EXCLUSIVE: Young Jeezy Signs Philly Rapper Tone Trump

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy has expanded the CTE roster by signing Philadelphia rapper Tone Trump.

Young Jeezy confirmed the signing via Twitter, while Tone himself discussed the signing with AllHipHop.com.


Tone Trump said signing with Jeezy was a dream come true, since he’s the West Philly native’s favorite rapper.

“It’s a dream come true. Not too many artists get a chance to sign with their favorite artist,” Tone Trump told AllHipHop.com. “Jeezy been my brother, now he my CEO.”

Tone Trump said that he was looking forward to taking his career to the next level with Jeezy, who has recorded the well-received track “Afghan” with the Philadelphia-bred artist.

“[Jeezy] is the perfect mentor to guide me to the next level and then the level after! West Philly to the world. CTE or nothing!”

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38 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Young Jeezy Signs Philly Rapper Tone Trump”

  1. dominicancoke

    verse weezy should of used to reply to pusha t he would of paid me he would of spit this

    ain’t no malice in pusha make’ em dissapear with this vodoo
    facts is facts my top artist  make more money than you do
    you’re just one of my children blood dont hurt em  dont kill him
    he lives a one room apartment my stack’s can buy your whole building
    he’s gonna live with re-gret’s you mad cause you’re a reject
    talk to your girl and feed her babies like a f.cking wic check’
    tunechi win’s wars g.o.o.d oposite of your scar’s
    i’m devo you’re red snatch chains now go and cry in the car
    skating living life bloods’ back me up with no fear
    one of my cars is worth more than your whole f.cking career
    drizzy paltnum he’s good niki platnum she’s straight
    how can things be  g.o.o.d when there’s no food on your plate.
    go and sing a sad song…. you mad my paper so long?
    pusha keep grinding  funny how you aint bigger than sean.
    weezy  lightning when he strike you just making noise like thunder
    and if it wasn’t for what happened  ya’ll would be some 1 hit wonder’s

      • dominicancoke

        thanks for the attention girl..now go snatch daddy a plate of something your moms cooking..by the way why don’t u write a better one than since you quick to be the critic

      • dominicancoke

        sure i believe you. my dude i rap on beats too.but seeing how pu$$y you is to even write 2 bars lets me know how garbage you really is you aint no rapper at all stop faking

      • dominicancoke

        your blood the hater type you aint ill willing the mic.
        you’re like the real ill will you’d probably die in a fight.
        you ain’t from queensbrige you herb a nerd just dying to type.
        flow’s hit with a thousand bolt’s like benjamin flying a kite.
        do me a favor shoot your self b*tch just like plexico.
        before i go chainsaw on your head like them cartels in mexico.
        i got the pump like texaco but i aint pumping no gas
        you heart is beating like a smuggler with a bag full of hash
        palms full of cash  money machines staight doing the math
        you’re condescending for the mere fact that you dont get no ass
        you’re a minute man like them red necks in the border wars
        you hung around gansters who made u take trip’s to corner stores
        like shorty get me 4 coronas a grill cheese and blunt
        and bring me the exact change before i knock out your fronts
        here you can front all you want but you aint real when is reppin time
        pack the weapon time guess ill will got murdered a second time.

        that should shut you up anything you say beyond this is irrelevant peace  out

      • Charlie Kelly

        me and you got nothing in common, i be rappin on beats, n in hoods while you be rappin in comments, is this weezy tryna diss me?, with empty threats its easy to see your pussy,its like ya skirt been lifted, collectin checks from mickey Ds cause thats the only kitchen you work in, dominican coke?, sure if you talking imported coke a cola, u a fuckin joke, u ant important u poser posin’, u were like “this is how weezy should of went at pusha T”, then u got mad cause ya shit was wack and everybody agrees, im sorry if i hurt ya feelins. but somebody gotta keep it real and that somebodys ME!!!!

        You just got owned.

        -iLL WiLL THE MiCK

      • dominicancoke

        lmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao that’s how you rap? wooow nice fact checks though but nothan compare to my verse lol

  2. Apollo Showtime

    I know Philly is on fire right now, but c’mon, y’all pickin up these second hand Philly niggaz! PEEDI CRAKK 4 PREZ!!!! Rrrrrrrrrring!

  3. TruthHurtsDontIt

    Look at Jeezy getting a new tax write off,, now ya learning the business thoroughly my dude.

    Tone Trump is just a dusty hater that doesn’t get much love in his home city so i don’t see where the market is for some 30-something nicca that look like he got pulled out of a cave is when no one cared bout his dozens of WorldStar videos and the other 10 years he been in the game.

    But that’s just my opinion,, what do i know???

  4. Terrance Goodman

    Drop the damn Freddie Gibbs joint already…….get tired of these fools signing ppls and never hearing shit from them ol doc dre acting fools

  5. mrgibson

    So now the trend is signing a bunch of dudes to your label and trying to be on some super friends shit.  I wish dudes would stop signing their homies (who can’t rap worth a shit) and trying to push them down the throat of the public.  IMO the big “co-sign” that all of these whack ass rappers are getting is what is contributing to the watering down of rap.  

  6. illymac

    So this trump dude basically got signed
    cause Meek Milly from Philly and he on fire right now..

    I guarantee if Meek aint blow we wouldnt be hearing about this tone trump dude.. 

  7. Tony G.

    crab in a barrell azz nuccas…dont call another man weak if u dont know his resume…Tone done paid his dues..let him have damn chance…if bum azz meek mill can do it why cant he

  8. Adam B

    Trump is garbage as a rapper, I hope they flip some birds together. Am from Philly and I don’t like this clowns music. I guess Jeezy need a Tax write off.Jeezy would have been better off signing AR AB or Jak Frost or Vodka, !, Jeezy need to do his research before just signing an artist. I like Jeezy as an Artist but he is no music CEO he didn’t sign anyone even kind of decent ! At least Ross signed thorough dudes. Jeezy team look like the circus. His best rapper is Slick Pulla. Jeezy is a great rapper and trapper but he don’t care about that CEO stuff it seem.  

  9. Adam B

    Oh Yeah Peedi Crak is a great Artsit, Oschino is good, Freeway is Good, Young Savage, Gilly, I can think of alot of dudes that are more musically talented then Trump from Philly. Maybe Jeezy Want to go pop turn Tone trump into the next Flo Rida ?

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