drake and lil' wayne

Drake and Lil Wayne Go At Pusha T Over “Exodus 23:1”

(AllHipHop News) Drake took the time to speak on the intense friction between Pusha T and Lil Wayne at a tour stop in Washington D.C.

“If you was doing 16s when I was 16 and your s**t still flopped and you switched teams, don’t talk to me my n***a,” Drake reportedly said.

The feud has continued to intensify and Lil Wayne has since released his own song going at Pusha-T.

On “Exodus 23:1”, Pusha said, “Contract all f***d up, I guess that means you all f***ed up/ You signed to one n***a, that’s signed to another n***a, that’s signed to three n***as, now that’s bad luck.”

Click here to listen to Lil Wayne’s “Ghoulish” to which he blasts Pusha T, who was an affiliated rapper at one point.

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