well…judgement is upon us.  

    • only God can judge me & zimmerman & martin

      • Black Exodus

        This case is extremely bizarre!  This case is racism at it’s finest. George saw a black guy, profiled him, followed him, called the police on him and eventually slayed the kid…and all the kid was doing was walking home. Had George had not instigated any of these things the kid would be alive…and George would not have his life turned upside down. Everybody is tense right now and races are boiling over this event and countless others. We have lost love, morality, common sense and hate is the new food of choice…but be careful what we eat because it might destroy us all. Oh..yeah…not only was it murder it was calculated and cold blooded just like “Trayvoning”. 

      • y wud he call the police if he was guna murder trayvon? u make no sense…& its far from bizarre. it happens all the time cept places like NJ were u cant carry to protect yourself

      • Black Exodus

        I make more sense then you give me credit for…call the police to cover his tracks…say the boy attacked him…say to the police i killed the boy in self defense… you can support Zimmerman all you want…I really don’t care. At the end of the day…George will get his. Everything thing has rules. Nobody get’s away with anything! What we give…we get back ten fold. I’m done-

      • u shud learn the law bcuz with stand your ground law, calling the police cud only hurt your defense if u were tryin to murder sum1 …zimmerman wuda been waaaaay better off if he wudnt have called the police b4 he shot him

      • Tuesday27

        Well duh… That’s what we’re trying to tell you. He called the police, and they told him to stand down. He didn’t. He shot. He’s guilty. You’ll see.

      • they didnt say stand down. & it wasnt a cop it was a 911 operator & they said we dont need u to follow him. really u shud talk to a lawyer or a licensed permit instructor, they will educate u

      • Tuesday27

        Boy oh boy. 911 operators are an arm of law enforcement. “We don’t need you to do that” means stand down. Don’t follow him. Kapish? LOL
        You really, really, want to be able to shoot someone, eh.
        I guess it’s a trait.

      • actaully in my classes u are taught that u never want to shoot sum1 even if u legally can unless it is unavoidable. zimmerman cuda walked away but thats not the law florida altho its the smarter thing to do

      • Paul, you’re an idoit.. just to let you know

      • Tuesday27

        You don’t understand this either. You’re talking about 1st degree murder, which requires intent to kill. 2nd degree murder, manslaughter, negligent homocide don’t require intent to kill, just the intent to commit the unlawful act that lead to someone being killed. You don’t really understand the law, regardless of the class you took. If you pull you gun, like you said you would if you don’t like the looks of the person walking down the street, that’s called assualt. You’ll be jailed, unless your a white boy in Sanford Fla., like I said.

      • its not assault if u pull ur gun out the holster. if u start aimming it at people & threatening them then thats a diff story. whatevr look it up, its not debatable, its written down its law

      • Tuesday27

        You don’t know the law. It’s not debatable that you can pull your gun while in a potentially confrontational situation. Like I said, what if the other person un-holsters his gun also? Then you have a gun battle where nobody is doing anything unlawful? You must know this can’t be the case. I’ll tell you what, get your gun now, leave it out of the holster and hold it in your hand. Now, walk down the block with the gun in plain sight for everyone. Will you do this? Like I said, only if you’re a white boy in Sanford, Fl., and that’s really iffy.

      • if i pull my shit out & dont aim it at no1 , then sum1 else pulls it out & starts to aim at me i will shoot their ass quicker then they can shoot me. thats the whole point of pulln it out b4 them. & 2 permit holders never get into a shootout. whatever. plus my pistol is so small they probly wont even see me holding it

      • Tuesday27

        Like I said, american white people’s true religion is violence and money. My God would judge you harshly.

      • Just like Snoop Dog and 50 Cent. Oh wait…

      • Tuesday27

        OK. Do you know that either of them have a gun? And I’m sure neither of them worships money being that they practically give it away. Plus, they both are from the high crime hood, so if anyone would need a gun, it’s folks that really do have to protect themselves. Not like you guys, who never even saw a mugging in your life, but need “protection.” What a joke. You know and I know why there are so many guns in Amerikkka. And you have little room to dispute what i said, being from Arizona. Land of big hate, big guns and big discrimination. Even your screen name conotes a preference for discrimination. The comparison isn’t even close. LOL

      • your supposed to have weapons in america. thats y japan didnt attack the homeland after pearl harbor. also its important to have weapons to protect yourself from corrupt governments. u must not have been trained to use a gun when u were 5 bcz u have these crazy opinions that guns are bad

    • Pikapuss

      can you just imagine what his family would feel seeing this?! thats why we gotta keep fighting!!!!

