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Drake and Lil Wayne Go At Pusha T Over “Exodus 23:1”

(AllHipHop News) Drake took the time to speak on the intense friction between Pusha T and Lil Wayne at a tour stop in Washington D.C.

“If you was doing 16s when I was 16 and your s**t still flopped and you switched teams, don’t talk to me my n***a,” Drake reportedly said.

The feud has continued to intensify and Lil Wayne has since released his own song going at Pusha-T.

On “Exodus 23:1”, Pusha said, “Contract all f***d up, I guess that means you all f***ed up/ You signed to one n***a, that’s signed to another n***a, that’s signed to three n***as, now that’s bad luck.”

Click here to listen to Lil Wayne’s “Ghoulish” to which he blasts Pusha T, who was an affiliated rapper at one point.

  • TruthSerum

    Sales arent the meaning of life, Nelly sold records and made money on a level this clown can only daydream about. Whats that say about sales??

    Young Money markets Drake to the Justin Beiber audience, his fanbase is made up of teenage girls primarily. Your suppose to be selling more records then Pusha T, lol

    • 2twelve

      flop dont have to necesserly means sale career flop to been out since 96 now he with one of the hottest team n the game and no one still checkin for this cat kid did worse then diggy only 18 thousand smh been raping bout the same stuff since forever drugs guns and church atleast malice aprroach a song diffrent pusha does the same thing and YALL TYPE IN DRAKE FT MALICE B4 DRAKE before drake sign with youngmoney  and tell me pusha dont have some personal issues and wasnt it just a few years ago the clipse was crying about how bad there deal was wats sup them boys yall knoe drake never talk talk just straight facts

      • TruthSerum

        I dont personally care about The Clipse either, I liked there first 2 albums but I aint no fan like that.

        And Drake sounds like an arrogant idiot, talking bout selling more records then a trap rapper, FOH dude, Your a nickelodean soap opera star collaborating with Justin Beiber and rapping about your broken heart on every song, its the same trick NSYNC used to blow up. Nsync came from Disney, Drake came from nickelodean. This is not a coincidence

        I aint mad at him for it but bragging about his sales dont mean nothing to me, if they both made the same type of hip hop and Drake sold more then he’d have some room to talk. Like If Rick Ross outsells Young Jeezy, thats relevant because they both do the same thing, they have the same audience and people just happen to like Ross better. Pusha makes Dope boy Rap, Drake sings love songs over and over. its not even the same genre, love songs that appeal to teenage girls will ALWAYS outsell Hardcore stuff made for dudes in their teens through 20’s. Always has, always will, Teenage girls are historically the best fanbase when it comes to buying records

      • 2twelve

        ahhhh you miss the whoal point of what his saying pusha t been out since 96 back when albums was going off for 5million n sales he still couldnt touch a mill 20001 2 3 4 5 came on the clipse still wasnt bumping like that after they got with pharell and baby thats wen people started going whose that its not about sales point blank his saying the pusha was never hot and the clipse consiste of 4 members with the main ones being him and malice pusha dont have a resume to show he never did anything on his own and when he tried it only sold 18,000 even with the hype of good music behind him and stop saying oh its white kids thats buying the album where everyone at that backing pusha t why they aint buying his shit same goes for common but sales thats a diffrent story and pusha t is far from a trap rapper just another jay z fan talking about selling drugs in the church my momma sold drugs aunties sold drug its was n my blood to distribute to the youth lord please frgives me lmao really lol smh just face it hip hop has evolve kendrick lamar jcole drake they all have a diffrent song and styles for a reason you pick what type of style you want to listen to but at the end of the day they all do the same thing kill tracks consistanlty and always comes with a message wheather its club shit songs to uplift u whatever they always kill

