Hip-Hop Rumors: Saigon Goes In On Rick Ross And Big Sean For Making Destructive Music

Politically smart and socially conscious Brooklyn rapper Saigon is upset with the current state of Hip-Hop music and points his fingers at popular artists, Rick Ross and G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean. Check out what Saigon said about Ricky Rozay’s music being too heavily based on selling drugs and how nobody knows the lyrics to Big Sean’s hit “Dance (A$$)”.

Why ya’ll supportin’ a n*gga that promotes the destruction of our community? Why are you doin’ that? Why would you let this n*gga thrive and we don’t know where our next jobs are coming from? He’s rapping about selling kilos of cocaine and selling drugs. This is what he’s about, this whole lifestyle saying he’s so rich and he eats shrimp every night, and ya’ll support this sh*t?,” Sai told SOHH, referring to Ross.

“Ya’ll broke and poor and your family’s about to get kicked out. That’s our hit son! That’s his hit. Nobody knows the words to this song, all they know is “a$$, a$$, a$$, a$$, a$$, a$$, a$$” [background noises]. We don’t care about “a$$, a$$, a$$, a$$,” but this is the society we livin’ in right now. So it’s like alright.”

Do you think Saigon has a point, or is he just disgruntled because Ross and Big Sean are having success? Saigon’s album “The Greatest Story Never Told” is currently available on iTunes.

  • water_ur_seeds

    Sai Giddy got A point, think He just trying to say that theres no balance in their music

  • mxtralive

     Dude does have a point.

  • Cory Evans

    Man he aint got no point….why Ross and Sean…it’s a long list of people doiing the same…so why them and why now?

    • TruthSerum

      There the mascots for what he’s talking about

      Its the same reason why Kanye said “George Bush dont care about black people”, you think Bush is the ONLY politician that thinks like that??…… Of course not, but he’s the one everybody has heard of, so you make the example out of him, rather then say “Random Republican Senator from Iowa doesnt care about black people”

      Which makes more sense to you if you wanted to make this point, make an example out of indy Trap rapper nobody has heard, or the guy who is doing it on TV every 5 minutes

      • MadVillain

         lol hell OBAMA dont even care about black ppl.

      • Akil Black

        Damn you hit it right on the head bruh with calling out the ones people know about!

  • kstaxx

    Sounds to me like Saigon got sour grapes jus another mad rapper who hot cause he aint gettin his shine on and the masses aint checkin to hear his music like they are for Rick Ross and Big Sean. I could only have guessed he was a New Yorker big suprise their.


    I hate rick fraud, but saigon sounds bitter.

    And as far as big sean, ass was a club joint….
    Really dont see nothing wrong with big sean.
    Although i dont listen to his music.

    Saigon just looking for attention, ross not the first to talk about drugs.
    He just the fakest niggah, that is doing it.

  • Negro Peligro

    Man you can be concoius and do other things too.  No person is 1 dimensional. You need Church music for the church you need shake music for the shake.  In times of harsh economic downturn people don’t want to hear about problems they want to relax and unwind have a good time. Then in times of economic growth people tend be more open to talking about subjects Maslows Hierarchy of needs. Saigon caught steam during a time of economic growth. Now nobody wanna hear that. I make conscious music myself. I don’t knock racks on racks.  But me personally I wouldn’t drop a track like that. I phyiscally am not able too.  He can make that sound good I couldn’t so their is a level of talent that does go into it. 

  • polfresh

    hip hop aint the same no more its know way in the 90s a person could lie about not being the police in then it be true and still sell records never would have happened back then

  • johnblacksad


  • Raul Tirado

    I haven’t heard much of Saigon since his album dropped. I feel it could be both that he has a point and is a little disappointed that he isn’t in the light as much as Ross and Big Sean. He’ll get over it lol

  • Tell em Saigon!

  • Brittanikah7

    It’s true!  Our community supports and promotes the very things that destroy us.

    • no1 in the hood is bumpn ross , only white kids in the suburbs

  • bigdoe6

    In the words of the Green Eye Bandit aka Erick Sermon “There’s no balance in Hip-Hop right now”. So i have to agree with Sai on this one.

  • please all these so called conscious community rappers need to suppport each other more and be more vocal and do more themselves and get more involved in hip hop bec real talk when they were eating high off the hog they all were baggin chicks and ballin out too so stop I agree that there’s is disconnect in hiphop and community but remember all the Saigons who were on top didnt work collective together too many movements at once with no solid cause and these new kats are all thinking the same way $$$$ so they work better together than those who were so positive and plus they handle thier business something alot of these so called old school rappers didnt do they had the message but drop the ball when it came to handling thier money,, and I dnt support any artist ross or a saigon unless they are about hiphop and thier community whether they rap about ass or politics alot of these dudes who claim they so hip hop be frauds too I know personally so dnt blame Rick ross blame those who are signing his checks 

