Hip-Hop Rumors: It’s Going To Be A Hot Summer – Lil’ Wayne Says “F*ck Pusha-T”

It looks like G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha-T has really done something to push Lil’ Wayne’s buttons. Last night, Weezy sent out a very direct tweet calling Pusha-T out by name to his followers. Check out the tweet below:

We hear Lil’ Wayne is upset because Pusha dropped a new track last night called “Exodus 23:1” that many feel is taking shots at Drake and Weezy. The lyrics is particular that we believe Weezy is taking offense to are below:

“Contract all f—ed / Explain up I guess that means you all f—ed up / You signed to one ni— that signed to another ni— that’s signed to three ni— / Now that’s bad luck”

Check out the full Pusha-T track below:

Whoa, this is going to be one h*ll of a rap battle, if it actually happens. If you remember back in 2008, Lil’ Wayne and Pusha T went at each other when Pusha and Malice aka The Clipse, accused Weezy of stealing their style. Pusha went in on both Wayne and Birdman in the intro for their mixtape, “We Got It For Cheap Volume 3”, saying, “Don’t make me turn daddy’s lil’ girl to orphan, that mean I’d have to kill Baby like abortion.” The refrence to Baby is ofcourse Lil’ Wayne’s play father, Birdman. Nothing really materialized from this former beef, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Weezy takes his disses from Twitter to wax.

  • pusha t > drugged up, flaming homosexual, fake gangbanger lil wayne

    • polfresh

      young mullllllah baby Tenchi brown is bitch and so is pusha T tell that cat to sell some units

      • churchboy2

        Hey Young’un,
        Who told you that sales = skills? Somebody lied to you.

        If you actually believe what you typed then you must be the biggest Bieber-Gaga fan on this website.

      • just another young fool that thinka sales mean shit.  ymcmb is a product, a marketing ploy.  pusha makes real music.

  • Jared Bolden-Whyte


  • mxtralive

    Damn Weezy that’s how feel… Pusha T ruffled Weezy’s feathers with that joint! Ha

  • everything1

    I could see why wayne could feel like pusha gettin at him.Wayne tight, but Pusha got this one on lock. I been listenin to wayne since way back when he was in the group ” The B.G.’z” with doogie aka B.G. back when he was like 9 or 11 on the album “True Story”. Wayne came along way Lyrically and very clever. But this rap beef right here? With pusha’s Lyrics? I’m not really even a pusha fan like that to know its a wrap for wayne lyrically. But this should be a good battle Nonetheless……..

    • ccwaterbound32

      let’s be honest with each other wayne was a dog back in the day when he first started out   but if you study the game like really study the game you’d be able to know the difference between a good lyricist and a biter, now wayne obviously was a pretty lyrical cat back in the day because even doogie gave wayne his props off of the triggaman diss back in 05′ “you can spit you a beast i aint lying you can go but when you step out the booth my n**ga ya still a hoe, i know you forgot i gave you the game”, point is this wayne stole alot of lyrics and phrases from alot of rappers who aren’t known to the rest of the world and thats why he got hot he put out a large amount of records in a short period of time and saturated the game with just himself it’s like now the industry even tried to reproduce mini lil waynes to compete and grab consumers for a larger profit. originality died soon as wayne even got hot and since he’s been exposed with the homosexuality,biting other peoples styles, stealing records, along with antics and gimmicks in order to keep people interested in his brand. people jam wayne because he’s so say the best rapper alive well sorry kids he aint his best album was carter II and a couple of mixtapes they got wayyyyy more lyrical dudes than wayne they just aint going to get no shine because of industry politics i said it once and ill say it again GO INDY! THE MAJORS CAN’T CONTROL YOU IF YOU GO INDY! YOU KEEP ALL THE MONEY AND YOU HAVE CREATIVE CONTROL!…..

    • right wayne got better pretty fast… lol… thats cause he gopt new ghostwriter… WE ANT DUMB!!!!!! i c thru da lamezzzz

  • churchboy2

    Wayne should have thought this one through.

    He doesn’t really want it like that with Pusha T.

    This could get real ugly for Wayne’s whole team.

    Especially since T has that G.O.O.D. Music network to make his views heard in a major way.

    I would love to see Weezy aired out properly (although right now Drake is probably somewhere teaching Wayne how to duck out of a battle with a real spitter).

  • its prolly gonna take wayne to the winter to respond
    and drake is prolly gonna be the duck to say something 1st

  • johnblacksad

    Lil’ Wayne’s play father… pause that!

    • churchboy2


  • johnblacksad

    Is Common still G.O.O.D.?

    YMCMB is their punching bag…

    •  No..He left and is on his own label now. he and Kanye are not cool anymore.