      • LMAO man GTFOH with all them excuses! 
        Drake and all that soft ass funny nigga shit is a wrap!
        Pusha T is decent…Im no “fan” Im not choosing sides either. 
        You have a point with pusha T’s content (his name is PUSH A TON for cryin out loud lol) 
        That would hold some weight if drake wasnt such a womanizer himself which is just as detrimental to our community as exploitation of drugs crime etc…wanna call a spade a spade lets do that… but lets be FAIR about it since all you drake fans are so ‘positive’…and thats one of the things I HATE about the whole drake vs street rappers argument… 
        Playing the positive role for sympathy is such a punk move when you dont do or actually stand for anything positive on ANYTHING!
        Drake takes no stance on ANYTHING…EVER! besides bitches booze cars money and hating on ‘old rappers’…
        Miss me with all that good guy bullshit drake been gettin over with all this time…thats all Im sayin…
        Clipse been around for a while.. so what! whats  that supposed to mean? Bad deals happen in the industry, fact, wayne is in one as we speak it just hasnt ‘manifested’ yet lol! 
        Pusha still poppin at the end of the day or he wouldnt be with kanye or in his current position…
        Like @twitter-436835740:disqus  said…and I quote lol
        “Drake sounds like an arrogant idiot, talking bout selling more records then a trap rapper, FOH dude, Your a nickelodean soap opera star collaborating with Justin Beiber and rapping about your broken heart on every song”
        Drake cant say shit…EVER like on ANY level! 
        He doesnt get 100% support from hip hop because he has no genuine love for niggas from THE BOTTOM nor does he have a true connection to that shit! Not only that, he acts like he doesnt need that shit cause he doesnt! dude doesnt have respect for the art, he isnt committed to hip hop whatsoever!
        He came out the other day talkin about 30 yr old rappers like its some flaw to rap past 30, basically admitting he has no depth as a rapper and doesnt care to take the shit or his position serious! WORD?your BOSS is 30+ yrs old, YOUR BOSSES BOSS aka his play daddy is 40+, shit HALF THE GAME is 30+ yrs old…so what he really tryin to say? 
        Furthermore IMO drake YMCMB MMG etc is ‘winning’ on a technicality as far as im concerned…all that shit they drop is here today totally forgotten and unappreciated tomorrow…so whose really winning? IMO of course…

      • if sum1 is doin songs & writing songs for justin bieber then they are no good & they are not hip hop. furthermore they have no respect for hip hop culture. they are sellouts which is 1 of the lowest things u can be

      • Casor_Greener

        I wish both you clowns would stop writing so many run on sentences

      • they shud just pik up the phone & talk about it, wud b waaaay quicker, or shoot some emails back & forth hahaha

      • Wholetime

        Cuz what u mean pusha t aint a trap rapper??  I got niggaz from out where dude from and that nigga was gettin it out that joint niggaz say it wont nothin for slim to blow a hundred stacks in vegas before he even had a record deal. Second of all that nigga spit he just never got his proper shot at shining. He remind me of young chris in the fact that wit out the right deal you never really get to show the world u better than nine out of ten artist out there.

  • fish salad water

    drake still a bitch

    • barbie oatez

       lmfaoo i know rightt !

  • How could u use the word “BLAST” to describe this wack track ……. I’m not a Pusha or Weezy fan, but so far its Pusha 1- Weezy 0

    • Celz

      That shyt is more like Pusha 0 Weezy -1

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  • Jay, biggie, nas, jeezy, cam, ross, ti and all kinds or rappers who rap about selling coke have far greater sales than pusha t. Even with Kanye, ross, and cam appearances the clipse couldn’t sell. Even with xxl ratings in xxl magazine and appearnaces on the one blood remix they could not sale back then. Pusha is no where near as big of an artist as big sean or kid cuddi, he is a small fish on a big label. Pusha t is a 1 dimensional rapper with a cult following. As a group clipse are an overrated 1 hit wonder.

    • 2twelve

      pusha T aint no where as hot as they made him out to be no catalogs to show nothing one of waynes old 03 04 mixtape kills anything pusha and malice ever spit bout coke

    • $18916246

       @ Ronald Allen Booher: On paper you are correct. But Pusha invites the public to look behind the vail or curtain so to speak of an entertainer/rapper/gang mascot/puppet/fool. Jay made it popular to aspire to the boss lane. Wayne, Baby, and the whole gas money millions where? are common pawns of the music industry.The pressure is now on.

  • Finally… I am about to see some action between good lyricists. For the record whoever is saying Drake is whack then they haven’t heard his whole catalogue. I am a fan of both, Pusha T and Drake so I am loving this. 

    Drake is almost like Common Sense. Same type of rapper who is going to put out soft music no matter. He might be pu**y and do movies but if pushed and provoked enough will fight back. He is definitely not whack but just consistently puts out soft music. However, he has gotten props from Jay-Z, Nas, No I.D (Common Sense’s boy), and other producers. 