      • martin’s mom said it was an accident

      • And Martin’s Dad says it was NOT his son screaming on the 911 tape. Who else was on the ground. Oh yeah…George Zimmerman. Case dismissed!

  • Alkonost

    Sorry, article writers, siding with the “terrible” kids on this one. You clearly fundamentally don’t understand internet culture. Things that take off as memes do not necessarily imply resentment, disrespect, or mockery of the subject in question (think “good guy greg”). They do, however, simply imply there is something that is on our mass cultural mind, that lends itself to expression using simple tools available to the average Joe. In this case, solidarity (however insensitively expressed) with Trayvon Martin. Yes, again, given the nature of the internet, the expression is not always sensitive or P.C., but would you rather they dressed up as (and in so doing glorified) an overweight neighborhood watch captain, with a gun in their hand? They’re on your side, guise. Calm down. Either way, of all the disgusting awful tasteless things the Internet has borne, THIS is the one you choose to shake your professorial finger at?

    • Black Exodus

      Sorry Alkonost…I’m siding with intelligent people on this one…I’ve been on the internet since it took off in “93-94. They internet is a sess pool of filth and vile…the internet is where people can express themselves behind a veil of secrecy. The have alias, and screen names and talk shit, know they would not say half of the slime standing face to face with some one. Again, you can’t excuse ignorance… and just because it’s trending or popular does not make it ok. This is vey insensitive, disrespectful this his family and friends and humanity. But that’s right…we’re savages, with no hearts and anything goes…again judgement is upon us.

      • u dont sound very intelligent when u start calling it a murder & u have no idea what really happend between martin & zimmerman

      • Pikapuss

        If you support Zimmerman your a racist just like him!!!!!

      • u sound like a racist! every1 shud b able to carry a gun & use it if they cant retreat & their life is in danger.. i dont agree w stand ur ground law but its the law. move or vote to change it if u dont like it but its america, not england

      • Weedras

        dude your an idiot!, for one Zimmerman was not an official neighborhood watchman, he gave himself that duty, 2. its on record that he stalked the kid, who it seems based on cellphone accounts was defending himself against a man with a gun… you’re trying to be an intellect when your’re plainly a fool…

      • its the law. zimmerman can approach him & intiate the conversation. the whole time he can b holding the gun in his hand if its not in a threatening way. zimmerman starts gettn his ass whooped then he can shoot to kill. thats the law. laws arent always right but its the FL law until some1 changes it.
        i think stand your ground is good if your in your home or car, but we dont have stand your ground in public places here so then u have to try to retreat & not persue & not shoot unless there is no way for u to get outa there… but thats the law here. its diff in many states like florida.. so if FL law also said u have to retreat then zimmerman wud b doin time for manslaughter

      • therealjjohnson

        the law does not say that you can hold a gun in your hand while talking to someone as long as its not in a threatening way. The law also doesn’t say that “if he’s getting his ass Kicked” then he can shoot him. This is just not true. That is just YOUR interpretation. YOUR belief. Don’t pass that off as fact. It’s not.

      • it is true. ive been thru all the classes & passed my exams. u can walk around with an AR over your shoulder. its not illegal, mayb not smart but not illegal

      • Tuesday27

        Yeah, you’re white. You invoked God a little while ago. Only white people’s God likes guns as much as american white people. Or God doesn’t like killing instruments. White people’s true religion is violence and money. You just sorta of proved it.

      • Tuesday27

        I meant “Our God doesn’t like killing instruments.”

      • I support the law. The law supports Zimmerman. I guess the law is ‘racist’. Idiot.

      • Jeremy Scott

        When a man follows someone armed after disregarding suggestion to not follow him, that shows intent.  Im not writing cause Im a supporter, George has a history of racism and immunity to consequences (his judge father, his myspace page, the racist comment on the 911 tape, the neighbors saying he profiles black people, the number of call he made on black people!, etc..). The police blantantly mishandled this intital investigation, the minor lacerations (that didnt need medical attention but was major enough to make him focus on shooting a kid while getting his head “bashed in”), coersion of witnesses (who are recanting their testimony mind you), lying to the father concerning his criminal past, these suggestions alone opens up an aquittal. Zimmerman took it upon himself to target a kid walking in the rain, true no one knows what happen but them but this can be called a murder cause a self proclaimed neighboorhood watch captain wanted to play cop and pursued anyone that fitted a profile he deemed fit armed,Knowing he will get off cause of his connections and fla laws. Im not a expert but I support black exoduson this one.

