EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Henchman Drug Ring Tested Shipments By Sending Guns To Rapper

(AllHipHop News) Compton, California rapper Game has been a frequent subject during the trial of James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond, who is on trial for running a multi-million dollar cocaine empire.

Rosemond’s company Czar Entertainment managed Game’s career, by helping to book tours, releasing DVDs and marketing the rapper.

At one point, Game was signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath imprint, along with 50 Cent’s G-Unit imprint, all of which were being distributed by Interscope Records.

Federal authorities arrested Rosemond in June of 2011 after a month-long manhunt, and charged him with conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

During testimony this week, federal prosecutors introduced into evidence nine different Proffer Agreements, that contained admissions Rosemond allegedly made, in hopes of ultimately, obtaining a Cooperation Agreement with the government.

During a meeting on October 17, 2011, Rosemond allegedly detailed the method in which the cocaine gang shipped kilograms of the drug to the West Coast.

The drug gang used a New York-based courier service named Rock-It Cargo, to ship millions in money and drugs, in custom-made music crates.

Nas, Jimmy Henchman and Game

Nas, Jimmy Henchman and Game

The crates were shipped to various rehearsal spaces in Los Angeles and intercepted by members of the drug operation.

According to Rosemond, they first did a test shipment, by sending a few pounds of marijuana to the West Coast.

And then, Rosemond allegedly told authorities that they took their test runs a step further.

IRS case agent Marc Van Driessche testified that Rosemond said the custom music crates were used in a test run, to send a shipment of firearms to Game.

Once the guns successfully arrived, the drug gang began shipping 5 to 10 kilograms of cocaine inside each individual music case.

Rosemond also admitted to investing money into various mailbox shops.

Rosemond and an associate named Lamont Bennett owned interests in a variety of stores in California during 2007-2009.

Testimony resumes on Tuesday.

Editors note: Game has not been charged with any crime relating to this case, these are allegations.

  • RedBlack

    Real shit, folks… not for the faint-hearted.

  • tbirdandkoolaid

     A LOT on cats in the industry sheeting themselves…and yet fools call J dumb because if doesn’t associate with this element..

    • EL_BARK

      Jay did associate himself with this same type of element for a majority of his career.
      What are you talking about????

      • tbirdandkoolaid

         Does he still?

        Yea i know about his earlier ties…

        You really think at this point in his life he’s dealing peddlers…

        He may consort with smugglers not peddlers. hahah

        and that’s the difference.

      • CaliTransplant

         I hear Jay-Z got choked up by Haitian Jack, Henchmans running buddy, back in the day about something…

      • tbirdandkoolaid

         home skillets….I’m not saying he NEVER dealt with certain cats.

        If you’re a monitory…black/mexican and you’re trying to get in the industry, you will deal with some cats thats In da streets.

        I’m saying this

         while cats still talk about how he’s dealing with the jews now must undderstand.

        dealing with the so call ‘jewish mafia’ will bring money you can’t fit in duffles versus dealing with the so called ‘black mafia’ that will bring you football numbers because cats like the taste of cheese.

        also heard joe slapped him up…

        where’s J at now? Where’s these other cats at?

      • EL_BARK

        So what your saying is money is more important then being a man of your word,
        Loyalty & friendship…???????

        So its jay really felt that way. Why not go to
        The jew mafia, for street cred & protection????
        Instead of the black mafia???
        Why even put yourself in that situation.
        Also last time i check, the BMF niggas dont know what cheese taste like. Lol
        Do you think john (his jew manager)
        Was fitttin to bus a cap for him. Or wasnt going to keep cats like fat joe,
        And other street dudes at a safe distance.

        So by your reasoning its okay to lie and used people as long as they serve a purpose for you.

        What codes do some of yall live by??????
        Just saying. Or maybe its just me & i am bias. Lol

      • tbirdandkoolaid

         You mean the code these cats/kingpin live by?

        If J was affiliated with street cats back then why did he get slap up by joe, or get extorted?

        He’s with the right cats now. Because you and I both know no one hasn’t ran up on J recently…


        Friendship? what is this elementary school?

        A man is born in this world on his own and die on his own. In between you have associates.

        When you accumulate a certain amount of paper your so called ‘friends’ will be you downfall.

        I dont know j from a can of paint nor am I a fan, I do know he took an opportunity and came up..