    On the other hand, Pusha T is like Dylan… Always spits that fyah lol. No lie, I am a fan of Pusha since day 1. 

    I want to see lyrics here and a good beef. **Protect yourself at all times**

    Lastly, Fuk WEEZY!!! He and his nursery rhymes are whack!!! 

    • drake is wack bcuz he is a fraud. he is from canada & never says shit about being from canada but he does songs that say he reps the city he’s from.. yea whatever

      • Man you must be blind, Drake been repping Canada, it just goes to show you you dont listen to all his music, people like you need to fall back and stop posting BS on the internet.

      • he never talks about canada or being white jew watever. all he talks is about he will catch a body & all the purple he drinks…yea ok

      • in how many songs though? He put the weeknd on, have you heard of them? You watch his interviews? Thats the difference between being a fan and a hater, Fan knows whats going on more than a hater does who simply ignore or just dont know what the heck they are talking about.

      • Celz

        Drake is ass bro it’s ok..

      • im not a fan of drakes but i do kno & have known what is going on. he is a wanna b gangster, he got with a click of gay undercover brothers studio gangsters so then he started acking like he is a gangster too…& he has gearred all his stuff to a white audience bcz he knows black people dont play that shit & he gets no love in the streets & hoods . he is weak

    • Celz

      Drake is almost like Common Sense HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      What are you twelve? I am sorry you missed the golden era of hip hop.. Good thing is that you can still listen to it.. I could randomly pick a late 90’s rapper and he would ether anyone on the radio.. The old Kanye spit hotter than Drake does get real..

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  • rep87

    These two soft batch azz boys cant handle a legend like Pusha T  . First wayne rapping about material things and then tried to go gangsta with the fake blood and tats now its women clothes and skate boards a throw back to when birdman was french kissing him in the mouth and telling him its not gay , No need to talk about Drake he’s just a fad for right now and wayne time is up after that Wack azz diss he attempted to put out .

    • 2twelve

      pusha t a legend when where an what era lmao what body of work has pusha t put out to be held in such high honor pusha t is another rick ross with the drug talk hop off good music one gud album with the help of ur brother and two other re up gang members do not make you a legend far from it

      • ross never sold crack. u must b confusing him with the real rick ross that he stole his image & name from.

      • 2twelve

        i cud care less if ross sold crack or not the point is pusha T is another ross always rapping about seeling keys the olny diffrence with pusha T  is he acts like he has a concious about it he mix church and selling cocaine in the hood and the same verse no one belives that bull i’ve done reseach or re up gang they are nothing special they had a few gud buzz hea n there n the the hood but nothing big like 10,000 off keys type stuff

      • just wanted to toss in a fact…clipse had a manager who got popped in a major drug ring or something crazy like that a few years ago, so serious the clipse had to distance themselves…not sayin they were or werent involved or its something to admire but they coulda been authentic… never know…i wouldnt know though jus sayin =

      • pusha t was a dealer…severe is speakn facts, & thats y he is a legend..in the hood & in hip hop.  ross pretends he was

      • rep87

        Wayne’s a fake, tear drop tats no body in abag  its tit for tat i dont consider nothing wayne has done rap wise to call him a legend, Pusha T just crush your hero in that diss theres alot of great rappers out here who will never get the respect of the insiders who choose who the public should be listening to, wayne came with the suspect diss track sounding real gay and this who you rolling with i rest my case !

      • TRUE

    • Not taking anyone side but Pusha T is not a legend!!! in his hood but not in mine! Selling dope does not make you a legend in the MUSIC INDUSTRY. unfortunately lil GayWayne(GWAYNE) is putting up ridiculous numbers right now that no one else in the rap game is doing. Weezy first Album the block is hot sold more than clipse or pusha t ever sold in his career KEEP IT REAL MAN

      • Record sells dont got a dam thing to do with a battle yall igga’s kill me with money and record sell’s The piont is Lil Lame is wack and alway’s been.

      • yes he and every rapper is whack to someone and they all have their fan base too, but Pusha T is not a legend and thats the point I was making!

      • pusha t is a hood legend bcuz he went from selln dope to cds. he changed his life for the better

  • lil wayne is soft as diarrhea

  • i knew lil gayne was gay when she started lollipop by sayn she is NO HOMO.  also when she open mouth kissed her daddy on the lips who she calls baby.. 

