Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Lil’ Kim A Liar? – Birdman Thinks So!

Last week, Lil’ Kim opened her “The Return Of The Queen” tour at The Paradise Theater in The Bronx. N.Y. She killed it at the concert and brought out Missy Elliott, Eve, Fred Da Godson and even had Pepa from Salt N Pepa chilling with her backstage.

Anyway, during a promotional run for the tour the Queen Bee sat down with the Breakfast Club and gave her version of the origin of the Nicki Minaj beef. Lil’ Kim basically said that she was set to sign with Cash Money and did a song featuring her and Nicki Minaj for Birdman’s album. The song never made it on the album and Kim says that Nicki Minaj stole her whole swag from that song.

Birdman says Lil’ Kim is not telling an accurate account of what happened. Check out what he told MTV’s DJ Envy below:

Nah, ain’t no truth to that, we based on creativity. If you know about YMCMB and you ever followed us and been a part of our music, biting and stealing that sh*t just ain’t for us. All [those] rap wars, we just grinding for the money, sun up, sun down. It’s Nicki Minaj all day everyday.”

Who do you believe?

  • therealest1

    Hypocrite shit! Birdman is a damn hypocrite himself. “If you know about YMCMB and you ever followed us and been a part of our music, biting and stealing that shit just ain’t for us.”, what the hell does he mean they don’t bite and steal, didn’t the figureheads, Birdman and Lil Wayne, become fake ass Bloods over time when they were in the game? So Birdman and Lil Wayne were O.G. Bloods who put in work before they got into the music game? So they didn’t get turned out by Mack 10 after he joined their roster in 2001?

    “Don’t bite and steal” huh? So Lil Wayne isn’t biting and stealing now that he went from fake ass Blood to currently a skater overnight since its the hot trend lately and that he’s trying to appeal to the white demographic to boost sales and appeal?

    • Lil’ Wayne bit off Dipset like crazy. Look at the way that nigga started dressing when he starteed hanging around Cam and Juelez Santana.

      • therealest1

         Perhaps I’ll have to look into that one since I wasn’t aware of that. Yeah, but don’t be shocked if Lil Wayne starts biting Boy George’s steelo if it ever became the in thing to look effeminate and it would boost his sales numbers as well.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        i kno gay i miss the old lil wayne hot boys  u could have dip set cam  all that gay ny stuff find down south no lil wayne he was on game


        you need to go back to school lil dumb boy learn how to write smh i think you need to come up north to learn how to write man sad ass moon cricket lol

  • johnblacksad

    Look at this sorry lookin grown man… smh

    • therealest1

       Yeah, like this fake ass over 40 year old trying to gang bang is the ideal person who should be talking about biting and stealing.

    • Casor_Greener

      Yep. Dude is a clown.  A rich clown, but a clown non-the-less

  • water_ur_seeds

    who gives a fck

  • Would have given some good insight into the truth/untruth of this if he responded to the question of if they actually did a song together and if Lil Kim was possibly signing to Y.M.

  • BulldogCG

    lol. I believe this has been covered well in the comment section.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      i dont clearly nikki said she love kim but nikki music nuttin like kims nikki real comercial her lyrics aint nasty like kiim  nikki aint even rappin gangsta so kim lyin she just mad nikki doin her thang nikki got the shine she dont like it n nikki is 5 ppl in 1 she nuttin like kim i dont listen 2 either i felt remy ma should eat both of them


      • thuglifefukdapolice

        lid=sten i aint no female so im not gonna  waste my time all im sayin is nikki has her own thing moment 4 life kim never made 1 song like  that kim style is hardcore female raps nasty  nikki aint hardcore she crazy as hell tho kim aint special really sshe just rolled wit biggie n nyc loved biggie n biggie wrote all her stuff hell the whole junior mafia cd


        you here agin stupid boy learn how to spell coon dogg ass boy lmaoooo come to bodymore leave u stiff shorty shit stain

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        hardbody karate ur name is self explanatory lmao l7 str8 up buster 

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        i was born 87 not today so i heard plenty of kim song matter fact  my screen name thug life who was the first person talkin thug life who droppped a album called thug life n im still a bad boy killa peace


        you not street shorty lmaoooo u never left your coon ass state in your life bitch ass


        man smh you a bitch give me your lunch money you sound  gay honey bunns ass nigg

  • BulldogCG

    Why would he speak against an artist that make money for him?  of course he would lie, it doesnt mean he is, but they definitly arent stand up dudes.  They about money and thats it, will do anything to get it.  Including continue to brainwash our kids with their ignorance. 