        I know you dislike J because he used your philly cats and took advantage of them.

         to blame J for what he did is like blaming a Pimp for using his mouthpiece to make a lady walk the blade.

        p.s. last time i checked J hasn’t been on record as a rat. so he used some cats to come up. that’s the game. nah, that’s business

      • Jeremy Scott

        J sold his soul by informing the “jewish mafia” that irv, shug & Damon were going to start a distribution network and effectively shut the majors out of Hip Hop. Thats why he survived and his florishing. Jay got bust in the head wit a bottle by Pun over a chick back in the day. Jay-Z cut everything nigga throat that looked out for him, Jaz-O (his mentor), State Prop (shit he still use Yung Chris style) then Damon with rockawear & the Def Jam. I feel he has skills when hes not biting notbodys lyrics but his business decisions are based on being rewarded for shitting on niggas  

      • tbirdandkoolaid

        Got a live one…

        Yea, because a BLACK man can’t make it on his own merit.

        Do you not think J used his mind and hustle to capitalize on an opportunity?

        bill gates stepped on many backs and toes to get where he is.

        that’s business.

        As a man you should not put your self in a position to where someone will step on your toes to make a grip.

        my heart doesnt bleed for a jazo, state prop just like it doesnt bleed for that broad thats walking the blade.

        hate to say but we live in a capitalist society and that means toes will be stepped on.

      • EL_BARK

      • EL_BARK

        Scroll down.!!!!!!!
        Have to break my post up.

      • Myambitioniswicked

        When moneys involved ALL is fair. Read jay-z’s book, he treated his music career same way he treated the drug game when he was selling coke its either kill or be killed at the end of the day. He put many men in a position to succeed no one from state prop or rocafella should have any complaints. Them niggas were getting a free ride.

      • deemoney2k12

        A rap mogul who helped launch Jay-Z’s career was busted Friday with 42 other people when the feds rolled up a drug ring that controlled the marijuana market in New York City.Dubbed operation “Green Venom,” the feds rousted Kareem “Biggs” Burke, who co-founded of Roc-A-Fella Records with Shawn (Jay-Z) Carter and Damon Dash, from his home in North Bergen, N.J.

  • ccwaterbound32

    who knows what to believe anymore? one thing get’s said another thing get’s said next thing you know someone ends up either dead or falsely placed into the pen so all i know is the entertainment industry is a huge facade with twists and turns to confuse and keep people in a fog….

  • Free C-Murder NO Limit 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scullyson

    So he flipped the script back in Oct? smh…Managing Hip Hop Artist with vocals like an Rnb singer singing to the feds….Sound like Jimmy been on borrowed time. It wasnt “If” it was when he was goin down…smh

  • Sinbk Legend

    daaammnn the niggaz singing his ass off….

  • brotha_man

    frank lucas type shit

  • PL

    The drug gang used a New York-based courier service named Rock-It Cargo, to ship millions in money and drugs, in custom-made music crates.
    Rock-It Cargo?! LOL.. I don’t know who’s dumber the FEDS or Jimmy Henchman..

  • It’s a wrap for Jimmy!

    Fires 2 E shots at @montezuma:disqus 

    • Montezuma1

      What up Edogz aka Crispus Attucks. lmao!!

      There’s nothing left to be said about this. Another hip hop hero/legend turns out to be a farce. Just like all the other “tough guys” running around rap. Rick Ross the CO. Jeezy the Crip from Macon Ga and so on. This is entertainment people. Yes some of them engaged in criminal activity but their motivation is purely to be accepted in a world of queers called entertainment. Tupac never got arrested until he morphed into a gangsta from a humpty dancing fruitbag with a nose ring. These white execs got these poor simple minded Negroes killing each other and engaging in all sorts of illegal activity to prove their value. Want a record deal? Turn on each other and may the best coon win. Only us black folk are required to create spectacle to sell music for which we’re paid pennies on the dollar. Look how broke Wyclef is. He’s not the only one. A bunch of whores getting pimped by the likes of Lyor Cohen and Jimmy Iovine. That ain’t gangster. If Jimmy wanted to be a drug dealer he would have been wise to stay out of the spotlight. You can’t have it both ways. Hip Hop killed the streets when the IMPERSONATORS had more influence than the people they wanted to be like. Lames at the helm taking  a whole generation on ride to nowhere for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver. Bunch of sambos in blackface crip walking and throwing up gang signs for the amusement of white folk. The saddest part is these are grown azz men partaking in this foolishness. Fukk em all. Destroy and rebuild! 