      • Luckey Bono

        not true , when common was beefing with drake , he said hed get kanye to help him in the beef since baby was getting involved . I dont think hed publicly say that if they wasnt cool.

      • bisolabliss

        Damn! Ya’ll kill a ninja with your BS, lol. where did you pick that crap from? What does Common need Kanye to help him for in a battle with Drake n Baby combined? Common would body the whole Cash Money crew all by himself. Stop disrespecting a true head with comments like the above man….

    • Juan Galarza

      yes he is, this track is on the G.O.O.D. compilation…. so there might be another diss track

  • Mugshot_McGruff

    Pusha >>> YMCMB

  • S. Long

    Wayne exposed himself with that tweet. Deep down he know he don’t want it with Pusha T.

  • Mos High

    This is interesting.  As long as it stays musical I ll keep interest in the return shots to each other. But if some big brawl of a bunch of nobodys takes place, this will be another huge fail. Thats just my opinion. I know so many of you love to hear our brothers kill each other or damn nonsense.  Then justify it by saying oh he was just keeping it real. F that!!!!

  • AK

    i wonder how 2chainz feels about all this  he chose good music over ymcmb

  • This is going to be good! *Grabs popcorn*

    I love me some Pusha T…

    Wayne is okay to me but I think Pusha T would body slam him lyrically.

    F is for phenomenal… LoL

  • OaklandOxymoron

    Pusha went in! Dope track

  • Weezy better tuck in that bottom lip and keep it moving…
    he dont want no problems with a real emcee!

  • timwest1000

    Some more baby mama drama. His baby mama stay up under the clipse.

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  • ccwaterbound32

    i dont even know why this a topic of discussion aint nobody going to do nothing to nobody this aint like the 90’s where they would come out and say your name and straight damage you. so who cares? peace out…

  • bigdoe6

    When niggas are gonna learn. Pusha T will wrap circles around these clowns.

  • Cye B

    If they don’t respond keep talking shit.. keep getting at them niggas without sublims… Just like they did wack rappers in the 90’s.. im just saying

  • brotha_man

    ….may thats true how can you make money if you owe one negro, thats signed to another negro, thats signed to three negros not much money too be made. foot soldier type ish

    • 2twelve

      pusha t singn to kanye west whose sign to def jam whats the only diffrence is baby is visible while the guy thats pimping pusha t is a rich white guy behind dej jam office malice way better anyway to much gun n drug talk pusha

      • brotha_man

        stay indie

      • This is Crazy

         Sorry Bro…There is a rich white guy at the top of everyone’s distribution making the real money. almost had a good one there though

      • King Flashy TheFirst

         Ace hood signed to khaled. Khaled signed to wayne, Wayne signed to baby and slim, and they getting pimped by a white guy at Universal Music Group….So Pusha has a point.

  • chromesoulja

    shoutout to Pusha T what up Seen!

  • That’s not Waynes real twitter. That’s his old account. He is verified and THAT account is NOT verified. Validate your rumors before you start spreading unfounded B.S.

    • that account is verified i think…. i could of sworn i seen it.

  • Luckey Bono

    Man that G.O.O.D Music YMCMB clash is almost inevitable , it seems like its always on the brink , that shits like world war III lol

  • ReeallityBytes

    I was really in that travel lodge you just lying through your catalogs
    WHere your Blood and them battle scars?   

    THat’s a more potent line than the one you picked in the article. 

  • Pusha been taking shots @ Wayne since 06 even without malice check “chevy ridin high” remix. Lol @ pusha claiming he don’t have beef with either of them

  • weezy dont diss anyone on wax if he does its lame… and god damn weezy one ugly mofuca

  • hahahaha pusha gonna kill ehm faggots

  • That’s crazy…i just remembered that Birdman and Clipes had that song “What Happened to that Boy”

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Get em Push!

  • rep87

    Well he didnt Lie ! Pusha”T ! SY this is not a beef just giving a lil boy a spanking for trying to act grown !

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  • ymcmb will kill anybody on GOOD music

    • johnblacksad

       you dress like them too? jus wonderin…

  • Jaymalls

    Clipse bodied Wayne and Baby back in ’08. Baby cop’d the plea… This is proven fact. 2nd, since when has a tweet about someone equates to “slamming” or “dissing”??? Unless its on wax, Wayne ain’t saying shit!

  • polfresh

    church boy b kool pusha is nice dont get me wrong but he needs to stop hes been taking shots at them boys for a minute and for what nothing exactly like HOV say when you at the top thats what you get everybody just need to stop with all this beef shit and rap and get money

  • ladynamor

    Isnt Push T signed to Kanye who is signed to Jay-Z who is owned by Live Nation and so on? They ALL are some slaves. Just Sayin’

  • polfresh


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  • Wayne would need help if he’s gonna go at Push.  cuz honestly, Push would murk him.

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