    • Hank Godwin

      Lil Gayne?  God that was lame.  Please try again.

      • started lollipop by sayn  NO HOMO. also  open mouth kissed daddy on the lips who is also called baby..wears woman clothes….immediately takes offense from a song where no names are mentioned but sum1 is talkn about a fake flag wearn bitch….ect ect
         better? u missed the point i guess

      • Lil Layme!

  • And the fall of Young Money begins.

    • Young Change soon to be

  • mayb gayne & drake are so dillusinal that they really believe that people bump their shit in the streets & the hood…i never heard 1 person bumpn their shit xcept lil girls & white boys….

  • Damn, the black side of Drake just came out but the fact of the matter is, “There camp is still soft as baby shit!”

    • drake doesnt have a black side

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  • Does Young Money even realize who’s on GOOD Music?  Kanye,Cyhi,Big Sean,Pusha T, Cudi,Common, not to mention Kanye has Jay as an ace in da hole.  Only one on Young Money that can even hang is Busta and Mystikal and I doubt they get involved.  Too easy for GOOD Music.  Oh and don’t forget my boy 2 Chainz down with GOOD too. They don’t even want Pusha’s other half, Malice to get involved. That would be tragic.

    •  Common is NOT on GOOD Music any more..fuck u been? lol

      • Since when?  Didn’t even know dat.  Even still, he don’t fucc wit Drake so I don’t think he would mind gettin in Drizzy’s azz one mo time.

      • Bryan

        Hes on that Cypher shit with Big Sean Pusha and kanye. i think him and ye still roll with each other.

    • Jacob Bourne Alexander

      No-Malice does not rap anymore

  • Wheelchair Jimmy and Gangstalicious was talking bout doin an album together but Watch The Throne came and them fake niggas was like “Naw, we was TALKIN bout doin an album together.”  Sorry azzes.

  • $18916246

    This is to be expected…Drake has to syke (lube) himself up.

  • insaneangelic

    So Drake is that stupid he’ll jump on another GOOD music artist forgetting the fact that a GOOD music artist served his ass earlier this year.

    • Served what? Or did you forget common was the first one to say he wanted to end a beef that was stupid. 

      • Fareed72

        Yo duke, seriously?? You really think Drake is better than Common? You cant be serious… Name me 1 rapper Drake bodied…, cause I can name 3 katts that Common BODIED!!.., 1 is a West coast Nigga With A Attitude.., the 2nd is the B.Daddy of a TLC MILF.., and the other one, even tho he’s cool as hell.., an I actually like him.., but wheres your list of bodies that Drake burried? The katts on my list wanted to end the beef with Common. But if Common did infact decided to end the beef, is ONLY because he knows he’d crush Drakes Burt from ( Sesame Street ) lookin-ass.. Still waitin on the list tho homie. Yall young niggas better hope the ol heads in HipHop dont have to save HipHop.., or its BYE-BYE to katts like Drake, Wayne,Wacka an all you lil niggas…

      • I didnt really read that book you were writing but I never stated Drake was better than common, quote me where i said that? I simply stated Drake didnt get served, both made up at the end of the day.

      • churchboy2

        1) Drake did get served

        2) Drake has never served anyone (and I’m from his hometown…)

        3) Fear is why you did not read the “book.”  Ironically, YOU got served in that post. LOL!

      • insaneangelic

        He did get served common dissed drake on the same track and he didn’t respond. 

      •  Common is not on GOOD music anymore homie.

  • Isn’t Pusha-T signed to a nigga (yeezy) thats signed to another nigga (jigga) thats gotta pay 2 other NIGGUS (Sony and Live Nation)

  • iamrayanriches


  • Brick Soulja

    Lil Wayne isn’t worried about nothing, because he keeps announcing every public place he will be in advance. Birdman and Mack Maine are doing the same thing, because they aren’t worried about Ms. Pusha T neither. Ms. Pusha and his sister Malice aren’t doing that though. 

    • Like why do yall think so street. Battles in Hip Hop has alway’s been around. But when you got ppl that can’t think pass the bullshit that’s when you get into the dumb street shit. Nas and Jay did it. Why can’t these two do it without acting like kid’s. Keep it on record even though Lil Lame will get smash and the whole young money camp.