      • following someone when your a neighborhood watchman does not show intent to murder. … u really twisting shit around here. no1 was around, he had permit & did nothing illegal & then shot sum1 who he claimed was putting his life in danger.. it is what it is & no1 can prove it either way so he will be cleared whatevr. get a gun & pull it on the nieghborhood watchman if u feel threatened . thats what i do & it always works

      • Trayvon had a right to stand his ground. Zimmerman pursued , & by default , initiated the confrontation.  Regardless of what , had Zimmerman left the law abiding kid alone , we wouldn’t have this issue.

      • well he choose to intiate the conversation which he has every right to do.  if u r a watchmen & your neighboorhood has series of burgleries then its the watchmans duty to approach some1 he felt suspecious. he prbly felt suspicious bcz martin had black hoody & hands in his pocket & he was out in the rain & night & he was walking around. the exact same thing burglars do. id guess that zimmerman couldnt even tell what color martin was at that point,.. so he confronted him bcz thats his job then something happened & they got into a fight….. but if he really just wanted to profile & kill a black person, he wud have a 22 revolver & hit the victim at close range then take off & throw the gun in a river & he never wuda been caught…but zimmerman was requesting police presence & the police cud b there any second–not typically what people do when they tryn to murder sum1……

      • therealjjohnson

        That doesn’t sound like what burglers do…it sounds like what children with no cars do when it’s raining. They walk and the put on something to cover them from the rain. If his hands were in his pocket how was he holding skittles and ice tea?

      • when sum1 comes up to me at night with their hands in their pockets i pull my shit out quick.. i dont wait til after they start hitting me, i let em know right away that they dont wana start or they getn shot

      • therealjjohnson

        It’s clear to me that A) you’re not serious and B) you don’t have a hand gun that you carry around. Peace to you brother.

      • ok my handgun cost 850$ so whatevr . i got mine & i go to range every week or 2 & practive so whatevr. u shud get 1, u never know who else might ; )

      • Tuesday27

        You really don’t understand. Zimmerman was not law enforcement, and had no legal right to stop and question anyone. Anyone can say they’re neighborhood watch. Doesn’t mean you can stop people and not allow them to walk away and make them answer your questions. You must think Florida is the wild west or something. And just for your information, you should really be careful about pulling your gun just because you  FEEL threatened. Unless, of course, you’re a white boy in the south.

      • blackie_chan

        You’re VERY dumb. the law doesnt dictates what’s right and wrong. Only Justice. Laws are written and manipulated for certain people. the Jews murdered Christ, and it was legal…doesn’t mean it’s right, silly boy!

      • i agree w most of what your sayn bcz thats y carry my gun everywhere i go & i pull it out anytime i feel i might be threatened.. bcz police wont help me .its between me & god if i gota shoot sum1… thats y every1 shud let god decide this & not start getting violent to others. i dont think martin wuda wanted us to act like that

      • therealjjohnson

        How can you claim self defense when you place yourself into the situation. The 911 operator told him not to follow. He did anyway. When a shooting is involved and you have a ccw you first responsibility is actually to avoid using your gun if possible. You learn that in the class you must take to obtain the ccw. It would appear that he did everything to not avoid a situation. For example, I can’t strike someone, get hit back and then shoot them and say I was protecting myself.

      • Tuesday27

        Exactly. Can’t be the initial aggressor and claim self defense.

      • yea u can especially if no1 can prove who threw the 1st punch.  u can approach people & talk to them & talk shit all u want with a stand your ground law . watevr

      • Tuesday27

        You are really reaching. To the point of sounding silly. Someone can kidnap children if no one is watching. You can do a million things if no one’s watching. So what’s your point?

      • my point is that there is no proof zimmerman did anything illegal therefore no1 can claim he murdered trayvon 100% .. rip trayvon but u shudnt b walkn around at night all alone or waaaay worse things than this can happen & they do all the time

      • blackie_chan

        if u think that it’s between you and God wether u hafta shoot someone, then u better start studying the scriptures.