  • keep in mind hip hop has had materialism in it since day once and it was more about the struggle of urban life…NWA, 2live Crew, and a host of others use to get alot of heat about thier lyrics and it was LUke who battled congress to allow the lyrics you hear now play over mainstream radio..Jay z, Kanye, and a host of others dnt reallly rap about nothing either same thing as rick so whats the point

  • A real person will feel where he is coming from, i dont think he is sour about his status, if he was he would be selling out to sell,  these rappers brag to the fans about how paid they are and how broke others are and thats what people buy,lol  and these dope songs that they know nothing about,  we need balance, its different rapping about you have sold drugs and the up and downs about it, but to glorify it like its cool is a shame

  • I can understand his statement on rick ross, but come on son… The song A$$ was intended to be a specific song type, not for educating the masses and telling people to be politically engaged. Ross been selling false realities, but at the same time there are people that can relate to what he is saying… its all fucked up, but dont go in a Big Sean for making a club record..

  • Terrance Goodman

    Too many band wagon bad guys ……..fools lost they lane 

  • was  just saying he liked Rick Ross on his twitter, this report is bs, was talking about hip hop in general, ppl always trying to fabricate beef.

  • Jahb1911

    I thinks its both. I think what he saying is true. But i do think he fustrated that he is stalled, because he is a great artist..

  • he is right

  • mrgibson

     Saigon has a point, but it’s been like this since the big commercialization of hip-hop/rap.  If anything he needs to be airing out these record labels who are raping the art for profits.  But it seems that rappers are content to point fingers at each other.  More of the same i guess. 

  • Guest

    Sai…i got 20 of ur tracks on my ipod n ur a fuckin hypocrite…you catch bodies on every other song u spit on…

    Also I bet the hair on my head that if ur album with just blaze didnt flop and u were RELEVANT u wouldnt go at other rappers like this.

    U jealous bruh. U Salty.

    • u guys all falling victim to the media, they trying to create a divide, Saigon stated he has no problem with Ross, he said he would never single out an individual, especially 1 he is cool with. The media always trying to create beef.But for the record, gsnt is better than anything Ross or Big sean could ever make,and thats a FACT.

    • fish salad water

       my dude, you gotta wise up.

  • haha

  • rep87

    This crap is deeper than Ross and Big Sean ,and has been address for years its not just them its these Big Labels  mofo”s thats the real negitive influnce  they control what we hear and see and AHH can be blame as well they show us what the Corp want us to see and hear, Rap use to have many lanes now its just one sex drugs and Ignorance , 

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  • slumlord_vinny

    Sai got a point. Rap is going  down the toilet. Seriously, what do drugs and guns really have to do with hip hop. Street cred or even fake street cred don’t make you a nice MC


    He’s only speaking the truth, that nobody wants to hear!!

  • Black Exodus

    Saigon is speaking truth…at the same time…he should let “HIS” music speak for itself. Saigon has to understand the gansta/ player era has been relevant strong since 1994. Minds have been influence heavy. There needs to be an influx of music that wakes and transcends to a more current state of mind and a sign of times we are in now. I have no problem with any artist doing them but there needs to be diversity for the masses commercially and mainstream…not just one style of Hip Hop available.

    Black Exodus “Diamonds” google me  

  • fortydogg

    saigon real talk but @ same time he had a trck produce by alchemist called stocking cap talkin bout get a hole threw it / so he promotin muder if yall wannna get technical

  • Rick Ross’s music is good but his message is ridiculuous

  • man he turned around and kissed ross ass right them tweets.. like more then once… he jealous.. and he rap about the ish just a diffrent way

  • Why all these rappers who been in the game hatin cuz they not hot?  Make a hit record nd then maybe we would support you too.  Just sayin….


      • I can agree wit dat opinion homie.  Good point. But on the same note, he doesn’t have to talk down on other rappers to get that point across. Artists have their own lane that keeps them relevant and works for them. Drake has da sing songy flow, Jeezy has adlibs, hell, 80 % of a Too Short album is talkin about fuccin! They have a style and content that appeals to their audience so Sai, while a good rapper, hasn’t found what works for him to gain success on a national level. Good luck to him though.

  • Paul Hansborough

    Saigon is tellin’ the truth! Don t get me wrong I like some of  Rick Ross’s stuff but, we need to educate the youth on some different stuff as well! Oh by the way Sai is talking about something,

  • Big Crimes

    hate the foss

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    william and sean are wack in years to come people will not be listening to there music when their fans grow up they will realize the same thing 

  • Nice Cube

    he kinda right about ross. his music is sending out WILD reckless messages wether people want to believe it or not. i fucks w ross tho. that shit bang. i feel like saigon is speaking out of jealously, b/c he rap better than both of them &isn’t seeing a fraction of their tall ass money. so in the end,  what he’s saying is going to fall on even more deaf hears than his album did.

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  • fish salad water

    Sydney Lace, your interpretation of success is moot.  In fact, your all your articles are moot.  Nuff.