      • street shit is not dumb… sum1 needs to murk gayne for real. he is a fag homo making out w dudes & claiming he is gangster,,,, in streets people like that get killed to send a message to others —that kissn dudes on lips, raping lil boys, wearn woman clothes —that shit is fuckt up.
        so sum1 better beat the gay outa wayne or he must b terminated if that doesnt work

    • What are you, like a cheerleader? This shi* is shenanigans.

    • gayne is never in the street. minaj never bees in the trap , kmon… they are just tryn to look cool & like they are hard but they wud get murdered if they didnt have body guards every where


    • Jacob Bourne Alexander

      Where have you been?? Malice doesn’t even rap no more

  • Why are ya’ll talkin bout record sales?  Justin Bieber sells more records than most hip hop artists, does that mean he is a better rapper.  We are talking hands down, straight up crew batlle and I am going to say that GOOD has a lot more ammo and dirt on Young Money.

  • Pierre Elliott



  • Pierre Elliott




  • Pusha T and Good Music, bring back an element of hiphop that has been missing for awhile…. Lil Wayne and Drake not so much… Wayne was a force but his ego and maybe too much drugs seemed to populate the once great artist… now you his crew of young money groupies are not hot at all…. Drake is better off sticking between pop and R&B…. hiphop is a real sport for only formidable opponents and Drake proved he is not ready with the common beef…. 

  • YMCMB is softer then “the quicker picker upper”

    • churchboy2


    • ymcmb is softer then a person who doesnt carry their pistol everywhere for protection

  • YMCMB is softer then Fresh Air

  • 7inchblkman

    lets just say this, little wayne lost this one! 

  • 7inchblkman

    little wayne only responded because push t said money “can’t buy you health ” To me that sounds like somebody is about bout to die sooner or later lmao…. The homie Pusha T knowns something that the fans don’t know in relation to lil Wayne health, what y’all think ????

    Because lil wayne has stop taking drugs and sipping that syrup, last time i check lil wayne don’t even drink anymore…. ummm! that should tell you all something …

    •  No..he was dissing Drakes friend/producer 40 who is dying of cancer.

      • damnd20

        wtf? 40 dont have cancer dummy. 

      • ya look up noah 40 shebib. hes got
        Multiple sclerosis

      • damnd20

        that’s not cancer dude! 

    • Last I remember didnt Wayne said it in his Faded verse that hes become a pill popper, that he need a doctor so he called up Magic Johnson

    • it because he is still on parole from his jail sentence…not because he’s sick


    how come wayne aint go @ gillie da kid when he was going hard at wayne and baby … them niggas aint have no repsonse to the kid

    • BoldSpice

      Jay z didn’t respond to Wayne either. So what ya sayin?

      • OCYRUS

        acually he did respond to baby and wayne due to what they said wayne just had the last word … so far

    • immackulate

      cuz GILLIE aint got shyt to lose only to gain … so he can really push up on these niggahs once they come to philly thats why wayne aint respond … jay can talk shyt but he aint trying to jeopardize his career over silly rap beef

      • OCYRUS

        seem like every since Jay got eithered by Nas whenever he come @ somebody he’s REAL SLICK wit it… he was slick B-4 but now if u aint paying attention you’ll miss it

    • i cant wait for wayne to cannon these niggas

  • HipHopStalker

    Drake stays saying stupid shit. Who gives a fuck(other than the lable) If an album flops ? That doesn’t make you wack just like selling records doesn’t make you hot. Krs one still drops albums and they don’t hit  100,000 and he’s a million times nicer and more respected than drake will ever be. same thing with Chuck D,Royce,Ice Cube,Joe Budden,Ras Kass etc.. Drakes starting to act like 50 cent after get rich,where he says shit about rappers who don’t sell,takes shots at people than the fans get tired of his shit and then he blames the lable or people are just hating when his sales decline. And for the record nobody in the hood aka where hip hop originated from buys or plays Drake records. Only white suburban kids who buy whatever is on the radio and bitches who buy what ever they think has a good beat. Next is Drake gonna take a shot at Nas because he sells more units than Nas ? or Rakim ? Jake couldn’t get past Common or even Charlamagne LOL

    • BoldSpice

      If that’s how you feel then that smack you talkin don’t sound no better than Drake you know what i’m saying. And i don’t understand how you believe sales don’t mean you hot. That’s sort of the definition of what’s hot. Sorry playa but some of that nonsense sound like you just hating especially when some of them names you brought up is pointless and has nothing to do with nothing. I’m sure everybody on Earth know that no one on YMCMB wants to be the best hip hop artist in history since they say repeatedly they about the Cash Money. And look to me like they walking it like they talking it.