      • bisolabliss

        Muppet! Despite a solid post, you never miss an opportunity to include ‘Pac in any one of your tirades, wanker extraordinaire…

      • Montezuma1

         Because he is the most emulated of all the pseudo gangsters in rap. Strike the shepherd to make the sheep scatter. Kill the head and the body dies. His lie/legend brought about a paradigm shift in hip hop and through mass marketing the black community. I couldn’t give 2 shyts about Pac. I see how his name and image has been used to entice many with fuckery. Speak the truth and shame the devil… ALWAYS.

      • Guns3000

         I think one thing you must keep in mind PAC is adored and may seem like a massive figure in hip hop but PAC died at 25 years old.  How many 25 year old truly understand their role in the world and how they may influence it after they are gone.  At 25 you are still a baby relatively speaking in this thing called life.  You make great points about some rappers being Sambos and coons but people are merely a product of their environments.  Some of these young men don’t understand how their actions are being used to undermine the positive progression of people that look like them. How many twenty year old people truly comprehend the roots and ramifications of the slave mentality because quite frankly some young blacks are the physical manifestation of it.  I think PAC is and was a lot more complex than what your post illustrates so just keep that in mind.

      • Montezuma1

        Respect. How old was Malcolm, Martin, Stokely, etc when they decided to fight against oppression? There was a time when COLLEGE aged men and women embraced adulthood and exuded maturity. 25 is GROWN and always has been until old rapppers extended adolesence. Rap started with kids making music for kids. Outside of NY all sorts of adults got involved and introduced adult content into what was once just kids having fun. Enough excuses for Pac. He was IMMATURE and it got him killed. This era is so tragic because everyone is a late fukking bloomer. Down to the druglords idolized. Big Meech was in his 40’s doing what Raful, Fat Cat, The Chambers bros, etc did when they were teens and in their early 20’s. At least their excuse for being dumb was age. The following generation including Pac have no such luxury.   

  • How does the kingpin snitch?? smh Pac told yall about this nigga! 

  • Terrance Goodman

    I know Pac laughing at this fools now………..I am Now fools see his true colors

  • rep87

    Its a wrap for real all that talking Jimmy been doing what Game got to say bout him now he was trying to sell him out over guns and Wyclef over 60k the Feds wasnt going to turn a blind eye on you clocking 10mil a yr for them petty crimes of Game packing heat Wyclef chump change its getting interesting by the day


    Friendship & loyalty and being a man of your word is elementary school stuff.?????
    I thought being loyal, keeping your word,  and yes being loyal to your friends were principals that make a MAN…… There a differernces between associates & friends.
    And i see why you feel jay didnt nothing wrong, because you have the same mentality as jay.
    Which is kind of fuk up.  We not talking kobe, ” bitsh you wasnt with me shooting in the gym”
    Type of shet.  Jay didnt get to where he at by his got damn self,
    If he did then i can see him, having that attitude.
    But truth is,  if you going to have that mentality which is fine,
    Keep it business, & dont cross the lines of business & being friends.
    Look at jay history, he shetted on everybody who has ever help
    Him,  also  Last time i check sigel or state prop never ever did anything that jeporadize jay freedom or money. Execpt when sigel ran up in the radio station,
    And beat a dj ass for burning him. Lol but that was back in the day.
    Its you dont value being loyal to your friends, i guess that cool.
    But to some,  that means everything. Its plenty of times cats risk they freedom for jay,
    I guess its depends on your backround and up bringing.
    You come off as you dont value your friends.


