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City of Philadelphia Launches Crackdown on Meek Mill’s Dirt Bike Riding Influence

(AllHipHop News) Despite the popularity of dirt bike riding in Meek Mill’s hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the city government is instituting a crackdown on the use of dirt bikes and ATV’s in its streets.

Attention to the issue developed this week when Philadelphia Police told ABC News WPVI in Philadelphia that dirt bike and ATV riding in neighborhoods is “a nuisance” and has become “increasing dangerous.”

Unclear on its origins, the city speculates that Meek Mill’s “Bike Life” viral video  is what caused the youth to recently emulate the bike-riding affections of the Maybach Music Group-signed artist.

In hopes of curbing the loud bikes, wheelies, and high speed races, the City of Philadelphia is confiscating as many bikes and ATVs as possible, and the police are asking residents to tell them if they know of any hidden bikes.

“They’re glorifying it, but obviously these guys are good riders you can see that. But then again, you may have a kid 14 or 15 who may try to do the same thing, and he’s going to get hurt. He’s going to get killed,” said Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Evers.

It would seem, however, as if the police are fighting an uphill battle against Meek Mill’s popularity in the city, as this weekend the MMG rapper was asked to perform at Jay-Z’s “Made In America” Labor Day Weekend Concert overlooking Ben Franklin Parkway in the heart of downtown Philly.

“The Mayor does not condone illegal activities or actions that endanger the public. The glorification of illegal activities through music videos is an issue that consumers need to consider as they make market choices,” the Mayor’s Office said in a statement about the illegal bike riding.

Meek Mill was unable to be reached for comment at the time of print.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Dudes in Philly been doing that which is why Meek displayed it.  This was art imitating life initially. Im sure it did get more popular after Meeks video as Philly has a lot of cloners. When something gets hot in Philly, EVERY does it lol

    • EL_BARK


      Stop believing everything you read.

      Bike & 4 wheeler aint just get popular because of meek.
      Niggah been doing this 4 years….

      • Literally yrs…..I remember 30yrs ago, this was just as popular …the Eagles went to super bowl, & Treacherous 3 was at the Amory downtown.
        The Battle Of The Kool moe D concert >>>Chappelle Voice

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         they just mainly wanna keep the kids off the bikes and stop the illegal speeding thru the blocks …. it def didnt start with meek but it helps send the message with meeks name attached to it …. plus right now u can deny it with vids like bike life he looking like the posterboy for that shit in philly right now … how many other hip hop artist in philly doing tricks on bikes in they music video …. i cant think of none but meek …………………. but @ the end of the day the ish is dangerous …. if meek really sits back and thinks about it this could be an opp for him to do what the skater world did for local skaters …. BUILD A DIRT PARK in PHILLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now that would be fun + safe …. well safer lol 😉

      • yea im sure meek mill cares a lot about helpn others. if he did then he wudnt put on videos like this that bring attention to illegal activity….duh

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         hey with a bike park he could make $$ and give back @ the damn time lol future voices lol 😉

      • billowred

        They’ve been doing it longer than 4 years

  • PorchBoySlim

    WTF? I got fam in Philly that I visit from time ot time…they been doing shit shit for YEARS….it has nothing to do with Meek Millz

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  • water_ur_seeds

    Daum Meek got mad skills on that bike

    Let Me see Rick Ross pull A wheelie that would impress Me haha

    I wanna get out there on A dirt bike an cause some havoc now! lol

    • billowred

      U sound like the dummies copying him.

      • water_ur_seeds

        guess you cant take a joke breda lol on the real though im a big petrol head, i been riding quads and dirt bikes since i was 7 or 8… i ride a fireblade now… and if watching a video on people racing dirt bikes or cars, or even watching a street ball video dont make you wanna go and shoot hoops then you are void of emotion… watching people having fun doing something you like, always makes you wanna go and take part… 

    • johnblacksad

      I peeped that… on the Im a Boss vid, Rozay sittin on a four-wheeler… 

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  • officer ricky is smart, helped the city crack down on dirt bikes and atvs cuz meek mill had to show off in a video, when if its reg life it shoulddnt have to b on vid..

    • just like millz had to snitch on the dude the other day when he shot up a block.. now a bunch of real gangsters who associated with french montana got arrested. i wonder how much more of this has to happen b4 every1 realizes its MMG & ross who are government snitches

      •  i dnno bout alll that, but hey nowadays you never kno, and i aint hear bout meek shooting up no damn block..where u heard tht?

      • nah, it was some dude who supposedly tweeted that he shot up block for Meek Mills, or because he liked Meek mills music so much , or some dumb $hyt

        Meek “ADDRESSED ” the issue.

        Who got booked with French montana?

        That ” Operation Green Venom ” that caught Karrem Burke, Jay Z & Dame Dash’s fellow co founder of Roca wear?

      • a bunch of gangsters who worked with MMG all got busted , like a 100 of em…& yea meek mill had to dry snitch on the dude who shot up the block

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    This is articlr is bull shet.

    The city speculates be meek bike life video, …… Smh .

    How much mmg pay you to write this article.

    Niggaz in philly get on bike at an early age.
    Its a right of passage, sort of.

    And they always been a problem in philly, according to cops

    They writer is very jo!!!!!!!!!

    • I ain’t gonna front , i remember back in 82, germantown, my older famz ( like 17 – 19 at the time was illegal bike riding.

      Being from the boogie, we thought that was the coolest $hyt in the world.

      My pops drove us just to watch.

  • Boyenyc Media

    Not to be on no racial discrimination tip, but if Meek’s bike gang is causing such an uproar, then the whole US should ban the Hell’s Angels, Sons of Anarchy, etc . Oh they probably won’t because those gangs are “white” and pay their taxes. America always has a double standard to anything stupid 

    • RichFromBX

      Sons of Anarchy is a TV show and make believe so I don’t know exactly what you would ban there…also, read up a bit on the Hell Angels, Outlaws, Pagans, Warlocks, etc… and you’ll see that for the last 50yrs+ the law (all the way up to the Feds) have long been after them for sh!t like drugs, gun running and yes, not paying their taxes and on several occasions have tried to ban MCs altogether; some towns/cities have succeeded in doing so . What Philly is trying to ban is the dumbass sh!t these cats are doing when they’re riding like blowing a stop signs while pulling a wheelie through the intersection

    • those real bike gangs dont film their activities to seem like they are cool like mills does

    • billowred

      Ur an idiot

  • I’ll have to cO-sIGN , ILLEGAL BIKE RIDING IS JUST THE TYPE OF CRIME ‘ILLADELPHIA, UM, I mean , philadelphia..

    It is dangerous & is a common place nuisance like jaywalking , loud music , & organic food growing.

    maybe they should institute mandatory sentencing  for illegal bike riding , skateboarding , roller skating / blading & blanket knitting.

  • timwest1000

    DJ Mindstine Motorcycle Assassin FIRST


    I lost a friend to an atv accident so it sounds petty but they should tightin up on it but damn its the city where the f**k they suppose go bike ridin @? white boys do it w/no prob cause they be on dirt roads and not in the middle of the street aint no dirt roads in the hood they could try fairmont park, but even thats tight for driving

  • mike malarkey

    they ride 4 wheelers and dirt bikes in bmore and dc too like every sunday and been doin it for years. this aint new

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