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  • quit pointing at us u turtle lookn MF

    • BoldSpice

      Guess you the only one that thought that was funny.

      • i was speakin about that wierd lookn guy on right who is pointing at us,,, the turtle looking guy……i duno, his name is Fake or something… the little short kid looks kinda like a troll or goblin -dude on the left— is that studio gangster lil gayne

  • Top bunk.

    This is coming from the same Drake that bought an autographed Pusha-T mic off of eBay? lol.

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  • BoldSpice

    50 cent done already beat the fake beef horse to death. Sorry Pushy it aint gonna work for you either.

    • pusha timed this right. it shud work…
      YMCMB just waaaay over extended & spent tons on these other new artists that really suck & wont sell records or shows.
      tygas gettn shot at,
      bowow has tax liens & a book out sayn he is gay, 
      no1 likes nicki,
      no1 likes wayne especially since he’s been beating up his fans w skateboards at skateboard parks & he threatened to have some fans killed who circled by his house.
      drakes album will come out after this beef so his album will flop hard…
      pusha cud kill em all with this since he has timed it perfectly

      • Bryan

        Drake and Wayne do close 500 to a milli in first week sales. Pusha will never do that even with Yeezy pushing him. I liked Pusha but hes starting to get on my damn nerves. Sell records by either talent or making your own brand. Damn man!!!

      • $20434212

        No one likes nicki or wayne? What planet do you live on? They’re some of the best selling artists in all of music, never mind hip hop alone. 
        Drake’s next album will probably break a mill in the first week BECAUSE of this beef. 
        I don’t understand how people link that Pusha T of all people is taking anyone out of the game, LOL! Dude is the poster child of mediocre. 

      • Yea its me

         Best selling Artist in all music?  What world are you living in.  They are the best selling in hip hop and that’s where it stops. You got artist like Eminem, Beiber, Gaga, Daughtry, Underwood selling over 15 million albums.  Wayne, Drake Nick rule the HIP HOP selling charts, they don’t rule music.  They do a mill here and there, they have never broke 5million or 10 million with one album like other artist in music do.  You don’t know shit

  • CaptainKO

    Yall give these niccas the space to talk about salez. If yall wanted niccas to stop bringin up sales den stop gettin free music n buy dey shyt so dey can bring up der sales too. Cause to me if its not worth spendin money over den its pointless an it aint gon get nowhere. Niccas bring up sales cuz dey got enuff money to.cuz niccas like yall  bac up da ones yall dont spend no bread on. Truth iz if yu gettin money yu in da game. otherwise yu jus a talented nicca wit no bread

  • Brick Soulja

    Lil Wayne still does shows and makes all kinds of appearances everywhere. Gillie The Kid and The Clipse haven’t done nothing to make Lil Wayne afraid to come outside and get money. On top of that, everyone knows where Wayne’s mansion in Miami is located, so he ain’t hard to find. Pusha T and his brother are just like some bitter little girls gossiping at school. Real gangsters can touch anybody anywhere. Malcolm X, Tupac, Biggie and J.F.K. all got murdered in front of hundreds of people by some real gangsters. Pusha T just wants to talk, because he doesn’t have the power to harm Birdman nor Wayne. Violence is not the answer anyway, however, Pusha couldn’t harm Wayne even if wanted to.

    • you sound crazy anybody can be touched… It prolly aint know real beef dont nobody want that and wayne aint bout that. nigga been rich his whole life. but he can be touched and everybody around him

      • immackulate

        you kind of dumb fam … she just said ANYONE can be touched MLK, X, and WAYNE included

  • lil wyne is right

  • $25506309

    wayne = trash +gay
    pusha= trash
    drake= gay

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  • He goes straight to Good music and start swagger jackin dont know by now thats what they do if I’m not mistaking didnt Ludacris already use that signed to a nigga in his rhymes he just word it different

  • barbie oatez

    lil wayne will get hiss oldd tight jeans wearingg as whoopedd !