  • R W

    i feel dumb everytime i hear this coon ass nigga talk


      he look like a black skin head dumb ass country ass dude smh we cant stand his ass out here in the jungles westside

  • i guarantee you he started the interview by saying “YMCMB 100” 

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  • TheBoxcarHobo

    LOL…Wayne is the biggest biter I’ve ever heard next to Game. Wayne went from wobbly-wobble to soundin like Gillie to soundin like Drake ol mark ass….f*ck is u talkin bout, Birdman?

  • who cares everyone in the music biz is influenced by someone or something and Nicki need to stop for one Kim was a innovator tht paved the way for you to be in the game Black people are the only ones that dnt respect thier own music and the people who came before them…You have to be blind not to see KIm in Nicki and KIm need to relax too ur older now move on and you know in music Youth is everything. And if my memory serves me correct when Puffy wanted to package you like Nicki and make u a brand outside the hood you refused and wanted to ride for the hood and homeys that eventually put you in jail… Nicki just took it POP and the money came pouring in…cant hate her for that business decisions KIM needs to recall the skit from  Dave CHappelle ” when KEEPING IT REAL GOES WRONG”

  • Charter

    ….Buuuut Wayne stole Gillie da Kid’s style (don’t get kid yourself, you know he did) and now he’s stealing the BAPE/ICE CREAM/BBC look to do the Trukfit thing. So based on defineable evidence, YMCMB most definitely endorses stealing/biting as long as it equals dollar signs. 

  • Eddy Stone

    nigga please!!!!!!! really i don’t know who you tryin to fool? firstly envy disappointed me, he’s a heavy dickrider. the way he explained the situation to birdman is NOT what kim said on this interview smh but any way birdman dude please lil kim doesn’t need to open her mouth. hell stevie wonder can see nicki tried to steal her whole identity. if kim said they stole one of her songs, i’m not even surprised. they did that before. that nicki bitch faked her way to the top, she’s a fraud. and like somebody else said, of course he’s gonna side with nicki. there’s no way he was gonna say “yes we stole the song, and nicki is wack” smh

  • Even a fool or moron knws bird man is lying …now dat d world is seeing truth in wut Kim has been saying they scared,,,he wants to finally speak out and defend Nicki wen Lil kim gave a gud evidence..Wow bird man stop it!  Pple knw hw u ve wronged  so many Lil kim is telling d truth…Why do nicki still has not bn able to say one thing..about d beef …she keeps dizing kim yet Kim is lying? nooooo KIM IS TELLING D TRUTH

  • rep87

    Who cares this garbage article, Birdman is a poor excuse for a man and both them females arent worth the time listening to beef

  • nigga if yo non rappin ass dont knock it off yall are the biggest biters and nicki is a clear example like kim said everything in the dark will come to the light and everyone is seeing the truth and nigga is getting scared ymcmb is some of the most unoriginals ive ever seen!

  • Kim story never changed since she first told it..REAL TALK so i believe KIM 100%

  • Vaughn Pyne

    comin from the guy that said he owned the miami dolphins lol

    • he also said he owned a oil company & got a oil pump tatted on his head… then got it covered up by red stars hhahahah

  • fortydogg

    nicki thought she was so far beyond hip hop she start doin other muzik and  then when hot97 dissed her and said hip hop could care less bout her, and white people start callin her a lady gaga knock off see how fast she shot a video wit nas in it to try in get back in the hip hop world/ shes wack/ kim will destroy her any day

  • if she did a song she ant got a copy??

  • Even if she did copy, guess what it’s workin!  Entertainment is about re-invention.  You can say Kobe stole moves from Jordan or Randy Moss tring to be Jerry Rice or Yelawolf trying to be Eminem.  Who da fucc cares?  I think they’re just patterning some of their styles after someone they look up to.  Nobody even cared until Kim started bitchin.  If Nicki woulda flopped, bet Kim wouldn’t had said a word.  Other peoples success is the black man’s kryptonite, they can’t stand to be around it.  Just sayin….