      • & jesus bascially was suicide by a cop. he knew they were coming to kill them & he cuda avoided it all… but he was suicidal & wanted to die& he let it happen

      • Tuesday27

        I think you don’t understand the “Stand your ground” law. You can not be the aggressor and use that defense. Just the fact that he pursued TM when LAW ENFORCEMENT told him not to indicates that any violence that ensued was started by him. You can not stop someone on the street and keep them from leaving freely, and claim self defense. You must then retreat, and only if you are pursued by the initial victim can you claim self defense.

      • i pased my stand your ground test how can i not understand it? u really dont if u think there is any proof that will send zimmerman to prison. we will see. i wasnt there i dont know. i know i pull my shit b4 i get into fights that way people know they will b shot ..also i always retreat if i can but zimmerman didnt have to according to the law. he may have bad morals but thats different the doing shit illegal & being able to prove he did anything illegal

      • Tuesday27

        You sound crazy. You can not pull your gun out of the holster while there is potential for confrontation. What if the other person pulls his out also? Then you have a gun battle, and nobody is in violation of the law. You don’t understand the law, plain and simple. This isn’t the wild west of the 1800’s.

      • yea u can. u can pull it anytime u feel threatend. illseed or AHH shud get a permit instructor on here & they can explain all the legal shit to yall bcz as long as people dont now the law they will keep getn shot for having their hands in their pockets

      •  U don’t sound very intelligent when u say zimmerman used self defense when u have no idea what really happened between him and martin

      • its the law, not my opinion. if no1 is around & your getn your ass whooped u can shoot to kill & claim self defense… it is what it is & it is nothing new. it happens everyday

      • blackie_chan

        wait a minute. Are u saying it’s not murder because no one knows what happened? Intelligence?  Define murder!

      • im sayn he will get murder charges dropped bcuz no1 & no cameras were present so nothing can be proved either way & that leaves a reasonable doubt

      • it wont even go to jury trial. they will drop the charges during the pre -stand your ground- trial. there is too much conflicting evidence & there has been no strong evidence released that shows zimmerman did anything illegal that night

      • Detroit Chick

        he fired a gun at an unarmed boys chest an killed him. Oh he did something illegal alright. I can imagine ur probably white an on his side. For his sake he better hope he gets found guilty. If he gets to go free thts his ass. He will end up on a t-shirt his damn self, or in witness protection for the rest of his life.

      • wat did he do illegal? (that can be proven) whatevr. dont hate the player hate the game. martin got caught slippn.. & u dont need witness protection when u gota bunch of guns . whatever. look up permit to carry laws in FL

      • Ok…so an “unarmed” assailant is permitted to beat the living shit out of you and you cannot use a gun on them? At what point are you permitted to use it…when your skull opens up? When you lose sight in an eye? When you are paralyzed from the waist down? You are an idiot.

      • 1 punch can kill sum1

      • Detroit Chick

        i concur.. 100% tht other coment was a terrible attempt at a  cop out. “Well we knw the net is popular an everyone has it so if ppl do stupid disrespectful shit its ok cuz evryone does it.” smh tht type of thinkin is part of the problem.

    • 100% correct. The fact that so many are screaming about “Trayvoning” make it a ‘success’ – in social media terms.

  • Good journalism.  Yall ever think about posting about the horrible shit that happens on Worldstar on a daily basis?  You cant ask for respect from other races if your own race is eating itself alive.

  • Now the racist are using social media to show their true colors. No revolution ever occurred without violence.

    • are u familiar with the teachings of gandhi? or the peaceful transfer of power in egypt that is happening right now?

      • Sounds good, but thats not gonna work for black people worldwide. Do you see the condition of the majority of colonized countries? The colonizers are the problem on this planet today. And Gandhi’s real problem was with the colonizers.

      • thats y zimmerman shud deal w it between him & god. f the police

      • Zimm’s conscience should be clear

      • Guest

        Sounds good, but thats not gonna work for black people worldwide. Do you see the condition of the majority of colonized countries? The colonizers are the problem on this planet today. And Gandhi’s real problem was with the colonizers.

      • Just by reading your previous comments with other people, I can see exactly what perspective you have.