    Me myself, value my inner circle to death.  That why i said made be i am bias,
    Cause i was raised and came up under the same rules as sigel. 
    When you from  the streets or engaged in that lifestyle, your squad, click, Crew, block, can or is closer to you then your own blood…
    And your right sigel being loyal to jay for so long, was his down fall.
    He should had been stop fuking wit jay. Not the other way around.
    But when you got a snake (jay) they can be sneaky like the serpent.
    Man money not everything, trust me.  And jay is lonely right now at the top
    By himself.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yo i guess philly cats just got a different look on things.
    I not accustomed to losing people by way of murder.
    But i am  lucky enough to only have one person (friend)  in my life to be taken from
    Me….. In thats regards.     and trust me. 
     i give up every last dime to my name,
    Cars, houses, everything. AND  i got some nice shet too.  But i will give up everything just to get my man back….  Because no matter how much bread i got or get, shet dont seem right without him being here.  So if i seem childish in my thoughts, that okay.
    But trust me, “aint no fun riding in a bentley or rolls royce”
    By yourself.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cats aint fuking wit jay, cause if you can call the cops on a nigga,
    That would buss his gun for you, & take a slug for you…..

    Then you will call the cops on anybody.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And we all know, niggas that are willing to call the cops,
    Get left alone…… Please dont think the jew mafia holding him 
    Down.   All they did was give him acess to a new type of “muscle”
    Instead of getting street gangster. You now got your personal acess to the biggest GANG
    In the world. The police……….
    Why else was state trooper already on deck at a radio  promo concert?????

    The year before at the hangar tour jay did, for 
    kindom come
    He instructed his security, that if sigel showed up at the venue,
    He didnt want to be approach by him.   This is facts u can look it up in the daily news.

    Now jay had his jew mafia then right?????
    But why was he so scared of sigel then????

    Niggas dont war with rats, my ( ja-rule voice)

    If a niggah go to the cops, he wins !!!!!!!!! Lol
    Lok it up…………

  • bktotheworld

    You people read this internet shit too much bunch of nobodies beating up your gums about shit that is alleged most these cats is on the porch live with they moms never been thru shit but high school get off hova dick ya cats wouldnt last a day in brooklyn

  • thaGOD83

    thats why egypt failed and at the end of the day why everything fails when every1 has that “jay z” type of mentality..because if the man next to you thought only for themselves, no1 could move to a higher level, lets use the streets for an example, if you started nickel and diming, and the dude hitting u off robs you, how can you even move out of that bracket, if jaz fucked over jay, he wouldnt be here, feel me…yea that im for me and i do it on my own is cool, but u cant come up ever if every1 thought like that, and thats why WE havent retook whats ours, because some1 rather ruin the whole picture, by wanting it all for themselves when in reality, they only can get no more than that piece that they i saying be in a crew/gang and go to jail with every1 HELL NO..but if you got a team, a roc a fella, no limit, whatever, why would you fucc that whole thing up, when u have more power as a   crew..jay, and im only using him because he is a great example of greed/dishonor as it gets, IS alone, but he has to conform because he has no real backing to buck the system anymore like he used to.  so he is endorsing that gay shit, hanging with vampires because he cut off THE GODS or his brothers.  he has to rat out j prince and suge, a person who will never get the credit he deserves, hell jay is worse than suge, but you become a rat when you think all for yourself..why would jimmy even bring up game and wyclef, because he is for self and we will forever suffer, esp our children as long as we think that way,  shalom    “niggas is scared of the new world order, so i keep it ghetto like sunflower seeds and quarter waters”  he told us back then where his heart was

    • bktotheworld

       emphatically non cipher god if you did your math you would know a god when you see one but obviously you cant cause you dont a alike b alike or c alike

      • thaGOD83

        who is a GOD bro, jay was raised under DR YORK and none of his music reflects what he really knows, that makes him the biggest trader ever, because he knows better, im not hating on dude, i dont wanna be anything close to him, i dont drink, wear the newest fashion, so he doesnt appeal to me…he is part of the prob along with clown like jimmy that make this fake shit look real…shalom

    • lol at you for thinking rap and drugs is the only way out

    • ddsdavey

      gtfo with ya novel!

      • thaGOD83

        its all good GOD i aint trippin if u disagree I love every1, I just hate to see any of these clowns glorified when they are hurting our people with they “all bout me”mentality..thats the reason why the our neighor”hood” is fucked up, we dont care about each other “neighbor” so now our people are stuck in the “hood”  shalom

    • Guest

      Say it again, they dont wanna hear that real shit

  • $18592567

    Whitey Bulger

  • i gotta feeling the DA is gonna call game to come testify 

    • OCYRUS

      if they keep bringing his name up they will

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  • torreysn

    WHAAAT, u never know what a man will do with his back against the wall and dick in the dirt.

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  • komayo

    game received a shippment of guns from this man he is fucked