    • nicki has flopped several times. she has no good songs & her cds keep getn pushed bak bcz she is horrible

  • Big Crimes

    “We out here e’rry day doin what we do. Gettin that money kna’im’sayin? All day. We go in. We in the building. You know what it is. You already know.”

    blah blah blah

    Can’t stand Birdman. Can’t stand rappers that talk like this. I think a lot of people feel like i do. Why are there so many rappers/hip hop celebrities like Birdman at the top of the game who are so self concious they put up this wall of verbal diarrhea  just to avoid having a real conversation?




    M.O.P bodyville

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     One thing I will say  as far dress style I’m sided with  Kim on that one.  I think Nicki did take some pointers out of Kim’s book on the multiple ways of dress styles from the wigs,hair styles, and just the sexy selling style alone if you really look at it. 

    Now to go back further in time. No one really invented the sexy style of dress unless your talking about SALT & PEPPA. they are the originators and to go back further I’m sure they may have had some influences.  

    As far as I’m concern Salt & Peppa gave game to  Oak Town 357, LiL Kim, Foxy Brown,  Eve and  Nicki many others I didn’t include on the lists as far as Dress style “NOT RAP STYLE” so don’t get it twisted. I think all those ladies took a little something from Salt & Peppa.

     But to be honest its almost impossible to completely emulate a person. It can’t be done. As far as Nicki goes she’s a pop artist.  She doesn’t include the SOUL,R&B, OR HIPHOP ELEMENTS IN HER MUSIC.   LiL Kim does include those elements even with “No matter what they say” which was one of Kim’s greatest POP SONG she still included the Hip Hop sound in that song  

    Now to conclude this paragraph Nikki doesn’t rap like Kim, ride over tracks like KIM they are complete different artists. Only thing that Nikki really pattern after Kim is dress style. Only time that NIKKI RODE FOR HIP-HOP IS ON THE BET CIPHER WITH JOE BUDDEN AND BUCKSHOT WHICH SHOWED ME SHE HAD NOT COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN HER HIP HOP ROOTS other than that I don’t see many SIMILARITIES. That’s why I don’t think Kim should worry allot
    Many of you complain about the industry not including enough female representation in rap. well hear are some
             “FEMALE RAPPERS I KNOW”.

    1. STAHHR    “still dope”

    2. Sa-Roc   “Star of Siam” “END-US-STRY”

    3. Tiye Phoenix new joints “Sky Bound” & “WAKIN UP”

    4. Amanda Seales   “MAN CHILD” OR “TREND SETTAS”



    • ddsdavey

       Jesus,did we ask for a lecture wtf!

  • ymcmb bites shit all the time from white boys & lil gayne stole his style from women clothes wtf

  • nicki says she bees in the trap… lil kim has been present in shoot outs but she has tried to deny it & did time for not snitching— who is real???

    • I have read your posts and for you to say Nikki has flopped just confirms that you don’t really care for young money.  Dont get me wrong, I don’t like much of their music lately, but saying Nikki flopped?  Come on dude keep it real wit yourself.  By the way, what does being in a shootout and going to jail for some niggaz dat told on you have to do with being real?  Sound stupid to me.  Not only did she do time for some stupid ghetto sh#t, her career wasn’t da same when she got out.  So tell me who’s winnin?  Just sayin…..

      • there was high expectations from her song w gucci & gotti… after that i havent heard 1 thing she did that was good. she made huuuge video for over a mill for her 1st single & that flopped majorly. she has no good songs or albums thats a fact- she is a flop

    • BoldSpice

      Hanging out with shooters don’t make you real. It make you an accomplice.

  • i hear baby but what about all the lawsuits from producers that have surrounded cash money over the past couple of years..

  • ant

    nikki is slowly fading away, mark my words she is slowly fading away

  • uuummmm…hello the whole carter cd was ghostwritten…did they forget I DIDNT!

  • Tina

    really? … drake has OPENLY admitted to stealing flows and rapping techniques