  • Detroit Chick

    an then white kids on top of tht! They need their asses kicked! anybody period doing it is an idiot.. That boy lost his lfe an they are makinga joke out of it. Shit like this pisses me off. You 90’s babies need jesus foreal, js dumb for no reason.

  • dicclikedynomite

    blacks are to fragmented and hateful of each other to start a revolution this isnt the sixties when being black w bas beautiful and black power meant something trust and believe them malitas and skinheads got some shit they train black to busy trying to be swagtasic and rock the latest pair of jordans

    • Every single week, blacks slaughter other blacks by the dozen (11 in a single weekend in Chicago!), and yet all we hear about is ONE dead kid…Trayvon. Why? Because a black DIDN’T kill him, a so-called “white hispanic” did. I wonder how that makes the parents of a black kid murdered by another black feel. I guess their kid is worth far less by society and the media. What’s more important, LIVES or RACE? Our sick culture screams back: “RACE!!!” Pathetic.

      • when people start sayn ‘justice for trayvon’ instead of just ‘justice’ then u know already they are probably going to b wrong… y isnt any1 yelln ‘justice for the drunk girl’ who just got shot in colorado?? oh yea & she faces trepassing charges now & the home owners face no charges

  • Fuckin ridiculous ((RZA voice))

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  • Mars

    Somebody gon get caught slippin’ and get Trayvon’d for real…

  • S. Long

    Is anything respected with this generation anymore? This is not in the form of  protest but just some stupid asinine thing to do. This kid died from being shot by an asshole who wasn’t minding his business when told to do so. I really feel sorry to know that in about 5-10 years that this generation will be running the world.

    • RedBlack

       The thought of it is scary my dude… These kids don’t have any dignity, no backbone. 

    • “When told to do so”? He went back to his car, dipshit, and the stoned and sugared-up Trayvon pursued HIM and beat the shit out of him…and got plugged as he deserved.

      • S. Long

        I don’t come on here to argue with fools, cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who… So with that said be gone!!!

    • Kevin Johnson

      I thought a Feral youth was shot after he tried to kick the wrong man’s ass.

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  • SandyLester


  • CaliTransplant

    if they were doing this around me, there would be problems…

  • What I dont understand is why are all these white racists on hip hop websites. They talk down on black people, but yet are on black websites all day. This makes no sense. If your hate black people so much, how can you be so infatuated with our culture? Its like with slavery, they hated us so much treated us like animals, but allowed black women to raise their children.Somebody explain the psychology behind this.

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  • Damn shame.

  • when people start sayn ‘justice for trayvon’ instead of just ‘justice’ then u know already they are probably going to b wrong… y isnt any1 yelln ‘justice for the drunk girl’ who just got shot in colorado?? oh yea & she faces trepassing charges now & the home owners face no charges


    my heart goes out to his family. imagine how they feel

  • CraKKKaSlayer/WhiteBitchLayer

    When a white woman is found dead and the media tell people we need to show
    respect for the family I dont want to hear it because the media has thrown this
    young brother under the bus time and time again….You dont see none of them
    saying we need to show respect to the family and tell people they should stop
    talking about irrelevant shit…

    I dont give a shit he smoked weed,what
    does it have do with a 28 year old following a 17 years old and killing him…It
    amazes me how people can blame the victim for getting killed…He didnt try to
    rob Zimmerman,he didnt come up to Zimmerman and try to fight him,all he did was
    go to the store and go home and f somehow,people want to make it seem like he’s
    the one who started it..

    Zimmerman clearly followed him but somehow
    it gets lost in all the other bullshit the media is putting out…Like I said in
    the other thread,it amazes me how people can justify killing someone who was
    minding his own business..

    I have a feeling Zimmerman will get off
    because the media hasnt really said anything about the cops knowing him before
    the incident,nobody hasnt said anything about his racist ways,nobody hasnt said
    anything about him being a hot-head and other shit but somehow all the attention
    is about Trayvon having a picture with is middle finger up.him smoking weed, him
    being suspended and etc..

    So,next time a white woman is abducted and
    found dead,I dont want to hear the media saying we should show respect because
    apparently when it comes to a young black kid,they love throw us under the

  • Waxiom

    The internet has made the world a very small place. 3 people acting like assholes is not an instance of a trend “sweeping” the net. You have given the “trend” much wind by giving it light on your significantly more popular forum, though.