  • chris lewis

    yeah i always thought the same thing .. too bad this won’t get much publicity because people are going to discount it as Saigon being “a hater” … But real talk Rick Ross is hella phony this dude is the real CB4 of our times.. (even the real Freeway Ricky Ross don’t respect this dude) .. back in the days rappers like that wouldn’t get no type of respect. As for Big Shawn … it just makes me shake my head in shame that this dude is from Chicago .. it’s damn .. it’s bad enough we got the cubs … now this wack ass dude making Pitbull(shit) and FloRida music .. Saigon’s on point here … 

    • chiboy773

      Really? Big sean is from detroit. cmon man. An im from Chicago, 103rd

      • chris lewis

        My bad … glad he ain’t from the Chi (though the WGCI ad would make you think he is ) I’m from Chicago too man 122nd … 

  • Sai has a valid point most of the songs thats out now are songs that are destruction to your soul do you need more proof that the illuminati is real? 

    • just look at big seans hat & u cann see all the symbols

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  • he has a point but really music is entertainment too,not to sound ignorant but i really dont wanna hear about starving people when i hit the club, theres a time and place for everything, instead of him concentrating on other rappers who are successful with their brand of music, he should make his music bang harder

  • luke abma

    the difference between saigon and who he’s talking about is this : sagion will talk about drugs, guns, violence etc. but its from a different angle…its not bragging like you would hear from ross (or most rappers today). Saigon is making people aware of serious situations and outlining the downfalls those actions could bring. Ross, and others are making it seem like its cool and influencing people to feel that its cool as well. 

  • saigons a loser. he couldn’t make it mainstream. so, now he wants to hate on nigga’s getting that money. get a real job!!!

    • fish salad water

       wow, your ignorance is shining, my boy.  trendy lil buckaroo you.

  • Sagion has Major point. And I will agree many ,blackmen, and women don’t have JO$$’S OR JOB”$ including myself.. Nor does the black community have  enough stake in ownership of major businesses or corporations too create major jobs. Only maybe like 1% of blacks own something major or even have a established small business.

     But I think what Sagion is trying to say is it needs to be more balance in terms of radio play and video play coming from the major entertainment avenues. 

    But from a business stand point you have to think about it from a Major’s point of view as the saying goes “IS IF DON’T MAKE MONEY IT DON’ T MAKE SENSE”  Also you can lead a MAN TO THE POND BUT YOU CAN’T MAKE HIM DRINK IT IF HE DOESN’T WANT IT.  I ve tried this with a few relatives when comes to another style if hiphop beside’s what’s being played across major media outlets across  America.

    As far as radio play I would like to hear


    3. SA-ROC  ” ENDUSTRY”   

    4. AMANDA SEALES “manchild” 

    Stuff like this doesn’t really get played on mainstream radio but it should and I think thats what Sagion is trying to say.

     Saigons video  ‘ GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD” back in the era of the 90’s would have been in heavy rotation on YO-MTV RAPS AND BET’S RAPCITY.  But the reason its not now because that’s just major competition. AS A MATTER OF FACT THE  MUSIC INDUSTRY IS TEEMING WITH SO MUCH TALENT ITS LIKE A RECESSION SIMILAR TO THE JOB MARKET. They are not going to let everybody in.  They have to keep some people out because  it mess with some of the bread on the table. Example if I’M MAJOR AND KNOW OF a artist that’s a major threat to one of my sign artists I have to use any means necessary to keep the new artists from getting air play or video play. AS matter OF FACT,  they don’t even have to try to keep a underground artists underground anymore because PAYOLA exists. With  Huge amounts of MONEY you CAN GET  ON MAJOR MEDIA OUTLETS. But anyone that’s new or an underground artist trying to establish their self don’t have the Marketing Capitol or probably know enough people or if they did know the right heads they probably wouldn’t want to change up their image enough to appeal to the masses because that means their individual expression and art form would suffer.

  • You wouldnt feed your kids Dog shit, would you ? I aint lettiing that Fraud feed my kids BullShit either  !!!!

  • BoldSpice

    Ni99a please! Another NY rapper upset over the lack of anybody giving a shyt that he alive. You need to be pointing out movies, books, video games, rich NBA and NFL ni99as flaunting they expensive shyt and all that. Was Wu tang and Biggie trying to save the community? Hellz no they had grimy rhymes too. Playing the white mans tool right now monkey. You might wanna check that because you headed for self destruction.

    • Jascha James

      no hes right its one thing to talk about struggle and building urself and community…..we got people struggling everyday…..and not everyone has a silver spoon to eat from  but hip hop does have influence on society…….and as we move on in time shit gets worst there should be some truth and realness back in hip hop aint hip hop artist sellin weight like dat and if u did u well be in da can right now cause u just snitched on urself…its one thing for society to break shit down and its one thing for the music we came to relay on to send a message to the world for peace and understanding….and its one thing to be materialistic and violent…..

  • He’s absolutely right. It’s the reason why gangster rap was created. Before it, young Black boys and girls were excelling in school and graduating at all time highs, because the music that was coming from the hip hop community was positive. So how do you destroy the mindset of people? Change the imagery and the messages that people are programmed with. It hasn’t been the same since.